A Guide To Chair Yoga For Lower Back Pain
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A Guide To Chair Yoga For Lower Back Pain

|May 26, 2021

When we sit and work in the same position for a long time, it can take a toll on our health. It is essential for us to readjust ourselves from time to time and also take a break. If we do not move and sit in the same position, it can lead to various problems such as bad blood circulation, shoulder and neck problems, discomfort in the body, mental and physical stress, and lower back pain. But to get rid of such issues, you can opt for yoga poses. There are many yoga poses that you can do while sitting in your office chair. Chair yoga for lower back pain is a great way to stay fit and active.

 In this article, we see what type of yoga poses you can do while working.

The benefits of having a pain free and healthy back

We are aware of how our bones have tendons, muscles, and ligaments linked to one another. Our body will work properly only when these parts individually act perfectly. For this reason, it is essential to have a strong lower back. By using an office ergonomic chair, we can reduce pain by a lot.

It helps to improve balance

When we have a good balance, we can walk straight without falling down. Also, having a good balance ensures a proper musculoskeletal function all throughout our life.

Say goodbye to pain


Buy an ergonomic chair and try out chair yoga poses for lower back pain. If you do not engage in proper exercise, then it can cause lower back pain and also lead to muscle discomfort. But when you do yoga, it can help with lower back pain and keep you healthy.

What type of chair do I need?

Many people often ask the question about what type of chair they need to do yoga in the office. People can use any kind of chair that makes them feel secure. Those who are using ergonomic chairs should keep a non-slip mat underneath the chair so they don't move while doing the exercise.

What are the different types of chair yoga for lower back pain?

Now let us talk about chair yoga posture for lower back pain. Office chair yoga posture has become popular in recent years as we need to spend a lot of time working. But before you start exercising while working, it is essential to consult with a doctor. They can check you and say which yoga pose is safe for you to do.

The next step is to find the right yoga teacher. A yoga teacher will help you by suggesting the correct yoga poses as they know the anatomy properly. Make sure you start slowly and then go on to more challenging poses. This way, you can increase the strength as well as flexibility.  Chair exercise for lower back pain is a great way to get rid of pain while working in the office.

Chakravakasana or Cat / Cow


Start by sitting at the edge of your chair and make sure you feel flat on the ground. Then place your hands on the knees and deeply inhale. Now lift your chest while sticking out the back. Then open the chest and squeeze the blades of your shoulder. While exhaling, make sure to curl the tailbone and round your chest. This yoga pose should be done by people who spend a considerable amount of time looking at the phone without any movement. If you have poor posture, then this yoga pose will act as a warm-up exercise.

Utkatasana or chair pose


This particular pose is known as the chair pose, as when done standing up, people would think you are sitting in a chair. If you do the original yoga pose, it will help you strengthen the ankles, legs, lower back, and core and have a good posture. You will also get a strong upper back and shoulder. To do this chair yoga for lower back pain, first, sit upright on your chair and keep your feet flat on the ground. Make sure to keep the back at a 90-degree angle. Now close your palms together and raise your hands over your head straight with shoulder-length distance. Keep this pose for a while before relaxing. If your back hurts, then do not lean forward too much.

Janu Sirsasana or Single leg stretch


If you want to stretch your calves and hamstring muscles, then this is the perfect chair yoga for lower back pain. Begin by sitting at the margin of your chair but make sure you do not fall over. Now sit straight with anyone's leg stretched forwards and the toe pointed upward. The other foot should lie on the floor so that the knee makes a 45-degree angle. Then place both your hands on the leg and sit straight while inhaling. When you exhale, slowly start to move the hands down your leg. Do not drop your head and keep the back straight while bending from your hips. Do this five times and keep sliding down deeper. Then slowly inhale again and get back in a relaxed position.

Chair twists

chair twist

This is one of the easiest chair yoga for lower back pain and will keep your spinal cord healthy. By doing chair twists as your home office exercises, you can keep the muscles surrounding your spine healthy. Sit sideways on your chair. Now exhale and twist while bolding the backrest of your chair. Make sure to rotate 180-degrees. Then come back to the beginning point and turn the other way. Hold your breath when you twist and hold the position for a few seconds.


Apart from chair yoga for lower back pain, having an ergonomic chair for lower back pain can help you get the office work done while keeping you healthy and active.

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