Fun Wellness Activities at Work for Employee's Mental Health
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Fun Wellness Activities at Work for Employee's Mental Health

|Jan 21, 2022

Are your employees showing signs of exhaustion? Is there productivity falling? Are your costs shooting up due to employees falling sick or taking more leave? Are the employee claims for health going up?

Now bring back all the energy with fun wellness activities. Research has shown that fun wellness activities at work can recharge employees. They also start feeling a part of the larger ecosystem at work. 

Research by Harvard Business Research shows that the number of employees at a famous pharmaceutical company who smoked or had high blood pressure has dropped radically. Isn't that wonderful news?

Wellness activities for the workplace can include physical, mental and emotional well-being. A little investment yields you higher results, both quantitatively and qualitatively. With employees' interests and needs being different, you can always plan to respond to various wellness activities for the workplace. Here are some ideas.

Ideas for Fun Wellness Activities at Work

1. Fun Games

Most medical research shows the way for employee wellness programs. Cornell University also holds this as a top aim with a whole page dedicated to its staff and students.

Many Fortune 500 organizations have planned team-building activities. Why? It increases employees' sense of belongingness. As employees laugh and enjoy, their camaraderie deepens. 

In the last two years, as employees have been working from home, they have felt aloof and lonely. Corporates have jumped in with mental and physical health sessions. Many have deployed sessions where employees and their families can participate in fun activities or health-related sessions.

You can view some of our blog's best virtual team building activities.

2. Mini Massage Gun

Mini Massage Gun fun wellness activities at work

If you are working from home or your office, working on a computer system can be tiring. No, manage your domestic and work tasks evenly. How? Get rid of muscle aches and pains. Relax with this mini-massage gun that you can operate yourself. Save yourself time, and stay safe without having to get a masseuse. 

If you feel tired, use this mini massage gun equipped with four different massage heads. Really? Yes! You also get up to four varying intensities for the kind of massage you need. Relax at home as you help yourself, any time, every time.

3. Treadmill

Have you ever thought of a treadmill under a desk? Yes, that is right! Now, stay fit as you use this treadmill that can easily be put away under your desk unless you need it. Got a small break between calls? Attending a conference call? Pull out this convenient treadmill from under your desk and attend the call. Burn calories, stay fit as you walk, jog or run for miles.

4. Folding Treadmill

Folding Treadmill fun wellness activities at work

Did you think that a treadmill requires a lot of space? Have you put away the idea of a walk or jogging on a treadmill? No more! 

Get yourself a folding treadmill for small spaces. You now have the best solution to stay fit as this is a good option to put up in an office gym or a home gym. Encourage employees to use this folding treadmill. You also have a smart option by Autonomous group for employees to buy such fitness equipment.

5. Activities Club

As they say, different folks, different strokes! Brainstorm with your employees to see the different interests, whether it is a book club, a movie club, or more. Get them to group with their interest on top of the agenda. With fortnightly or monthly schedules, get your employees to network and feel included in the larger organizational space.

Activities can range from a movie club, book reading club, photography club and more. Get your employees to let their hair down from their home office and spend some time where they believe they have their passion. It's a known fact that employees give their best when they feel involved in their beliefs. With various fun health and wellness activities, they simply won't be able to say no!

6. We Got Talent

We Got Talent fun wellness activities at work

Here is one of the fun wellness activities at work for years. Now organize a newer and virtual version of America's Got Talent in your company for your employees. With this activity, you have one of the best fun wellness ideas for the workplace!

Most folks working from home or on a hybrid model announce a fiesta of celebrations. Get them to showcase their solo talent through video recordings. So, whether it's a guitar being played, a painting that has been finished or more. Now get to know the personal side of your employees. All to keep them fit, mentally, physically or emotionally.

7. Exercises

Folks looking for gym partners have had a rough time with the pandemic forcing everyone inside. Now get your employees to participate in a common exercise group with either Zumba or Yoga. Practise physical exercises or mental relaxation with different offerings. 

You don't need special teachers to raise your company's costs. Just ask for volunteers from your employee group, and you are sure to get many! Awesome, isn't it? Here are a few more personal wellness plans.

8. Meditation Time

Meditation Time

How about introducing a meditation time at the workplace? No, it doesn't have to be during work hours! You can always find some common times that most employees prefer before or after hours. Alternatively, ask for volunteers to lead this session. Don't be surprised to see the number of folks who raise their hand.

9. Gym

Gym fun wellness activities at work

Get a gym class together with the All-in-One home Gym that employees can pick up from the Autonomous group. With this all-in-one gym, you can have employees focus on any of the hundred and fifty exercises that it offers. Storage options are so convenient that most employees will love them. Don’t miss our blog on wellness challenge ideas!

10. Indoor Cycle

Indoor Cycle

Now organize a cycling competition for your employees with the Indoor Cycle by Ovicx. You will love this indoor cycle with Bluetooth connectivity and offers you a free workout app. Now you have an adjustable seat & multi-grip handlebar for your comfort. Add a tablet/phone holder for your convenience, and you just can't refuse this cycle. 

This is one of the easiest wellness activities for work. Remember to look up when you win!  


As we wrap up, should an organization wish, it can enhance the morale and output of most employees with fun wellness activities at work. It would help if you were conscious of the offerings and the costs associated with them. Employees will stick along longer, and you are sure to see increased productivity. Don't miss out on adding us to your success when you get it!

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