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Guide to Choosing the Best Office Chair Suits You at Home

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 8, 2018

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Office chairs aren’t restricted to office use alone, they can also be used anywhere else such as the home. The reason is due to the functions of the chair. They are ergonomic which means they are designed with human comfort and health in mind.

The home is a place of comfort, why wouldn’t the office chair be a part of it? Anyone with a job that involves sitting in front of a computer needs an office chair. In the case of a freelancer with no office build, he/she can have the office in his/her home. 

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Not only office workers or clerk staffs make use of an office chair. Anyone in any walk of life should be able to use it and there are reasons why it is needed.

4 reasons why an office chair is needed

The reasons touch every aspect of the relationship between people and the office chair. It could be health-wise, comfort wise and so on. Here are 5 reasons for wanting an office chair:

Uncomfortable seats

When one is sitting on a chair he/she is either comfortable or uncomfortable. It depends mainly on the position in which one sits. After all the body isn’t designed to sustain poor sitting conditions. In the end, it could lead to cases of bad postures or sicknesses.

To escape such predicament a good ergonomic chair which provides great comfort for the users is needed. All the issues concerning a sitting position will be solved. Especially if the ergonomic chair possesses enough adjustability along with a lumbar support.     

To replace old office chairs

Over time furniture loses its value and features. They end up keeping their users uncomfortable which is the opposite of what an office chair is supposed to do. And such situations lead to scraping of the office chair. The obvious next step to take is to consider a replacement.

There is a lot of cause for an office chair replacement. Some are caused by the owner while others are due to the chair itself.

In the case of the user, it could be due to the way he/she is using it. For instance, the office chair may be used in such a way that it does not support it. This will cause the furniture to damage.

In the case of the office chair itself, the product usually has a five-year warranty or it could be defective from the store/factory in which it was gotten. All these scenarios call for a replacement. And a constant replacement is a good thing because you will escape the possibility of getting back into a bad posture.

For lumbar support

This is a major reason why office chairs are preferred to regular chairs and are highly recommended. The reason is that the Lumber support is what makes an office chairs more ergonomic. This feature, in particular, should be looked for when shopping for good quality lumber chair.

A study was done at the University of Iowa. They discovered that when the lumbar support is absent the back will be forced to bend forward. Which will lead the muscles of the back, to try to force its lumbar region out of its natural curve. This will place pressure on the discs causing a reduction in the flow of blood supply to the spinal tissues.

In summary, the excess contraction will force the muscle to fatigue, it will also cause pinched nerves and stressed discs. 

When an office chair with great lumbar support is being used there are advantages to enjoy. The persons making use of such a chair will enjoy comfort and free-flowing blood circulation throughout the body. His/ her back will be relaxed and the posture will be corrected. An office worker in this state on a lumbar chair will be more productive.      

For good posture    

This is another important reason why ergonomic office chairs are demanded. A good office chair is supposed to help correct the user’s back so he/she can get a good posture. But to achieve this good posture, the user must know how to sit properly. One can’t have a good posture without sitting in the correct manner.

Here is some step to take that can help you sit in a good posture:

•    When sitting make sure to keep the feet flat on the floor. In case it does not reach the floor trying to keep them on the footrest.

•    Keep a small space/gap between the back of your knees and the front of the seat edge.

•    Be sure to keep your knees below the level of your knees.

•    The backrest of the chair must be adjusted to a suitable position to support the lower back and the spine.

•    Prevent sitting in the exact position for long hours, keep trying new positions.

Please note: If you are not able to do all these with the chair, it is advisable to save your money and get a new one.

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 5 Tips for choosing the best office chair for your home

Finding the best ergonomic office chair that fits your home is a great investment. The reason is that both your health and productivity will be ensured not only in the workplace but also in the home.

The right chair will make your jobs from home much better. The same is for gamers who would love to pass their time after a long day at work. In the end, the right ergonomic chair is sure to improve the user’s experience.

Here are 5 top fool-proof tips to follow to choose that ergonomic chair which meets your need:

Get an office chair with full back support

When shopping for an ergonomic chair, it best to get the one with good full back support. It beneficial to both work and health. In terms of work, the perfect reclining seating, lumbar support, and backrest height will improve one’s productivity.

In terms of health, the ergonomic office chair with the perfect full-backrest will ensure and improve one’s posture. Lumbar diseases and other back pains and ailments will be healed with the perfect full-backrest.

While shopping for an ergonomic chair, don’t just rely on visual judgment. It’s best to test out the backrest and see how comfortable the chair will be. Doing this will enable you to know which is the best for you and it will save you from making the wrong choice.

