Hot Desking 101: How It Can Benefit Your Company
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Hot Desking 101: How It Can Benefit Your Company

|Jun 18, 2021

Do you ever get tired of sitting in your chair at the office all day? Where the day seems to be droning on and you wish you could just get up and move to re-energize yourself? Many office workers get this and understand it; Working 8 9-5 shifts in the same spot can get tiring.

But what other option is there? Well, the good news is that you are able to change your current office to a Hot Desking office, right now! This difference allows you, and your employees, the opportunity to switch out from your workspace every couple of hours and get rejuvenated.

Now, this sounds great, but what is hot desking? What does hot-desking mean? In simple terms, hot desking office is a type of flexible workspace. Instead of the usual setup where everyone has their own desk, no one has a desk. It sounds a bit silly at first but the benefits that come with it are amazing.

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There are no individual desks, instead, employees rotate the office spaces every couple of hours or so. When workers change their environment every couple of hours, they have a sort of reset. It feels as if they are begging for something new instead of continuing the same project for hours. This remotivates them and keeps them energized.

You don’t have to replace every desk in your office with a hot desk if you don't want to. Instead, you can add a certain number; this provides your workers a little flexibility to move between their personal desk and a hot desk. You have to take into account your current capacity and the space you have available.

There is an equation if you need help figuring how many hot desks you should have. What you do is subtract the available seats to your total workers and this gives you a¨deskless figure. This is how many employees do not have a desk. After this, you can determine the best desk-to-person ratio that works for you in your office.

Adding a hot desk space to your office creates a comfortable, relaxing place for workers to go as well as food hot desking concept. These offices allow for more coworker collaboration and, for some companies, they use their hot desks specifically for collaborative reasons. After a couple of hours of individual hard work, think of how much more energy an employee would get after working with others for a while before returning to their work.


Hot desking office is very flexible too and can be arranged to your needs. As mentioned earlier, it can mean collaborative reasons or individual ones; sometimes even both! With a flexible workspace, you are able to even change the whole layout if the need arises! Whatever you need to adapt to in terms of work, hot-desking is on your schedule.

Most people become bored of repetition; with a hot-desking office, the opportunity for change is always around. Most hot-desking is first come first serve and this allows for different days. This helps employees not fall into the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again.

Now that you have an overall idea of what hot desking is, let's dive even deeper into its benefits. We have already talked about providing a flexible active workplace for employees but there is more.

Benefits of Hot Desking Office

There are thousands of benefits of hot desking concept. Hot desk offices are usually long tables or smaller desks pushed together that are shared by numerous people. With having this sort of community workspace in a concentrated area, there is a lot of office space that becomes available. In fact, saving on office space savings is one of the main benefits of adding hot desks to your workplace. This allows small and big companies to be able to provide seating for everyone without spending large amounts of money to purchase individual desks.

Decreasing the number of office equipment needed also saves loads of money! You do not have to purchase desks and monitors and more for every individual desk and add more when more people join your team. Instead, you already have a set-up working area, if anything you may buy one extra table. Maybe two! It is amazing how much money this new format can save a company.

Hot desk offices also provide better networking. Employees are able to move around more and meet their coworkers. This provides a more connected and trustful environment. Sitting at an individual desk all day doesn't give much opportunity for people to meet others who work with them. More communication between colleagues allows for a more comfortable and amicable workplace. Having all this additional, positive, interaction keeps people more energized and alert.


Meeting peers is not the benefit from a hot desking office that has the ability to transform the office atmosphere completely. When people aren't tethered to their office desk, they feel an air of freedom. With this freedom, their emotions are more calm and positive. How coworkers feel affects one another and as you can see hot-desking has the ability to create a ripple of positivity in an office.

It is true that some people do work better in quiet areas and alone. These individuals would be happy to know that hot desking office takes them into account too. Because everything is so flexible, employees can move desks as they please. If they love being in the thick of the community and work better in a group, they can add their table to other desks. If a person concentrates better alone, they can take their desk and transport it to a  more secluded area.

Hot desking office even increases productivity at work. As mentioned above, in more co-working areas, employees are more likely to interact, but this communication even has the ability to inspire workers. Depending on the job, talking with others can give them new ideas and motivate them further. This freedom to choose a spot can improve job satisfaction as it gives employees a sense of empowerment and control in their workspace.

