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Great Mates Think Alike - Test Your Friendships With Our New Minigame!
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Great Mates Think Alike - Test Your Friendships With Our New Minigame!

|Dec 23, 2020

How well do you think your mates really know you? This holiday season, challenge your friends, families, and colleagues to play Great Mates Think Alike and find out! No matter where you are in the world, our brand new minigame will bring you closer together through a fun & easy-to-play challenge. PLUS, if you and your loved ones score well, you’ll receive Autonomous Rewards and be in the running to win some fun prizes! Play Great Mates Think Alike and get to know each other a little better these holidays.

Super easy to play, encourage your circle of friends to challenge you right back and have some virtual fun with a little friendly competition. Here’s how it works …


If you want to test how well your friends really know you, challenge them to take your Quiz! It’s so easy and quick to play.

  • Visit Great Mates Think Alike or alternatively, visit the Autonomous homepage and click on the minigame pop up.

  • Complete your personal Quiz by selecting answers that match your personality and mindset the best. And try to be honest! Be sure to complete your personal Quiz within the time limit given. 

  • Share your personal Quiz with friends, family, and colleagues via email and challenge them to take your Quiz. You’re able to invite a maximum of three friends. Who will you choose to take the challenge?

How to play inviter

If you have received an invite from your friend to play and answer their Quiz, step up to the plate and show them what an awesome friend you are!

  • Visit the Quiz page by clicking on the unique page link that was sent to your personal email.
  • Enter the unique GAME PIN that was sent to your personal email. This will open up your friend’s personal Quiz.
  • Put your thinking cap on and answer your friend’s personal Quiz. Remember, your friend chose these answers based on their own personality and mindset, so think wisely.
  • Now it’s your turn. A little friendly competition never hurts anyone. So challenge your friend/s right back! Fill-in & complete your own personal Quiz, and challenge your friends, families, and colleagues for even greater chances of winning Autonomous rewards & prizes.

How to play invitee


How do I win? And what prizes are up for grabs?

  • IF YOU’RE AN INVITER - For every friend that takes your Quiz and matches at least 50% of your answers correctly, you’ll receive $10 store credit to shop at Autonomous!
  • IF YOU’RE AN INVITEE - If you answer at least 50% of your friend’s Quiz correctly, you’ll receive a $30 Gift-card to spend at Autonomous! Please note: Gift-cards are applicable with purchases valued at $399 & over. Gift-cards expire three (3) days after the issue date. 
  • PLUS, you & your friend will both be in the running to win a fun prize! One lucky pair will be drawn each day. Results will be announced on the minigame leaderboard & winners will be notified via email. For each winning pair of friends: The Quiz Inviter will receive a handcrafted Wooden Caro Chess Set from The Craft House, while the Invited Quiz-taker will receive a Premium Walnut Domino Gift-set from The Craft House. Gifts may be claimed via email.


How to Check your Results and Rewards

For inviter:

Simply visit Great Mates Think Alike and don’t forget to log in or alternatively, visit the Autonomous homepage, log-in to your registered account & click to Your Profile page.

For invitee:

Click onto the unique link sent to your personal email and don’t forget to log in with the same email that received your invite.

How to Claim and Use Your Autonomous Rewards

Wondering what to do with your Autonomous Rewards?

  • Visit Autonomous and log into your Autonomous account. Then click to Your Profile page to get more information about what you’ve earned so far. Now you’re ready to go shopping!

  • To redeem Store Credit Rewards: at the checkout stage of your next Autonomous purchase, under Order Summary - Tick “Apply Reward points” to apply your Store Credit Rewards towards your total purchase amount. 

  • To redeem a Gift-card code: check your email with the title “CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve received a $30 Autonomous Gift-card from Great Mates Think Alike” and copy the promo code provided. At the checkout stage of your next Autonomous purchase, under Order Summary - Apply the promo code and the discount will automatically be applied towards your total purchase amount


  • For Store Credit Rewards: your store credits may be applied to your next purchase. They cannot be applied retroactively to any previous purchases. Unused Store Credits will expire on January 6th 2021 at 23:59 PST. 

  • For Gift-cards: promo codes are only applicable with purchases valued at $399 and over. Gift-cards expire three (3) days after the issue date.


Terms and Conditions

Autonomous reserves the right to modify and/or change any content of the Great Mates Think Alike Minigame Terms & Conditions at any time without prior notice to customers and customers are bound by these changes. 

Autonomous's decisions on all matters related to the Great Mates Think Alike Minigame will be final and decisive. Autonomous will not be liable for any claims by you or for third party claims or losses of any nature, including but not limited to, any loss of profits, loss of expectations, indirect, special, or consequential or other damages and any related claim of any nature, including direct, indirect, third party, consequential damages or other harm caused by or related to this minigame.  

Autonomous may, at its sole and absolute discretion, replace one award with another of equivalent value, in the absence of the original award, illegal or not feasible.

When awarding prizes, Autonomous may ask customers to present identification or other information to confirm the identity of winners, in order to avoid cases of fraud. For the avoidance of doubt, Autonomous reserves the right to refuse to reward a customer if a customer fails to cooperate in the identity verification process.  

Customers must exchange/receive all offers and prizes within the specified time. Any incentives and prizes that are not redeemed/received within the specified time will be withdrawn (or destroyed or donated or otherwise at Autonomous's sole discretion or in accordance with applicable laws). Autonomous will not resolve any claims related to this case.  

Unless otherwise stated, all prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash or credit of any equivalent. 

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