Home Office Kit - Prefab Garden Shed for Long-term Work from Home Needs
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Home Office Kit - Prefab Garden Shed for Long-term Work from Home Needs

|Jan 3, 2022

What do you think of when you hear the term home office kit? Certainly, it sounds as if you are going to be taking on the role of a carpenter and building yourself a home office. The kit, of course, would be a series of tools and elements that are designed to help you realize that dream. 

Technically speaking, you could be right, especially considering you wouldn't be the first person to build a home office. Note that the office being spoken to here does not reside within the home. 

Instead, it is built in your backyard or garden as an independent space for you to focus and get some serious work done. What is the purpose of your reading this today? Well, it's about relaying the idea of a backyard office kit, and also going beyond that. 

There's the contrast of the two different prefab backyard office types, as well as what you should probably be looking for as you think about purchasing one.


Naturally, after hearing all of that, you're probably going to be interested in either building or buying a prefab office pod. With that said, how could you ever be left hanging without the adequate information to pull that off? 

So, to sweeten the deal, even more, there is a listing of some of the best options to consider as well as a high-level description of what makes them so desirable. Finally, though it may not necessarily be intended for office purposes, you get an introduction to the magnificent Autonomous GamePod. 

Don't let the name or the intended application fool you. You could still very much make this an office space if you so desire. With that said, why not jump into the good backyard office pod stuff? 

Prefab Home Office

Prefab Home Office with home office kit

When your backyard office is prefabricated, it could mean a couple of different things. before getting there, what even is a home office shed? Well, as indicated before, it boils down to a specially designed backyard home office. 

There is a structure independent of the home that is large enough to fit you and your office equipment

The expectation is that you use it when you need to focus, block out all the distractions effectively, and boost your productivity. 

Typically, someone would work either from a traditional office or a home office. Both can be advantageous, but they can be disadvantageous as well. Why is that so?

Begin things with the traditional office space. One of the immediate concerns is transit and the time it takes. Rush hour is a pain, and being in traffic to get to work and head home is not an attractive prospect at all. 

It often means people must wake up and get ready for work way earlier than you would think is appropriate just to be in office on time. So, technically an extra set of hours becomes dedicated to the job, even if you are not actively working. 

Next, productivity is often linked to comfort. Comfort here includes different dimensions, as opposed to only what you physically feel. To what extent can you be yourself at the office? Maybe there are parts of you that you would love to display, but they may not be so appropriate for the office space.

home office kit for home office

Next, people who you don't live with are in your space. Depending on the type of person you are, that may be one of the most annoying things about the traditional office. 

On the flip side, you’re very likely to be focused on what you’re doing just because of the sheer feel of the office and what it represents. 

Additionally, though it’s for work reasons, it also feels great to just get out of the house! 

Now, it's time to switch gears to the home office setup. It's a way more relaxing space and none of the challenges identified with the traditional office space exist there. 

The biggest problem, however, is the relaxation and what it does mentally. Since the environment is so familiar and you feel so at peace, procrastination seems to always be on the horizon.  

Many people find that it is impossible to work from home and even head to their offices on what should be work from home days, just because they don't have the ability to block out distractions that are near to them. 

Additionally, there is the matter of the blur between what should be personal time and work time. Once your workplace becomes your home, the time spent doing work seems to easily bleed over into the time that should be reserved for you. 

Your backyard office kit is designed to bring the best of both worlds together. There is no transit time, no one in your space, no distractions around you (because you've exited the house), and since it's technically a separate office, you can simply walk out when the time for work has ended.  

So, there are two home office kit types for you to explore. There is the DIY version and the company-made version. 

DIY Home Office Kits

DIY Home Office Kits

This is exactly what it sounds like. You would gather your materials, dig your foundation, and create your office space in your backyard or garden. It's like a small shed, but large enough to fit your office equipment comfortably, and designed well enough to keep you comfortable. 

You could also contract someone who may be a carpenter, purchase the materials, and have that person build the shed to your specifications. 

Company Made Home Office Kits

The company-made option, as the name implies, is pre-designed by a backyard home office manufacturer. So, the setup at your home is that much easier, and the designs often come with some of the more challenging aspects of the DIY method already taken care of. 

What Do You Need in an Outdoor Home Office Kit?

The reason is essentially what you saw above where the advantages of the backyard office kit are concerned. Internal offices are not the worst thing in the world, as they are somewhat effective at blocking out all the unnecessary distractions. 

Some people, though, don't have a dedicated office space and end up working right in the center of all the detractors, which contributes to a reduction in productivity. 

