Desk Converter Buying Guide 2024: Things You Need to Know
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Desk Converter Buying Guide 2024: Things You Need to Know

|Feb 11, 2022

Most people aren’t comfortable swapping out their old desks for a standing desk, and not everyone enjoys standing up all day while working. It is common for people to just want to try out a standing desk to find out what it is like or experience the desk converter benefits. You should be fine because no matter your reason, you can almost certainly find a standing desk converter that will fit your needs at a reasonable price with this desk converter buying guide. Let’s learn how to choose desk converters with us!

Desk Converter vs. a Standing Desk

Desk Converter vs. a Standing Desk

There is a desk in your room

In some cases, the only option you have is to do some DIY work or hire a contractor to remove a section of your built-in counter when considering between a standing desk vs. a converter. Note: many cubicle workers are unaware that their desk surfaces can be pulled out, sometimes without breaking out a toolbox.

One suggestion here is to search for models with tapered back corners when you buy a standing desk converter if you intend to place your standing desk converter in the corner of your cubicle. Be sure that the standing desk converter you choose will fit properly and be compatible with the monitors, computer, and keyboard that you are using.

You wish to carry on using your old desk

desk converter buying guide for you

That's fine with us. We only recommend selecting a standing desk converter that won't damage the finish on your home standing desk.

Keeping your file drawers organized is essential

Also, we understand if you need to access your drawers frequently when standing or sitting at your desk. Nevertheless, many different storage options are becoming available for standing desks.

Desk Converter Buying Guide: Important Factors

Desk Converter Buying Guide: Important Factors

Convertible Standing Desks types

First, how to choose an electric standing desk converter? If you don't have a standing desk and want your desk to be like a sit-stand workplace, you can stack your own laptop on a cardboard box (go through our article “DIY standing desk converter” to get hold of more ideas) or go for electric risers.

Decide your desired height range

Work surface height: how high does it rise? What is its descent? With the exception of desktop risers, most convertible standing desk converters for laptop has height-adjustable work surfaces. A work surface with a wide range is important, principally if you are taller. It is not uncommon for height ranges to cap out at the height of 5'10". Taller users may prefer other models.

Calculate the size of your perfect work surface

Calculate the size of your perfect work surface

Which dimensions does the work surface have? Can you type and use the mouse comfortably? Choosing a keyboard and mouse can be a personal choice, but be sure the two fit comfortably together. Similarly, you want the work surface designed in a way so that you can let your hands move from mousing to typing with as little movement as possible.

Stability of work surfaces

You cannot miss this factor in the desk converter buying guide. When you work and type, does your unit shake a lot? Different converters are more or less stable. In terms of stability, Z-Lifts are among the best. Based on the model, others are offering similar stability.

From a couple of perspectives, an unstable work area is problematic. First and foremost, you have difficulty viewing your screens with your monitors moving. Keyboard platform is also moving, which makes typing difficult.

Some Famous Desk Converter Brand

1. Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter

Mount-It! Standing Desk Converter

This motorized standing desk converter allows you to move more throughout the day, which improves your health and eases neck, back, and shoulder pain. 4.3"-19.9" can be raised effortlessly with the gas spring handle. When you raise the base, it is stable and straight.

You can use dual monitors or laptops on the vast desktop space, which measures 37.4" wide. It measures 16mm thick and can support approximately 33 lbs. A keyboard and mouse fit comfortably on the keyboard tray. There are bottom pads to prevent scratches to your desktop.

2. TechOrbits 32-Inch Standing Desk Converter

This standing-desk converter from TechOrbits includes a smartphone or tablet groove, which you won't find on most other models. When working on the phone, one of the users calls this feature "very convenient.” Moreover, the converter is sturdy, doesn't shake when used, and fits into a small space.

3. HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk

HUANUO Adjustable Laptop Stand for Desk

Reviewers say that if you only have a laptop, this is the perfect reasonably priced standing-desk converter because it is such good quality. The laptop stand provides a variety of heights - whether you want to raise it high enough to use it as a stand-up desk or to raise it far enough to reach your second monitor. 

4. Zinus Molly Smart Adjust Standing Desk

It comes already assembled, allows for easy adjustment between standing and sitting, and has enough space to keep my laptop and essentials and papers, notebooks, etc., to take notes.

Despite the warnings, the converter is not too hard to adjust. For the price, this isn't a major hassle. This standing-desk converter deserves one because of its slick design and solid construction. Both a keyboard and monitor are easily supported.

5. SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

SHW 36-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

The larger desk space and mesh sliding drawer for storing office supplies are popular features of this 36-inch converter. A solidly built desk weighs very little, with a monitor stand that perfectly fits my two 24-inch monitors.

A second customer appreciates the fact that the new converter has enough room for their keyboard and mouse, as well as a drawer, unlike their last converter. This converter is remarkably sturdy, unlike some other models that bend if you lean on them.

6. Rocelco 46” Large Desk Converter

Rocelco 46” Large Desk Converter

This desk is big and spacious so that users can fit a lot of stuff. It is large enough to accommodate 27" monitors, 15" laptops, full-sized notebook computers, and even a cup of coffee. This monitor can accommodate four monitors at the same time. It's solid, and it's smooth and easy to move. It takes up the same amount of desktop space as it uses, so you gain the sit-stand feature without any extra space loss.

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