Choose the office chairs with waterfall seats

The reason for this tip is due to the fact that chairs with waterfall edged seat pans are the best at aiding a good posture. This idea has been experimented and confirmed by the University of Pittsburgh. The waterfall edged seat pan should also be contoured so it will be able to ensure comfort. And this is done by the contoured seat evenly distributing the weight of the user.

As the edge of the waterfall seat is soft and contoured it will prevent tight compressions of the thighs and the posterior of the user. At the same time, they aid a good posture. Getting a chair with this features is advisable if it’s sitting comfort and good posture that is the requirement.

The upholstery must be breathable

 When upholstery comes to a topic about office chairs, it refers to the material that is fixed across essential parts of the office chair. These parts include the seat pan, armrest, and the backrest. This upholstery is the part of the chair that ensure comfort, even in chairs that have less or no upholstery.

If one is looking to seat for long hours, the chair with the best upholstery will ensure comfort throughout those long hours. The best material for an ergonomic office chair upholstery is the mesh. And the mesh’s edge over all other material is its special feature which is breathability.

Its breathability surpasses others. In a hot region in the world, ergonomic chairs with mesh upholstery are the best options. The reason is, as the user is sitting and the room temperature gets too warm the mesh chair will filter the fresh air. As this is happening the sweat of the user will reduce along with his/her body heat.

Another reason why mesh upholstery is advisable is that the material is smoother, softer and not itchy. Full comfort is experienced with the ergonomic office chair with mesh upholstery on the backrest, armrest and seat pan.

The office chair should be very adjustable

An ergonomic chair with more adjustability is better compared to another with less. The reason is that the chairs adjustable features allow the user to set the chair to his/her best position. The basic features that should be at least adjustable include the backrest, seat pan, armrest and the lumbar rest.

For the backrest, it should be able to tilt forward and backward. The seat pan’s height should be adjusted both up and down from the ground. The armrest should be adjustable in several directions. Such as upward, downward, forward and backward from its neutral position. 

The bottom-line is the chair with the best and most adjustability can also aid the user health-wise. As the best adjustable position is attained by the user, he/she will be able to maintain a good posture.

Seek the chairs that favor the arms and shoulders

When it comes to the comfort of the shoulders and the arms of an office chair it is always overlooked by people who wish to buy the best office chair. Such people realize that it is uncomfortable because they end up shrugging their shoulders just to get their elbows on the armrest.

When choosing the best ergonomic chair it is recommended to get one with an adjustable armrest. This way one will be able to set the armrest in such a way it comforts and supports his/her elbows arms and shoulders. Or else the wrong choice will cause pain in the shoulder, wrists, and elbows.    

Recommended office chairs for your home

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Autonomous ErgoChair 2 - $299 is an American company that deals in the production of office equipment. And they are all great quality. Such quality is shown in the company’s flagship office ergonomic chair. The Ergo chair 2. This chair is packed with top features and functionality. All are parts are great, but the best components include the adjustability, lumbar support and the mesh material used.

It is adjustable – Its armrest, backrest, and waterfall edged seat pans are adjustable. These mentioned parts are the basics for a chair to pass the adjustability requirement.

It has lumbar support – Your lower back can never feel better while sitting with the Ergo Chair 2. It does not only ensure comfort it also helps in the correction and maintenance of the user’s posture. Also, due to the presence of lumbar support, the users will be able to prevent spinal diseases and back pains.

It makes you super productive – A chair like’s Ergo 2 is the office worker’s dream chair. It has all the features to make its use more productive in the office. It possesses adjustability, a good lumbar support is present and the material used for its upholstery is mesh.    

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Autonomous Avo Chair – $199

This is a sleek and compact like chair which is packed with features and functions. Autonomous built this office chair with the user’s health, comfort, and the environment in mind.

 In terms of the user’s health and comfort, the chair possesses a mesh upholstery and on the backrest, there is a special elastomeric mesh. This elastomeric mesh ensures a better breathability compared to the regular mesh material on the seat pan. Also, the adjustability of the chairs armrests, backrest and seat height allows the user to set the chair to his/her liking.

In terms of the environment, the chair is inspired by nature. It is very eco-friendly with all of its parts being a 100% recyclable. Which makes the chair fixable if any damage occurs.   


The office chairs can be used in the home. The location does not affect the features of the ergonomic office chairs. The post is sure to explain every necessary thing that has to do with an ergonomic office chair.

In this post, you are given possible reasons why you need an office chair. Following these reasons are tips you can use to acquire the best ergonomic chair that fits your needs. To make your search a bit easier there are three recommended chairs to choose from. Or they could be used to give you an idea of what you are learning about. 

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