15 Beautiful Home Office Rug Ideas to Soften Your Setup
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15 Beautiful Home Office Rug Ideas to Soften Your Setup

|Jun 6, 2024

Buying the right home office rug for your workstation can soften it and make it more appealing. There are countless benefits to making your office a more visually comfortable place to work. However, you need to pick the right rug to enjoy these perks.

You will find hundreds of options on the market. How can you pick the best one for your office? Well, you first need to go through various office rug ideas and choose a style that speaks to you.

Are you looking for new home office rug ideas to try? I’m here to help you. Below, you will find 15 different options to make your workstation look better than ever.

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15 Home Office Rug Ideas to Soften Your Setup

Decorating your home office with a carpet makes it look more sophisticated and cozier. Regardless of that, you need to know how to place a rug under a desk and match it with your other furniture pieces.

The rug you should choose depends on the layout style your office has. You won’t get the visual appeal you want if your furniture and decorations don’t match.

That being said, I listed 15 different home office rug ideas. Pick the one that best suits your workplace design.

Use Bold Colors

One of the best ways to decorate a place is to pick something that stands out from the other things there. Picking a rug with a bold color will draw attention to it and make your workplace more visually appealing.

However, home office rug placement is more important than ever here. Putting the rug close to other shiny furniture pieces or decorations will make it visually overwhelming. It’s also essential to pick the right color for the carpet.

I know I’m telling you to pick a product that stands out from other things, but you shouldn't choose a color that goes out of your office color palette. Use a bold option that doesn't go out of what you picked for the other stuff there.

Bold rugs work better when paired with other small home office ideas. They are still useful in bigger settings but won’t shine as much as they would in a compact room.

Use Bold Colors

Get Stripes

Stripes are common when talking about home office organization ideas and decorations. They can make your workplace look more sophisticated, professional, and even playful.

The versatility stripes offer can be a great decoration tool in the right hands. If you want to focus on getting a modern home office design, you need to pay a lot of attention to the colors you choose for the office. That includes getting a color palette with secondary options you like.

What many people do is pick a rug with stripes of the primary and secondary colors of their office layout. If you don't want to lose your mind on that, black and white is always a safe call.

Get Stripes

Add Texture

Adding various textures to your office decorations will add visual interest to your office. The perfect way to do that is to buy a new rug with a different texture from the other things you have there.

If you want, you could even buy several rugs of different textures. Playing with rug layers in your office makes it look more dynamic and visually appealing.

People often use shag or sheepskin-style textures for home office rugs. You could use them for casual and more professional work setups.

Add Texture

Use Different Shapes

Depending on the size and layout of your space, you can use different shapes for your rugs. Rectangular options are the most common and versatile option you can try. It works well with rooms with the same shape.

Consequently, I recommend using square rugs in square rooms to create a balanced look. Cube desks are an excellent mix of this kind of carpet. Round rugs work well with open floor plans.

Use Different Shapes

Go for a Minimalist Approach

You don’t need to buy something flashy to make a difference in how your office looks. Sometimes, doing less gives you better results. Minimalist rugs are an excellent example of that.

It’s okay to buy over-the-top decorations at times, but they are not always the solution to your problems. A simple minimalist rug can be just as beautiful as an elaborate one. Minimalism has been trendy for years due to how easy it is for people to make things look better.

Order a Custom Rug

If you don’t think you will find what you are looking for in a furniture store, you can order a custom rug that adapts to what you want in your office. It will be more expensive, of course, but it will give you a better fit for the furniture you already have.

As for where to get the design you want for the rug, you can ask a home interior designer to help you. They will give you additional recommendations on how to make your workplace look better. Nonetheless, you can look for something online if you don’t want to spend money on that.

Order a Custom Rug

Buy a Fringed Rug

Looking for a vintage office? You should go for the classic fringed rug. They work in a wide variety of settings, and you can combine them with many colors.

I mainly recommend fringed rugs if you want to go for that specific aesthetic. It may not work that well for contemporary layouts or modern home office ideas. Keep in mind that this option often comes with artistic designs, so it will stand out from other pieces of furniture.

Buy a Fringed Rug

Keep It Natural

Similar to what happens when you add textures to your home office layout, using natural-looking materials can make the place look more visually dynamic. It gives the office a touch of rustic charm.

