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Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 8, 2018

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A dollar might not get you far with most shopping needs. But surprisingly, there are plenty of products or services to be purchased with $1. Today, a single dollar might night go as far as decades ago. But there are still some practical and useful products to consider.

32 things for 1 dollar

1. Sneaker Headz Nike Air Jordan Keychain

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 2

Keychains are more than a simple accessory. For many people, a keychain is a statement of style and of personal identity. The miniature Air Jordan Keychain is one of the distinct products which is impressively affordable, practical and which certainly looks apart.

But sports shoes are not the only keychain to come at $1. Plenty other inspired similar products are available as well. Depending on each person’s hobby, it could be a great accessory.

2. A shaving razor

There are multiple cheap shaving razors on the market. Office workers always need to look sharp and a razor is needed for a fresh shave. Certain services are even able to send a new razor every month by post which means the subscription works both for the customer who gets a valuable item at a good price and for the seller who is able to shift a large inventory to make a profit. Of course, it might not be the best razor on the market, but for $1, it is not a bad deal.

3. A bottle of shampoo

While shampoo ingredients are always improving, there are still plenty of affordable options. In many cases, the shampoos are made for those looking for a quick solution at the most affordable price. This means its ingredients will not be the best and that they will be far from natural ingredients. But at the same time, these products might work for a quick traveling solution or even to clean various objects around the house.

4. A slice of pizza

The classic pizza place is here to stay. With thousands of delicious pizzas to consider, these traditional fast foods are popular across the country. But pizza is also available per slice. Many cities have pizza places which sell individual slices for $1, which gives the dollar bill just enough to deal with hunger.

5. A used book

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 3

New books might not be as affordable as they used to be. Although some discount shops carry $1 titles, old books can prove to be a good choice as well. With some of the classics available for a low price, it’s worth investing the paper bill into extra knowledge.

6. Plastic baskets

A small plastic basket is not too expensive to manufacture. It can be available in multiple shapes and colors. But it can also be found at affordable prices which recommend it as the choice for the households which like to keep things inexpensive.

7. A butter knife

Cutlery can be very expensive. But most large supermarkets carry affordable solutions in many cases. A simple butter knife is sold individually, not necessarily in a set. Most importantly, it can be one of the simplest purchases for its low price and practicality.

8. A closet freshener

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 4

Closet fresheners are not purchased often. But they can be one of the products which get purchased from time to time in many households. It means that money can be saved with this purchase as they are available at low prices. Keeping clothes smelling fresh is not expensive.

9. A plastic bowl

There are many potential uses for a plastic bowl. It can be a solution for popcorn when watching a movie or it can hold fruits. Most plastic bowls are inexpensive and they are also recommended for families with kids where possible accidents will not destroy the food bowl.

10. An oven mitt

Cooking at home is one of the best ways to stay healthy. An oven mitt is often overlooked as just another purchase. But with cheap products, it can be one of the items in the kitchen which doesn’t put too much pressure on a family’s budget. An oven mitt is a durable item and it can also be washed with the rest of the clothes in the washing machine.

11. Tape

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 5

There are various types of tape products for $1. It is hard to match tape for its versatility and low prices. From fixing regular household items to offering a practical solution for parcel delivery, the tape is used across multiple industries and in most homes.

12. Envelopes

For those who are still fans of classic mail, an envelope is a must. The good news is the most basic envelope can even cost less than $1. Most office supplies merchandisers also offer envelopes which are cheap when purchased in bulk. Some contractors are also able to offer envelope deals on a subscription basis. This works best for businesses which need to deal with a large amount of mail.

13. A notebook

A basic notebook should not cost more than $1. With multiple sizes, page numbers spiraled or simple designs, notebooks are useful both for professionals and for students. When they need to be purchased in bulk, savings can be made with some of the most basic designs, especially since they are often only $1 in large stores.

14. A glass of lemonade

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 6

Lemonade is one of the refreshing drinks which are healthy and inexpensive. People drink lemonade during the summer to rehydrate or during the winter to boost the immune system. With a typical cup of lemonade not far from a dollar, its cost makes it one of the best purchase for the return on investment.

15. A banana

Fruit is good for health. A simple banana can often be purchased for one dollar and this makes it one of the key purchases for those looking for the best deal. Instead of choosing an unhealthy snack which is even more expensive, buying a banana can work for the budget and for the health at the same time.

