Hidden Functions of a Backyard Work Pod
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Hidden Functions of a Backyard Work Pod

|Oct 25, 2021

Work pods are a great gift by smart minds who make hybrid work models smoother and easier. The transition to the hybrid workforce isn't an easy one, and for most of the employees, it has been a source of stress. Since remote working has its challenges, not everyone is equipped enough to deal with them smartly, especially for people who don't have their own fixed quiet corner in the home.

Yes, one of the biggest challenges of remote working is the lack of privacy. Rushing to the bathroom to pick up a call, hiding your expensive laptops and devices from kids, and creating those tough reports while life is happening around you. We all have dealt with chaos in our home offices, and there is no doubt that it seriously affected our productivity. Well, thanks to the scientific discoveries and research on the importance of privacy in the workplace, there are now many solutions.

Outdoor Office Pod Autonomous

Work pod is one such answer to lack of privacy and divided focus. It can be used by remote workers or even professional workspaces who need a quiet corner in their busy workplace. Work pods are the future of workplaces, and though it's no cheap investment, the benefits are worth every single penny.

Many work pod features make it the best choice for your remote work challenges. And the best part? It helps you more than work!

Why is Work Pod the Best Choice for Remote Workers?

Why is Work Pod the Best Choice

Workplace privacy is the key to productivity, and sadly, not many organizations are aware of that. Work pods are an invention that revolutionizes modern offices into efficient and productive workspaces. It helps you gain more focus while remote working.

They are flexible, versatile, private, and focused corners. Work pods can be used for any office work or any employee, depending on the aim you wish to achieve. If your workplace or even your remote work setup doesn't have a work pod, here are a few reasons why you should consider investing in their change right away.

Ideal for Open Plan Offices

There's no denying that open-plan workplaces look beautiful, but the issue is that they lack privacy, which may be a major hindrance to productivity and overall performance. Because there are no physical boundaries or barriers in an office, a larger percentage of employees may suffer anxiety. Being seen from every aspect can generate dissatisfaction and a lack of confidence in certain people.

No Distractions

Work pod feature No Distractions

According to studies, it can take up to 25 minutes to restore the attention and get back on track with work after being distracted in the workplace or home. So, as you might see, it's critical to cut down on or eliminate this time, and with dedicated private rooms, you can provide staff with a place to focus.

You Can Choose the Size

No Pod fits all. Thankfully there are various kinds of work pods made with different targets and aims in mind. Some are soundproof; some are spacious enough to accommodate various people, while some serve as a good place to chat with clients.


Personalized Work pod feature

Personalization is a common work pod function that every pod has. Pods may be customized to fit any home design, ensuring that they blend in with your environment. Pods come in various forms and sizes, and they may be colorful and trendy or professional and elegant.

What are the Other Work Pod Functions?

You must be fretting over the price of work pods. They are surely expensive, but you will be amazed at what it does for you when you read about the benefits and extra work pod features. Especially if your work pod is well equipped and has a standing desk, an ergonomic chair, and other accessories.

Backyard Camping

How many times have you canceled a barbeque plan just because it started raining? Camping is a lovely adventure, and with a starry sky above, camping is love. If you have an outdoor work pod, then you can carry out camping adventures easily. Grill favorite meals while you chat with your buddies and forget about the worry of the sky suddenly pouring.

Outdoor Movie Theatre

Outdoor Movie Theatre

Outdoor work pods are a great way to enjoy movie nights and binge-watch sessions. It’s a popular work pod function. If you have a standing desk, you can set up a tall monitor setup and enjoy your favorite shows.

Family Meals

Family Meals

A work pod can be a great time away from the world, and you can close the door to disturbances easily. It is a great work pod feature. Enjoy your family meals in a work pod and have some fun with little settings. You will have a great time making some nice memories and enjoying moments.

Good for Low Budget Projects

Pods have been designed with utility in mind; it's all well and good to look lovely, but there has to be some flexibility and a benefit to them; otherwise, wouldn't we construct walls? Modifying an already existing building to your usability is expensive, especially when there is reconstruction required. Work pod features are an inexpensive way to upgrade or degrade. If your team grows or reduces in the future, then work pods are a good choice. 

Private Projects

Office workers aren't always in the same mood to deal with work and other social repercussions. In such scenarios, people desire privacy more than anything else, and hence they need alone time.

Scientifically proven, alone time is a requirement of every person, especially if they are feeling low. Privacy work pods are a great way to give employees the quiet work environment they love. And if these pods actively become a part of a hybrid workplace, they can also be used as a constant workstation that employees can book on a tough day.

Good for Socially Anxious People

Good for Socially Anxious People

Here is an excellent work pod feature. Some of the talented workforce in your office could be socially awkward. Not everyone has the same confidence, nor is everyone built the same way, and there is no harm in it. However, diversity in the workplace and the inability to deal with it is one of the major stressors in the workplace.

For people suffering from mental issues or other social awkwardness, work pods are a great way to give them a safe place to work.

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