Treadmill vs. Elliptical vs. Bike - Which Is Right for You?
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Treadmill vs. Elliptical vs. Bike - Which Is Right for You?

|Sep 30, 2022

If you don't dedicate a focused portion of your day to exercise, you are slowly pushing yourself into an unhealthy lifestyle ahead and inevitable early death. Working out and having physical activity daily is a need of every person, especially adults who spend most of their day sitting in offices or leading a sedentary lifestyle.

That being said, modern workout routines are no longer plain boring with one or two options to choose from, but cardio in today's world gives you multiple options. From treadmill vs. elliptical vs. bike, there are a bunch of options you can choose from to find that fits the best for you. The major reason behind this variation is to provide diversity to the users and hence rule out the flaws of each type and attain the preferred mode of workout.

But how does the elliptical vs. treadmill for weight loss each type fits the desired goal, and what are the drawbacks of one equipment over the other? Here is all you need to know.

Treadmill vs. Elliptical Machine

Treadmills have existed and operated ever since one can remember, and they are one of the most common workout modes worldwide. This is because there are certain benefits of a treadmill over other modes of workout. One of the most common reasons why treadmills are preferred is because they are very easy and basic to use with programmable options. You can modify your workout with different features like speed, incline, and intensity and track the workout time and effectiveness.


Modernity among treadmill vs. elliptical vs. bike

Moreover, With modern treadmills, you will also get a variety of options to choose from. These modern treadmills are designed not only to be healthier and more ergonomic but also comparatively more compact. For instance, a foldable walking treadmill and a foldable under-desk treadmill are both versatile options to use in limited space compared to an elliptical.

You can also get options like a 2-in-1 folding treadmill and advanced technology designed to provide an easy workout at home. These treadmills offer mobile application connectivity to keep track of your workout routine and come with several comfortable features for an ergonomic workout.


Secondly, if we compare the treadmill vs. elliptical calories, the answer might surprise you: treadmills are more effective at burning calories. This is because lifting your foot off the ground causes your body to use more energy than when firmly placed.

Having stated that, your level of effort matters: For instance, going H-A-M on an elliptical with high resistance won't burn as many calories as a moderate, 20-minute jog on the treadmill.

But to clear a common misconception, calorie burn rate doesn't always refer to weight loss, so If we compare the weight loss offered and attainable by two machines, the results are more likely to be the same.


Price among treadmill vs. elliptical vs. bike

If we compare the budgeting of both types of machines, then ellipticals have a slightly greater edge than treadmills. Ellipticals are generally less expensive because they are straightforward machines with fewer modern features. However, some do have modern technology and thus are higher in price.

On the other hand, treadmills are more costly because you will be paying for a high-quality belt, motor power, programmability, and several advanced features. Modern treadmills like the best foldable walking pad and other types of foldable treadmills for running will be much more expensive than an elliptical. However, you can find several deals and incentive programs in the WalkingPad store if you need an ergonomic treadmill for a workout.


One of the benefits of an elliptical vs. treadmill is that ellipticals are more suitable for people with aching joints or a history of injury when working out. This is because they have less impact than a treadmill. The force of lifting and lowering your foot with your entire body weight is reduced because your foot is always on or clipped into the pedal (which happens while running). This makes it a perfect alternative for those new to working out, rejoining the gym after a break, or with joint injuries like ankle or knee problems.

Target Muscles

Target Muscles

Even though these exercise machines are mostly used for aerobic workouts, they also have additional benefits for building muscle strength. Elliptical trainers are the only exercise machines consistently providing a choice for an upper body workout among treadmills, cycles, and elliptical trainers.

With the help of moving handlebars, you can swing your arms while pedaling against resistance, strengthening the muscles in your chest, back, and arms. Rarely will you come across a dual-action bike, which is a bike with movable handlebars? Bikes work your glutes, quads, flexors, and hamstrings with little assistance from your calf muscles, but treadmills essentially work your entire leg.


Though both types of machines have features with programmability, a treadmill offers customization in workouts to a great degree. This allows you to work on different speeds and incline levels. Changing workouts is an effective way to burn more calories, hence why treadmills are more identified with a greater calorie burn rate.

Also, you can modify the speed of the belt within the treadmill, which allows you to start slow and even practice professional workout routines later on. For an elliptical, you can adjust the tension to involve the leg muscles to a greater degree, but this only provides a limited number of variations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Elliptical or Treadmill Better for Losing Weight?

Working out for an hour on a treadmill will burn around 700 to 860 calories depending on the speed and incline to set. But on an elliptical, the average calorie burn rate is around 770. Hence treadmills can be considered faster at burning calories.

Treadmill vs. Elliptical: What is better for Belly Fat?

Both the machines help in effective weight loss and muscle definition, but none of them specifically targets belly fat. However, constant use will help you eventually lose belly fat too.

Is Elliptical Safe for Joints that Treadmill?

The elliptical is considered a low-impact workout machine, whereas the treadmill falls into a high-impact workout machine. This difference in impact can make an elliptical safer for the joints compared to a treadmill.

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