Home Office Setup Tips: Things You Should Not Keep
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Home Office Setup Tips: Things You Should Not Keep

|Dec 28, 2023

Most people nowadays add unnecessary items to their offices to make them look more attractive and productive. However, this results in a cluttered office space, which not only decreases the overall productivity and efficiency, but your motivation to work as well.

In this article, we have come up with home office setup tips that would help you remove all the unnecessary items and replace a few with new ones to make your office spacious and productive.

Home Office Setup Ideas to Declutter

1. Uncomfortable Chairs

The first thing you need to replace is the uncomfortable chairs. It is the most important furniture piece in your office, as it determines your overall comfortability at work. An ergonomic office chair is what you need in your office to keep you active throughout the day. These chairs have breathable backs with adjustability features that help you keep your spine in its natural position. When combined with an ergonomic office desk, a chair can instantly increase the productivity of your home office room setup.

Uncomfortable Chairs - Home office setup tips.

2. Bad Lighting

The second most important thing you need to fix is the bad lighting condition. When you don’t have windows in your office, you get stuck under dark working conditions without fresh air. This makes the whole situation much worse as it affects not only your eyes but your overall mental health as well. Moreover, when you are working at night, make sure to use cool white or cool blue lights as they help you stay awake and concentrate for longer.

Bad Lighting

3. Less Desk Space

When you don’t have enough desk space to keep all your important files at arm’s length, it gets really annoying to leave your desk and search for them. While you are in the market for ergonomic equipment, make sure to choose a desk that has enough space to fit all your files and documents without taking up too much space in your modern home office. The best way to find the right size for your desk is to make sure to dedicate one wall of your room to your desk. Moreover, leave some space for shelving to add some extra storage as well.

4. More Storage Furniture

Although it is important to have adequate storage space in your work from home office setup, adding unnecessary storage pieces would only take more space in your office and make it cluttered. The only way to fix this issue is to properly plan the layout of your office, leaving enough space to make your office spacious. Shelves and storage on the wall above your office desk are a smart way of saving space and increasing storage.

5. Snack Area

Your snack should never be a part of a productive home office setup. Even if you are in your bedroom office, you should avoid eating lunch at your workplace. The odor of your food can affect the overall working vibe of the room, making you less efficient and productive throughout the day. Moreover, eating at your desk doesn’t make your break as effective as it would be if you left your screen.

Snack Area

6. Gaming and Other Entertainment Devices

Working from home also keeps you close to all your entertainment devices, such as gaming consoles, etc. Make sure you keep all the devices away from your home office room setup. On the other hand, do not keep movies or games on your office laptop, as there is a high probability of them distracting you from work.

7. A Window with Street Noise

As discussed before, a window is important to let some fresh air inside the room. However, it might become annoying if you live close to the road that has a lot of traffic. Noise from car horns and engines can become a nuisance to work with. The best way to reduce the noise is to install noise-proof curtains, hanging organizers, and cork boards, as they are known to absorb sound.

8. Home Items

Creating a professional workplace requires you to keep all your home items outside the room. One drawback of work from home office setup is that your kids might make it their play area if they are not restrained from entering. This would not only affect the overall organization of your office but also affect your work, as all of your documents will be out of place.

Home Items

9. Cardboard Boxes

Most people use cardboard boxes to increase the storage space as they are much easier to move from one place to another. However, they don’t realize that they make your office look a lot less clean. Storage cabinets and shelves set up smartly would be enough to fit all your documents.

10. Old Books and Magazines

Old books and magazines might sound like something that would be a great partner during breaks. However, remember that reading books and magazines during office breaks would make you feel exhausted. Moreover, if you find something interesting, it would take your primary goal away from you as more of your office time will be spent on reading old books.

Old Books and Magazines

11. Pets

Keep your pets away from your office at all costs. Even a well-trained pet can damage your important documents and files while they are placed in the open on a desk or shelf.

12. The Right Temperature

If you are working in an extremely hot or cold environment, your productivity will have a drastic impact on it. An ideal temperature to work can only be maintained by using an air conditioner, which is necessary for your office. For people living in extremely cold weather conditions, we highly recommend using office chair blankets that create warmth by attaching to your office chair and covering your whole body.


Follow the 12 home office setup tips to remove and replace some items and make your work from home office setup much more productive and efficient. Also, keep your office room locked up when not in use. Keeping the room private and professional is key to a productive home office setup.

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