Inspiring Home Office Bedroom Design Ideas for Productivity
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Inspiring Home Office Bedroom Design Ideas for Productivity

|Apr 13, 2024

Since COVID-19, many of us have been working from the comforts of our living space, and I don't see that changing any time soon. While it's convenient, it's essential to take the necessary steps and explore different home office bedroom design ideas to ensure functionality and style.

In this guide, I will go over the trend of creating workspaces within bedrooms and explore the 10 inspiring design ideas to help you get started. Keep reading until the end, as I have left a couple of tips for choosing the right furniture for your home office.

The Trend of Creating Home Office Spaces Within Bedrooms

Over the last decade, the fine line between work and personal life has begun to blur, with a noticeable shift towards integrating the two.

Professionals want a space in their homes where they can work and relax, and what better place than the bedroom? It's practical and efficient, and you can add more functionality to it.

Don't forget to check out this desk-in-bedroom guide to learn more about furniture arrangement and how certain factors can impact your home office layout.

The Trend of Creating Home Office Spaces Within Bedrooms

10 Inspiring Home Office Bedroom Design Ideas

Working from home is a convenient option for me, as I don't need to change into a formal outfit or make small talk with the other professionals at my workplace like I used to before COVID-19. However, my bedroom didn't offer the right environment for me to get things done.

On off days, my children would be at the house, which would cause a lot of disturbance. This prompted me to consider rearranging the furniture and investing in the necessary accessories to create a more conducive work environment.

After making constant changes, my Feng Shui bedroom with a desk setup has everything I need to rest and get my daily tasks done. The layout ensures positive energy, making me feel good and uplifted by the end of the day.

While I'm happy with how my bedroom turned out, I've recently come across many unique designs that inspire me to consider making a few changes to make the living space more practical.

Here are the top 10 bedroom home office ideas that you can explore to boost your productivity:

1. Scandinavian Office Bedroom

While exploring different bedroom home office ideas, I came across this gorgeous, meticulously designed Scandinavian-themed room. The plain wall acts as a calming backdrop for the minimalist table and chair with a wooden back.

There are two dominant tones here: white and light brown. This makes it easy to incorporate decor items and accessories to improve the overall aesthetics of this workplace.

To add an element of comfort and functionality, you can opt for a stand-up desk and an ergonomic office chair.

While the Scandinavian theme revolves around minimalism, you can design the space according to your needs. I've added cabinets for storage space and a larger workstation to accommodate multiple monitors, making my office desk setup more functional and stylish.

If you're looking to recreate this look in your guest room, opt for a Murphy bed instead. That way, the space can be a proper home office with a minimal desk setup without feeling like you're working in a bedroom.

Scandinavian Office Bedroom

2. All-white Paris Bedroom with Maximum Natural Light

This stunning Paris home office bedroom is all about playing with natural light. By choosing the right colors and rearranging the furniture, you can make your room look bigger than it already is.

What I love about this design is that the white desk has storage spaces on its left and right, allowing you to store all of your office accessories. The fluffy carpet adds comfort to this space.

If you're tired of working on your computer all day, you can sit on the couch or lie down for a good stretch. Pillows and comforters are not necessary, but they can make the entire room feel cozy.

A key thing to focus on is the arrangement of the furniture. See how the table is positioned against the wall and away from the windows. This lets all of the natural sunlight flow into the room while preventing glare or reflection from bouncing off your monitor.

All-white Paris Bedroom with Maximum Natural Light

3. NYC Bedroom Office

The floor-to-ceiling windows in this space make it one of the best home office bedroom design ideas I've come across. Natural sunlight can help improve productivity, and there is no shortage of that in this type of workplace.

What's great about this NYC room is that the curtains are entirely blacked out. When it's time to sleep, you'll be blocking out all of the city lights and producing melatonin in no time.

There is a small, stylish shelf for decor and accessories. The focal point of this NYC bedroom is the workstation, which is positioned right in front of the large windows. You get a glimpse of the outside world, which creates a stunning scene during sunsets.

NYC Bedroom Office - Home office bedroom design ideas

4. Flexible Bedroom Office Space with a Hidden Bed

Are you looking for bedroom-office design ideas that will make the space more functional? This inspiring idea offers an executive look with a large wooden cabinet and a sliding desk.

I love how the designer has incorporated a luxurious office chair that matches the woody accents throughout this living space. While the large windows in the door let natural light flow into the room, the standing lamp is perfect for working in the late evenings.

This design idea efficiently uses the available space. When you're ready to sleep, you can remove the sliding desk to reveal the hidden bed inside the cabinet.

Flexible Bedroom Office Space with a Hidden Bed

5. Chocolate Brown Paint Office Bedroom

The color brown exudes elegance and sophistication. In an office setting, it creates an executive feel.

After searching the internet for the best bedroom home office ideas, I came across this stunning chocolate-themed room, which brings a rustic yet modern aesthetic to the living space.

The desk is placed in a tight space between two walls, overlooking a green landscape. It has drawers for pens, documents, and other essential items.

When I saw this setup, my eyes immediately went to the visually attractive art, which highlighted the importance of photo frames in a living space.

