Grail Generative Art Frame is Changing the Game
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Grail Generative Art Frame is Changing the Game

Autonomous|Nov 18, 2022

The NFT market was valued at an astounding $41 billion during the height of the crypto and NFT markets' massive boom in 2021, falling just nine billion dollars short of what the physical art market brought in in 2020. But given the current state of affairs, it might be some time before the two artistic disciplines can once again compete head-to-head. NFT art pieces must, of course, overcome a number of obstacles before that can happen, with display being the most important.

Since you can frame physical artworks and display them in a gallery, over a fireplace, or on an easel, they are simple to display. However, this cannot be stated of works of NFT art. NFT creators and collectors frequently run into difficulties when attempting to display their holdings. This is why Grail was born. Thinkers and tinkerers at Autonomous came together to research the latest in NFT display technology, and saw some glaring gaps in the market that needed filling.

Before delving into the story of Grail and how it’s the newest product at the helm of the emerging generative art movement, it’s important to get some perspective on current methods available for displaying NFTs already on the market, as well as their shortcomings.

Printing NFTs: Nice-looking, but extremely limited.

You can print still-image NFTs like any other image to make a physical NFT print if you're looking for the cheapest way to display your NFTs. You can include a QR code that can be scanned to verify or buy something by entering the URL associated with your NFT artwork on a QR-code creation website. The website creates a QR code once you paste the URL.

Some companies can provide guidance if you're unsure of the best paper type, print size, or finish for NFT prints. These companies use cutting-edge technology to offer their customers high-definition NFT printing services. The NFT printing company handles canvas size, frame quality, print durability, or texture, and delivers your physical NFT to your door.

However, these printing services have an obvious downside, which is that printed art is static and can’t be altered or modified by the owner. Not to mention, GIFS and videos are completely out of the question. Once it’s printed, it’s done. This is where digital NFT frames have become a popular choice in the market, which is increasingly flooded with options. 

Digital NFT frames: more flexible, but not real-time adjustable

Using digital NFT display frames to display NFT art may be the most common practice. Digital displays allow you to exhibit NFTs that are present in the form of videos or GIFs, as opposed to printed NFTs, which can only display still images. Given the rising popularity of the animated NFT format, this method may offer collectors a more future-proof way of displaying their favorite NFTs.

A few stores sell frames with stereo speakers, auto-rotating capabilities, and high definition displays. These NFT frames are also available in a range of sizes, from 10 inches diagonally to 43 inches. You can switch between multiple NFTs and their corresponding QR codes on the same frame because these digital frames can also be controlled by your smartphone. The same obviously cannot be said for any of your physically hanging artwork.

However, these frames are still limited to a strict set of traditional file formats, and as anyone who acquires NFTs these days knows, the emerging market of generative NFT art is anything but traditional. Modern problems call for modern solutions, and Grail is the first frame to tackle this problem.

Grail - driven by powerful components to meet modern needs

Grail is more than just a pretty display…it’s a full-fledged computer that processes your generativer artwork in real time. It goes beyond NFTs that you’ve got stored in your wallet and actually generates your artwork right before your eyes. Up until now, this has not been possible with any existing NFT display technology. 

Our team of engineers increasingly saw demand for a display like this among generative artwork enthusiasts who didn’t have a way to physically display their artwork in a market full of static displays lacking internal computing components. Grail is a game-changing, groundbreaking new product that is shaking up the landscape of generative artworks and molding future products for art lovers and collectors everywhere.

Grail frame

Grail Frames - The World's Best Generative Art Frame

Bring your generative art to life: Grail 43" is a groundbreaking new frame that renders generative artworks and lets collectors interact with their artworks. It accomplishes this by using powerful internal components and code to develop unique artworks in real time.

Immersive 43-inch frame: A big, beautiful window into new worlds, Grail 43" draws you in from the moment you turn it on. Spectacularly detailed generative art springs to life.

  • 4K LCD display

  • 800 nits of brightness

  • 1.07 billion colors.

Powerful, real-time generative artworks: Say hello to a frame that’s extreme in every way. Grail 43" is designed for collectors who need the ultimate live rendering performance.

  • 11th-gen 6-core 12-thread Intel Core i5

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 with 3584 CUDA core

  •  8GB 2666MHz RAM.

Ultimate app controls built in: Cast generative artwork with a simple touch. Control the magnificent 43” display in the palm of your hand. Smooth swiping gestures make it easy to resize and interact with your generative artworks in real time. Any generative artwork on the web can be cast easily by simply inputting its URL into the app.

Premier experience with OLED 55-inch frame: Grail 55" is our premium Grail model and it’s awesome to behold, with powerful internals and a 55-inch premium OLED panel so every piece of generative art you collect springs to life.

  • 3840x2160 pixels

  • RWBG sub pixels

  • 900 nits of brightness, and over a billion colors.

Get in on the game with Grail Frame

Your generative art never looked so good. Order your Grail frame, available now, and stay ahead of the curve with the first ever dedicated generative NFT art frame. Whether it’s for your home or office, this premium frame will look amazing, and your unique art will never cease to amaze. Check out the product page now to order yours.

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