Again, these hot desk offices are very adjustable! If an important person is coming on a visit, you can adjust your office as much as you like with ease. Or, even if you get tired of looking at the same layout, you can shift around desks and create a whole new office!

Disadvantages of Hot Desking Office

Now, hot-desking has amazing benefits, but it is not for everyone. Some people really prioritize structure and work best when everything is similar each day. Moving around every single day can make it hard to focus or out of sync. Plus, since everyone is moving around every day, finding someone or something has the possibility of being difficult.

Overall, it really depends on what type of employees you have. To make this hoteling office work, your employees have to be able to adjust well and work well while other people are around. People who crave routine and repetition do not like the constant hustle and bustle of a hot-desking office.


Because you do not have a specific desk, this means you have to transport your office supplies with you wherever you go. Really, it depends on how much office supplies you have and how much of a hassle it is to move them every day. Carrying your stuff everywhere does make the probability of losing something higher as well.

Sometimes you can even get lost. It sounds a bit silly, getting lost in your own workplace, but if you are switching desks every day, it's possible to forget which desk you chose for that day and spend a while looking for it.

So you see there are plenty of pros and cons of hot desking but there are numerous ways to manage your office so your experience in hoteling is successful.

Hot Desking Best Practice

Let’s find out the hot desking best practice. One of the first and very important things to do to keep a hot-desking office running well is to reserve areas before. This is a very important part of hot desking etiquette.

Instead of randomly choosing a desk when they walk in, employees should have a shared document or such that allows them to reserve an area for the future. This helps with the getting lost disadvantage because, with the app, employees know where they are going to sit and have it marked down if they forget. This also limits disagreements between co-workers about sitting arrangements.

Another great measure to input in your new flexible workplace is to clean after use. This helps keep the whole office clean and in general, it is a polite thing to do for the next person who sits there. That being said, being polite and positive is how employees should be acting in a workplace and towards others to make sure there are no developments of bad blood that can affect the productive work environment.

Do you love what you have read so far and are really thinking about how a hot desking office can benefit your workplace? Well, there is one more thing that is going to make hot-desking even easier. It is hot desking software and hot desking concept.


Offices have been changing recently, leaving the traditional setup for hot desking office. To make this switch easier Hot desking software has been invented. It is a booking system. All employees would have the app and be able to book reservations for seating beforehand. Not just desks are involved; employees can book meeting rooms and other places. If they change their mind, it is very easy to cancel or change their reservations.

One of the great hot desking best practice and the advantages of this booking software is that it is time-saving. Not only does this app save you from losing your desk and wasting time but when you arrive at work you do not have to walk around trying to find an available desk; instead you already know your spot since you booked it earlier. If you forgot to reserve an area the day before, just check out the app! It shows which spaces are reserved and which are available. You can find one of the empty spaces.

This software can even be integrated with other business apps and software. It is very used and is available on mobile devices and supports numerous platforms. Using an app like this decreases office facility maintenance costs because the automatic software takes care of it for them!


With all the data this software saves, managers know more about their office and are able to make better-informed decisions.

Pairing your new hot-desking office with hot-booking software guarantees a productive, organized, and flexible office. You probably have an idea of how to start your hoteling office. Now you just need to pair it with hot-desking software.

Autonomous Hybrid Desk Booking Software has even more benefits than mentioned above. This app allows managers to help their employees with their use of time and time management in general. Whether you want to create a new layout of the office or change a current one, a few taps on the screen and your vision can appear right in front of you. You can then invite your employees so they can see the adjustments too.

Having software looking over your office boosts its organization. You can even better organize your paperwork from an admin dashboard. Best of all, the software is in real-time! You can see exactly which spaces are free and which are not without having to worry that the spot was already taken and it's just taking its time to load.


Hot desking office alone changes employees' morale; it lets them communicate more and become more motivated. Even in a time of Covid, this software allows interaction with your colleagues through the app. This doesn’t just support a hybrid office model but hybrid remote work too! Those who have experimented with this hybrid model of working have certainly loved the benefits. To go with a more productive workplace, hot desking software makes the whole thing more organized.

The world is adapting and they have realized that traditional office spaces are not what is going to let your workers provide their best work.  Hot desking office is the future. Pair your new, flexible office layout with Autonomous Hybrid Desk Booking Software and skyrocket your office's productivity and morale today!

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