These rugs are highly common, so finding one for your office will be easy. You could pick a natural fiber rug, such as a jute or sisal model. They often are a good match to brown-related colors.

Keep It Natural

Use Metallic Rugs

If, instead of a minimalist approach, you want something that shines and stands out from other furniture pieces, I recommend metallic rugs. They literally shine, so it’s a bold statement of the vibes you want your workplace to have.

Adding metallic rugs adds glamor to the office. Regardless of that, make sure you don’t have other flashy decorations that could overshadow it.

Layer Up Your Rugs

Layering up a smaller rug over a larger one adds visual interest and dimension to your home office. Nevertheless, you need to mix the right carpets for this to work.

If you layer up two rugs that are clearly incompatible, you will make the place look worse. Try getting advice from a home interior designer to help you with this. I recommend using the same textures when you go for a layer-up approach.

Choose Faux

Going faux is one of the best choices you can make if you have pets or children at home. This type of rug makes the place more playful and comfortable for them to be around.

I know you won’t have pets or children around if you are working. However, faux is a great option for you if you let them in during breaks or use the room for other activities.

Choose Faux

Match Different Patterns

One of the best parts of working on home office design is that you can let your mind flow and come up with the most creative ideas you can think of. You don’t need to stick to only one rug style. Sometimes, mixing them gives you something far better than what you expected.

Try to mix up different patterns and see where that gets you. People can either layer up several rugs or pick one that already mixes various styles.

Be careful with mixing up things that are not compatible, though. Not all combinations will look well, and you don’t want your office to be visually unappealing.

Stick to Neutral Colors

Even if you work from home, you can make your workstation feel like you are in an actual office. How can you do that? One of the ways is by making it look professional and sophisticated. Rugs with neutral colors will help you with that.

Full white, black, gray, or brown rugs don’t stand out much from others but will make the place look cozier. You can use carpets with simple patterns, too.

Stick to Neutral Colors

Use More Playful Rugs

You don’t always have to go for an elegant and serious approach to make your office look better. Remember that you are working at home, so you have a creative license to do whatever you want as long as you feel comfortable with it.

More playful rugs can improve your mood and creativity throughout your work routine. This is an excellent advantage for people who often feel anxious and trapped inside their offices. You could go for custom designs of your favorite movies or something similar.

However, this will only work if it doesn’t affect your productivity negatively. Don’t try this approach if you think the rug won’t let you take work seriously or will distract you from your daily tasks.

Use More Playful Rugs

Try Floral Designs

If what you want is to make your office look warm and inviting, a home office rug with a floral design is the one for the job. It gives the place a cute approach without making it too informal.

Office rug ideas that incorporate floral designs are often more common in feminine setups. People match them with light pink or light blue decorations. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try this if you want a more masculine workplace, though.

As you have read on this page, color picking means everything when decorating your workplace with a carpet. The colors you use for your home office setup ideas will determine the vibe the place gives off.

You should get office furniture that matches the vibe you are aiming to get with a floral rug. The home office desk and chair you have there should be of light colors too.

How Can I Pick the Best Home Office Rug?

If you want to pick the best home office rug for your workplace, you just need to study what to look for in one and get an option that checks all the boxes. What are those boxes, though? Well, the first one would be related to its functionality.

Think about the rug’s material. Options such as nylon, wool, or polypropylene are durable. You want something that can withstand constant office chair rolling. Stain-resistant materials are good options if you don’t feel like cleaning the rug often.

Size-wise, everything depends on the home office rug placement you have in mind. Measure your office and the furniture you have there. If you are going for an average setup, the carpet should be large enough for the front chair legs to stay on it when they roll back.

As for the style of the rug, you can pick any of the ideas listed before. Remember that the rug should match the design you had in the office before. Stripes and bold patterns are the easiest-to-match options.

It’s important to pick the right shape for the rug, too. Rectangular models are the most common. However, if you want to soften sharp furniture lines in the office, round rugs work better.

How Can I Pick the Best Home Office Rug?

Final Thoughts

Buying something as small as a rug may seem like a meaningless part of decorating your office, but it can make a big change. You just need to style it correctly with your other furniture pieces, and you’ll get an appealing workplace everyone will love.

The 15 ideas you read on this page are thought-starters, but you don’t need to only stick to them. Take the risk of mixing them with other office design ideas to get something that truly speaks to you.

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