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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Office Chair Blanket
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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Office Chair Blanket

|Dec 15, 2023

Regardless of how good of an office worker you are, if the temperature of the room you are working in is not ideal, it will affect your overall performance. The major impact on performance is seen when people work in extremely cold environments. The fingers shiver and sometimes freeze in their position, making it difficult to work on the laptop.

For such people, many blanket manufacturers have introduced an accessory to keep your body warm, known as the office chair blanket. The blanket keeps you warm and active during working hours in a freezing atmosphere. In this article, you will find all the information about an office chair blanket and its uses.

What is an Office Chair Blanket?

An office chair blanket is an accessory that attaches itself to the back of your chair to make it look like a cocoon that keeps the person warm inside its covers. The best way to make a comfortable working experience is to combine an office chair blanket with an ergonomic office chair or a desk chair with a headrest. You can attach the blanket by attaching the straps on the back of the chair, while the blanket sits on the armrest until it is required to cover anyone who uses the chair. The best part of these blankets is that you can wrap or unwrap them whenever you want. So, you can keep them on for the winter period and unwrap them as soon as the summer arrives.

What is an Office Chair Blanket?

Types of Office Chair Blankets to Know

Office chair blankets can only be differentiated on the basis of the materials they are constructed from. Different materials offer different kinds of comfortability, which makes the overall sitting experience much different. Moreover, some materials are warmer than others, so make sure you read about every material used for blankets carefully.

Minky Blanket

The Minky blanket is made of microfiber fabric that has a plush and soft texture. The material is made of pure polyester fibers. These kinds of desk chair blankets are quite popular to use with the best desk chair with lumbar support. The best part of using this office chair blanket cover is the variety of patterns and colors available in the market.


Office chair electric blanket is one of the most popular types of heated office chair blankets in the market. Electric blankets are made of natural or synthetic fibers, while others with more comfort are added with faux fur. All these materials have one thing in common: an electric heating system that makes the blanket warmer with the help of electricity. The warmth of an electric blanket also helps people with back problems, turning it from a regular chair to the best office chair for back pain.

Electric Office chair blanket

Fleece Blankets

The Fleece blanket is made of synthetic fibers and polyester. The recycled products used to prepare such blankets make them less natural than some other kinds of materials used for blankets. However, one benefit of having fleece blankets is their warmth level, as they are much warmer than cotton or wool due to thicker and more insulating materials.

Chunky Knit

A chunky knit blanket for office chairs is made of yarn. It is a common blanket style you would see in most homes. However, it can also be used with your office chairs, as its breathable material not only keeps you warm but lets some air flow through as well. Use this blanket as an ergonomic chair to make it the best desk chair for long hours.

Sherpa Blanket

Sherpa is one kind of fleece blanket that is made from 100 percent synthetic polyester; however, these blankets are made to match the qualities of a sheepskin. A sheepskin is usually warm, fluffy, and soft, which is what you are going to experience if you put a sherpa as your desk chair blanket.

Sherpa Blanket

What to Consider Before Buying an Office Chair Blanket

Now that you have learned about different types of office chair blankets to use for your home office chair, here are some of the things you need to consider before selecting one for your office.


The first thing you need to consider is the overall comfortability of the material you are using. Some blanket materials are soft, while some aren’t. The level of comfortability depends on your personal preference, so make sure to check the blanket while sitting on a chair before taking it home.

Warmth Level

The level of warmth you need from your heated office chair blanket depends on the temperature and weather conditions in your area. In extremely cold environments, we recommend fleece blankets are they are much warmer than other variants. However, you can also go for an electric blanket to control the overall heat.

Check the Material

Office chair blanket is usually made of fleece and faux fur; however, you can explore more options by using other types of blankets with your office chair. We highly recommend using an oversized throw blanket with your office chair to add one more feature to your ergonomic chair benefits list.

The Size of the Blanket

The size of the blanket should complement the overall size of your chair. The blanket should wrap around the arms of your chair and keep your whole body covered while in use. However, size requirements would be a concern only if you are going with an oversized throw blanket or regular blankets to use with your chair. Here are some of the ideal sizes for different age groups

  • 30 by 36 inches (Infant)
  • 36 by 60 inches (child)
  • 60 by 72 inches (Adult)

On the other hand, an office chair blanket such as a Snugglebag office chair blanket would attach itself to the chair and fit perfectly regardless of the size of your chair.

What to Consider Before Buying an Office Chair Blanket

Why and Who Should Use the Office Chair Blanket?

An office chair blanket should be used by office workers who are working in freezing cold environments. If the temperature of your office gets below 20 degrees Celsius, you will need a fleece blanket with your office chair. However, for temperatures above 20 degrees, you can use chunky knit or Minky blankets.


Now that you have all the information you need on an office chair blanket make sure to use all of it, including the recommendations given in this article, to get your desired desk chair blanket home.

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