Guide to Using a Monochromatic Workspace Design Theme for 2024
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Guide to Using a Monochromatic Workspace Design Theme for 2024

|Dec 31, 2020

Having a workspace that is both beautiful and free of distractions is important for your overall productivity. One of the best ways to ensure both of these is by developing a monochromatic workspace design. The role of color in our overall mindset and mood cannot be overstated. This is why it’s so important that you think about color when you develop a design for your workspace layout.

By designing your workspace based on a monochromatic office theme, you can help yourself get into the right headspace every time you enter the office. Not only should you feel ready to work and free from distractions, but many people find that a monochromatic theme is relaxing and tranquil. What better way could there be to work?

This article is our guide to using a monochromatic workspace theme to build a workspace that is both ergonomic and beautiful. Through careful choice of color schemes and functional furniture, you can develop an office space that you love to be in and that you thrive in.

1. Invest in a Black or White Standing Desk

Invest in a black or white Standing desk

Did you know that sitting down for prolonged periods can actually be detrimental to your health? For those of us that work at an office, almost all of our day is spent by the desk or computer. If you have a standard desk, it’s not difficult to see that this could predispose you to a number of health conditions and lifestyle illnesses.

Fortunately, this isn’t inevitable. You can limit the impact that sitting has on your health by choosing a desk that is more functional. Ideally, when making up ideas for a monochromatic workspace design, you should invest in a standing desk. Standing desks are far more ergonomic than standard desks. Not only can you adjust a standing desk so that it is at the perfect height for you, but standing while you work automatically encourages great posture.

Some people find adjusting to a standing desk difficult or taxing at first. Very few of us are used to standing all day, so this is to be expected. If you are concerned that standing while you work might be too tiring, you can try alternating between standing and sitting when you first start using a standing desk. This is a great way to limit the impact of standing at your desk on your body.

You can also try using a special mat while you stand and work. This reduces the amount of pressure on your feet and legs for standing at your desk. Similar accessories can be bought for your hands and wrists to make typing or using a mouse more comfortable at an office desk. While it might feel challenging to adjust to at first, making the switch to a standing desk is a fantastic way to protect your health in the long term.

2. All White Everything for Monochromatic Workspace Design

All white design

White might be the best color choice for a monochromatic office layout. Many people find white to be energizing and stimulating, but not overwhelming. It’s also quite a practical choice because most furniture and desk accessories come in white as standard. As such, if you want to use a monochromatic design palette that gives you the greatest possible range of choice, you should base your workspace layout on the color white. 

You might be amazed by the range of choice that exists when you focus on white furniture and accessories. It doesn’t have to be limited, and using white makes the entire workspace feel much brighter and lively. This can be especially useful throughout the winter if you live in colder countries where daylight hours can be limited. 

Not everything has to be white, though. Another great perk of using white as a base for your office layout is that it goes well with just about every other color. You can have white furniture and colorful accessories, for example. There isn’t a single color that clashes with white. 

3. Monochromatic Office Designs with Desk Lamp

Office design with desk lamp

Seeing well while you work is crucial for your eye health and protecting your posture. Investing in a good desk lamp is essential to help you see properly and illuminate the entirety of your workspace. Some of these desk lamps come in monochromatic colors, too. You can maintain your monochromatic office theme and help yourself to see as much as possible by investing in a great monochromatic desk lamp.

4. Get Yourself a Quality Chair

Get yourself a quality chair

If you don’t use a standing desk, then you probably spend almost the entirety of your workday sitting down. Many of us spend most of our time at home sitting down, too. Combine all of this time spent sitting, and you almost have a perfect storm for developing health conditions and lifestyle illnesses further down the line. 

One way to prevent such issues from arising is by investing in a proper and ergonomic chair. What’s more, you can incorporate this chair into part of your monochromatic workspace design. Having a truly great office chair can change the way your work completely and help you look forward to heading into the office or your workspace. 

5. Maximize Space with a Corner Desk 

Maximize Space with a corner desk

If your workspace has limited space, then it might feel like a challenge to truly make the most of it. With a bit of planning and intuitive thinking, it’s definitely possible! You can use a corner desk if you’re really short on space. What’s more, you can use this desk as the base for your monochromatic office designs. There are a whole host of ways you can employ a corner desk and you might be able to find one that offers a lot more storage space than you expected.

Wrap up

By employing a monochromatic theme in your workspace design, you can truly transform the way it feels for you to work. Increase your productivity and get inspired by choosing a color that you love and basing your entire workspace layout off it. It might not seem like a dramatic change, but you might be amazed by the impact that colors and shades can have on our overall mood and mindset on a given day. 

Cover image by Christian Mackie via Unsplash

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