Compartmentalization is key for a strong work-life balance, and this is just one of the best-known ways to pull that off.

Autonomous Pod

Autonomous Pod

The Autonomous Pod is the definitive work from home office experience if you are going to be taking things out into the backyard. It's a plug-and-play design, which means that it is prewired and prepared with warm lighting, air conditioning, outlets, etc. Thanks to the fuss-free foundation, it can be well adjusted to accommodate both even and uneven surfaces. 

The technology makes it sturdier than DIY home offices, and it's even weatherproofed too. When you choose to buy one, it includes the installation that the team carries out on your behalf. All you must do is furnish it, and you're good to go. 

Autonomous even allows you to take things a step further by providing the fully equipped work pod alternative. The Autonomous WorkPod is everything that the Autonomous Pod is, with the addition of a SmartDesk and ErgoChair. If you know anything about these two models, you know that they are a couple of the best pieces of ergonomic furniture that money can buy. 

The level of confidence in the products is so much that you are allowed to book an Autonomous Pod tour if you wish. Though it's called a tour, there is more than just showing you what the design looks like. 

Instead, you are set up with an Autonomous WorkPod including modern office furniture and allowed to get some work done for an hour. It's not this dissimilar from a test drive for a car, and you get to experience the standing desk and ergonomic chair at the same time. 


Archipod with home office kit

While our home office kit is not the most common thing in the world, there is still an aesthetic that you would expect from one. Should you be the kind of person who doesn't like to conform to the norm, then the Archipod may be perfect for you, with its incredibly unique spherical design. 

The door opens upward, which you are not going to find on any other model here. Internally, the space is more than adequate, and there is a semicircular desk running around half of the wall. 

So, all you need to do is bring in your home office chair and your equipment, and you are ready to go. 

Igloo Pod

Igloo Pod with home office kit

Yes, if you are imagining an igloo right now, you are not far off the mark. The glass-based dome-like design is nothing short of beautiful. You'd probably be worried about various things smashing your office to pieces, but the reinforced glass can laugh all of it off. 

The manufacturer went for a frameless design here, and the transparency gives you a wonderful external view should you want to look away from your screen for a couple of moments. 

You're not going to have any trouble fitting your furniture and equipment in this one, considering the large form factor that it has. In fact, if you wanted someone else to work in this office alongside you, the size would accommodate that perfectly. 

Small Sphere Pod

Small Sphere Pod with home office kit

Again, this prefab backyard office is much of what you'd expect when you hear the name. Unlike the previous option, it does not have the space to accommodate multiple sets of equipment. 

However, if it's just for you, you are not going to have any problems at all. If there is one thing that the manufacturer did incredibly well, it was the complementary colors and materials that come together to yield one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs you can lay your eyes on. 

The sphere is rotatable, meaning you can realign your entrance as you see fit.  

Introducing the Autonomous GamePod

Introducing the Autonomous GamePod

Gamers love to have a certain aesthetic for their rigs. While some people game in their living room or a bedroom, others have dedicated gaming rooms that they may customize with lighting and other elements to make it feel special and futuristic. 

After all, games are meant to be an escape, and if you play them in a room that is conducive to that need, it simply reinforces the process. How do you feel about a prefab space that's dedicated to gaming? 

That is where the Autonomous GamePod comes into the equation. Not only do you get the space, but this is also a fully equipped design. Your lighting and other aesthetic touches are well taken care of.

It goes beyond that though, as the hardware is already addressed too. You get an Autonomous SmartDesk Pro, Autonomous ErgoChair Pro, PX327 gaming monitor, and a gaming rig born from a collaboration between Autonomous and Artesian Builds (well equipped to take on the latest AAA titles). 

The home office shed stands on any terrain, has an integrated ventilation system, is weatherproof and humidity resistant, prewired for plug and play needs, sound insulated, can bear a weight capacity of four tons, and is 98 square feet, which means it does not require a permit in most locations. 

How is that for a game room? Again, while it is designed for gaming, if you are so inclined to use it for work purposes, that's up to you. 

Final Remarks

Final Remarks

Clearly, securing yourself a prefab home office with necessary home office kit is a tremendous idea if you're a remote worker who wants to actually have proper separation of concerns. It looks great, and it gets the job done incredibly well. 

So, now you can get dressed and mentally enter work mode as you would if you were going to a traditional office. Then, you step outside, walk to your workspace, do what is necessary to meet your targets, and head back into your house for lunch and when work is over. 

Now, you are taking advantage of the best of both worlds, which is the whole design principle of a home office kit. 

Remember also that if you’re a gamer, the GamePod was specially designed with your needs in mind.

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