Chocolate Brown Paint Office Bedroom

6. London Bedroom Office with Wall Mounted Desk

London is a bustling metropolis with a fast-paced life. While there are many cafes where people can sit and enjoy themselves, you'll come across a lot of professionals standing next to wall-mounted desks, crunching numbers and responding to emails.

This London-inspired workplace is one of the best home office bedroom design ideas you can explore. It is perfect for small rooms and does not compromise functionality. The picture frames on the wall next to the desk not only add aesthetic appeal but also bring a lot of personality to the space.

Potted plants in the corner introduce an element of nature into your bedroom, while the dark carpet plays a key role in dividing the space into two zones.

London Bedroom Office with Wall Mounted Desk

7. Dark Bedroom Office with Office Desk in Nook

If you have a room on the ground floor overlooking the backyard, this bedroom home-office combo may be the perfect option for you. With the bed situated next to the large windows, you can wake up to the birds chirping before getting ready for work.

The workstation is strategically located in a nook, allowing you to utilize the available space as efficiently as possible. With drawers, shelves, and a cabinet, the desk provides enough storage to ensure a clutter-free look.

Dark Bedroom Office with Office Desk in Nook

8. Minimalist Bedroom Office

If you're looking for a white desk setup, you may want to consider this minimalist bedroom office idea. The black wall acts as a divider between the two zones, while the hanging art adds visual appeal to the living space.

You can see how the desk is located. It's not against the wall but away from it, giving you enough space to move around while providing sufficient natural sunlight to brighten the place.

When not in use, the hanging lights work as decor and add a lot of charm to the room.

Minimalist Bedroom Office

9. Sepia-toned Decor Bedroom Office

This sepia-toned decor bedroom office has a vintage allure due to the brown and earthy tones. Whether it's the bed, walls, or the desk, everything looks old-fashioned, which is further complemented by the gray carpet.

What makes this different from the other bedroom-office design ideas is that it's simple and practical. There is no wall art, and the room is small, but it offers enough functionality to help you finish your work.

You don't need expensive renovation to create a functional home office space within your bedroom. A couple of light fixtures, a desk with drawers, and an ergonomic chair are all you need for this setup!

Sepia-toned Decor Bedroom Office

10. Greeny Bedroom Office with Plants

When I came across this clean desk setup in a room, I had to include it on this list. The sleek lines and geometrical shapes throughout the living space elevate the aesthetics, making this one of the best bedroom home-office combo ideas to explore.

The bed's metal frame opens up the space and complements the black steel desk. Elements of green, including potted plants, bring life to the surroundings. The protruding wall also acts as a shelf, allowing you to hang photo frames or art to designate each zone.

Everything feels so modern and clean. I've definitely been inspired by this black desk setup in a sophisticated living space, and I'm looking forward to implementing some of these bedroom-office design ideas in my next room makeover.

Greeny Bedroom Office with Plants

Tips to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom Office

Here are a couple of tips to help you choose the right furniture for your bedroom office:

Consider the Nature of Your Job

Before heading to the furniture store, it's essential to consider your job and its requirements. Do you spend most of your time on a laptop? Are you working from home completely?

Write down your daily tasks on a piece of paper and determine the type of equipment or items that you need to improve your productivity.

If you're looking for bedroom home-office combo ideas, I've reviewed some of the best ones to help you brainstorm and design a space that caters to your rest and work needs.

Choose Ergonomic Furniture

While comfortable furniture might be enough to get started, it's essential to consider other factors when picking up pieces for your bedroom office. An ergonomic desk and chair can help reduce the strain on your neck, back, and shoulders, allowing you to pump out the extra hours to slay your deadlines.

A workstation should have enough storage space to help you keep the place clutter-free, and an ergonomic chair must have a tilt, allowing the seating solution to conform to the natural curvature of your spine. Make sure to match both pieces so that they don't stand out in your bedroom.

Tips to Choose the Right Furniture for Your Bedroom Office

Consider the Available Space

If you're making a home office in your bedroom, chances are that you don't have much space, which is why it's important to consider every element before moving forward. Think about the spot where you want to set up your desk, as that will make it easy to decide on the furniture.

A corner table, for example, is a great option to consider if you want to utilize the nook in your room. However, you may want to choose something more appropriate if your work setup is against the wall or next to your bed.

Set a Budget

The type of material, size, and style of the furniture will depend on how deep your pockets are. Do you have the budget to buy a standing desk? Are you looking for decor items but don't have enough money?

If you're on a limited budget, it's crucial to prioritize essential items, such as a workstation and an ergonomic chair, for your bedroom office before considering decorative elements.

Final Thoughts on Home Office Bedroom Design Ideas

A bedroom home-office combo is a fantastic option for all those looking to have a dedicated workspace in their own house. However, it's essential to also think about the aesthetics, which is why you must create two different zones within the room.

Use carpeting or paint as a divider and invest in products that help improve functionality. Refer to the 10 gorgeous home office bedroom ideas I've reviewed in this post for inspiration and guidance. Remember, you can always tweak and change the style according to your needs!

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