Should I Get an Under Desk Bike or Elliptical?
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Should I Get an Under Desk Bike or Elliptical?

Autonomous|Feb 16, 2023

If you spend your whole day in your office at a computer, you probably do a lot of sitting. After that, you may head home and relax in front of the television. The truth is that most people who work in offices spend the majority of their time sitting. This, obviously, is not good for our health.

Unlike treadmills, the under-desk bike elliptical doesn't require you to squeeze out dedicated cardio time, so you can stay active even when seated.

However, most people find it difficult to distinguish between under desk elliptical and exercise bikes. They're virtually identical, with just enough variation to appeal to a wide variety of customers. Our comparison below may assist you if you're trying to pick between an under-desk bike vs. elliptical trainer. Let’s find out more!

The Similarities: Under Desk Bike or Elliptical

Main Purpose

These devices are designed to help you get in shape and burn calories without leaving your ergonomic office chair. Neither machine is superior to the other in this regard. When utilized by the same individual at the same intensity for the same amount of time, both under-desk bike ellipticals can produce the same caloric drop.

Dimensions (Size and Weight)

Both under-desk elliptical and cycles are around the same size and weight. They may be used as gym equipment while fitting under a normal or sit-stand desk. Due to this, they are low and flat. But if you put one next to a standard bicycle, you won't notice much difference in size. That also means you can easily carry either one of them.

Dimensions (Size and Weight)


Desk-mounted exercise cycles and ellipticals help users burn calories and stay active at work. Still, there are a lot of extras that can elevate the fun factor. Both these pieces of equipment have the option of adding more features.


Under-desk ellipticals and cycles have a wide range of prices based on their quality and features. The price difference is negligible when comparing an elliptical to an under-desk cycle because the two offer equal quality and convenience. You should spend about $200 on a high-quality machine.

Price of under desk bike elliptical

The Differences: Under Desk Bike vs. Elliptical

No matter which one you own or decide to buy, you may get a fantastic workout without leaving your place. But here are some small distinctions between the two;

Mode of Exercise

They both work the legs, but in very different ways. Under-desk bikes, like any other type of bicycle with pedals, need you to move your legs in a circular motion. Those who have ridden bicycles before will know what I mean by this.

For the under-desk elliptical, leg motion is counter-clockwise (and other elliptical machines). In other words, it's the physical manifestation of mental pacing.

It's reasonable to assume that fatigue will set in more rapidly when doing under-desk elliptical exercises because of the nature of the exercises themselves.

Loss of Calories

If you're trying to burn off the calories you had last night or at lunch, some under-desk exercise equipment can be helpful.

It stands to reason that the under-desk elliptical machine isn't as effective at burning calories as the full-size versions. However, they are an excellent form of physical activity.

In one hour of vigorous exercise on an exercise bike, you can lose up to 500 calories. Just thirty min of use could help you burn 180 calories, giving you the added motivation you need to reach your fitness objectives faster.

However, a more noticeable influence is seen with ellipticals. Because of its larger foot pedals, an under-desk elliptical machine surpasses stationary bikes.

Bear in mind that a heavier individual will expend more energy during physical activity than a lighter person will. While riding a bike, a larger person can use more energy. Therefore, there is no difference in calorie expenditure between the treadmill vs. bike.

Loss of Calories - under desk bike elliptical

Loss of Weight

More time paddling means a higher metabolism rate; thus, less of it gets stored as fat.

Using an under desk bike or elliptical will solely train your lower body, so any loss of weight or toning you achieve will be concentrated there.

When utilized under a desk, an elliptical trainer provides a more complete workout than a stationary bicycle. To switch up which muscles you're working, a stationary bike can be easily relocated to the top of your desk. This has the potential to aid in weight loss in places that the under-desk elliptical can't.

In conclusion, weight loss is greater on under desk elliptical trainers than on under-desk bicycles. In the regular position, you use more muscles and burn more calories.

Cardio Training

There aren't a ton of under-desk bike elliptical exercise equipment, which is sad because they're great for cardiovascular training. If you give it your all, either one can give you a workout that will get your heart racing.

Because of the increased muscle use, cardiac fitness is improved when using an under-desk elliptical machine. Bikes on the other hand are fantastic, especially if you can bike steadily for extended periods of time, but they can't compare to the elliptical for a truly committed workout.

Finally, if you want to get the most out of your elliptical workouts, you need to give it your all and resist the urge to settle into a low pace.

Cardio Training

Different Foot Size

The pedals of the under-desk bike are where your feet go to move the bike. If your feet are wider than typical, you'll want to be sure the pedals of the bike you buy will fit them. But you can fix this problem by resting your foot above the pedals instead of entering it in the hoop.

The under desk elliptical trainer's pedals are adjustable to fit people with varying shoe sizes. It would be best if you stepped back and forth on the pedals. For this reason, they are outfitted with low front and back walls that act as barriers to prevent your feet from wandering.

Secondary Functions

Both these desk exercise equipment advertise the importance of leg workouts. However, the under desk elliptical consistently delivers on that promise.

In contrast to the under desk elliptical, which only allows you to exercise your legs, the under desk bike may be relocated to a table or the very same desk. You'll need to pedal with your hands and "pedal" as you would normally use your legs.

The bike is fantastic for upper body training because of the adjustable pedaling resistance, the pedaling actions challenge the entire upper body, and thus, the machine is more dynamic than the elliptical.

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Final Thoughts                        

The health benefits of an under desk bike or elliptical make them worthwhile. Doing something now is important to improve your health and keep yourself in shape even while working. And these gym equipment that fit under your desk are a great way to start your journey.

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