16. Grip sponges

Grip sponges need to be replaced frequently. But the average household doesn’t need to spend too much on a regular kitchen sponge. With prices which are often below the $1 mark, sponges can be purchased and replaced as often as possible.

17. Liquid hand soap

Plenty of discount shops now offer various liquid hand soap products. Some are not the best choice while others can be used frequently. The good news is that many products are not expensive to purchase and they can be the foundation for an inexpensive purchase every month.

18. A picture frame

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 13

Some of the products which are least expensive can be used for decoration. A picture frame is one of the examples. Available in various sizes, shapes, and colors, a picture frame works well when it comes to the return on investment. It can be used to give the home or the office a new vibe but it can also be the foundation for a custom gift idea.

19. Basic poncho

Being stuck in the rain is not fun. Being stuck in the rain before going to work is certainly not fun. In these situations, an emergency poncho can work great. Clothes can be protected and rain can be kept away for a minimum financial investment. Of course, these ponchos are not made to be durable, but for one-time ware, they are worth the bill.

20. Dental floss

It goes without saying that the importance of a dental floss is now popular with most people. But the good news is this simple floss is not expensive. For $1, a regular dental floss can work just as well as its expensive alternatives. In the end, it offers a great tool for oral hygiene and this is what matters the most.

21. Mini sewing kit

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 7

Going away on holiday can be one of the most fun times for most people. It is often when going away when various mini daily objects come to mind. Among them, the mini sewing kit is truly valuable. It comes with a great functionality and it can fix lose buttons in minutes. For most people, this mini sewing kit can also be used for years to come as an emergency solution.

22. A birthday card

Classic birthday cards come in various shapes. They even have printed quotes at times. But regardless of what is printed on them, they can be a great accessory for an inspired gift. A basic birthday card should also be found at low prices, especially in large retail stores.

23. Half an hour of parking

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 9

Most large cities come with parking fees in the downtown area. But this doesn’t mean that parking needs to be expensive, especially if a car is parked for a short period of time. A dollar can often come with half an hour of parking in most large cities around the country.

24. A pack of classic pencils

Classic pencils remain a fun solution for kids who love to draw. But they can also work for students and professionals who might use them at work. Most pencils are inexpensive. Even more, they can come in packs of 5 or 6 for just $1.

25. A candle

A basic candle can be used for meditation or to improve the décor of a home. Since they are available in various sizes, candles are often used in combination with other accessories to improve the design of a room or space in a room. While aromatic candles might be hard to find at the price, a simple unscented candle might be available for just a dollar.

26. A Bow

A bow might be available for just $1 in its simplest form. But most people can’t tell the difference between bow prices. Since they can offer that distinct look for the office attire, a bow is often considered by those seeking to improve their style, especially at formal events.

27. USB charger cables

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 10

USB accessories have seen a significant rise in popularity. There are many products which connect via the USB, such as a small desk lamp. But a USB charger cable can be one of the most inexpensive purchases for many modern smartphones or tablets. With various colored designs, the $1 cables can also offer a distinct look for many smartphones.

28. A pendant necklace

Accessories are often what make an outfit stand out. Women who want to ensure they add a touch of style to their attires often consider various types of necklaces. But the inexpensive products are often the best choices from this perspective.

29. A tennis ball

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 12

A tennis ball is also available for a dollar. It might not be the choice of professionals but it certainly works for the occasional player. At the same time, a tennis ball can be used as a way to manage stress at the office or it can be used to add a touch of sportiness to a certain office environment.

30. Invisible dry deodorant

Discount shops and some of the largest supermarkets carry invisible dry deodorants for just a dollar. These products are perfect while traveling. They can also be an inexpensive purchase on the way to the gym where staying fresh is a priority.

31. A light bulb

The classic light bulb is one of the best purchases when it comes to low prices. It is still available in stores and it can provide light in most homes, rooms, garages or offices. Supermarkets carry all types of light bulbs. However, a simple design should not be too expensive and in many cases, it costs only $1.

32. Party beads

Got $1 to Spare? 32 Things to Buy for One Dollar - Image 11

Party beads are the definition of inexpensive purchases. Made in attractive stand-out colors, party beads are available in many stores for a dollar. In most cases, they also come in sets of 2 or sets of 3 which makes the purchase even more affordable.

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