Hot-desking Vs Hoteling: Which One Is Better?
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Hot-desking Vs Hoteling: Which One Is Better?

|May 3, 2021

Workplace management practices like 'Hot-desking' and 'Hoteling' have become common in companies or organizations that want to create a much more interactive and comfortable workspace for themselves and their employees.

Hot-desking vs hoteling are two of the most prominent workplace trends as they allow you to select a place where you would like to work. The terms are often used interchangeably with each other despite having a vast amount of difference.

Let us now understand what is hot-desking vs hoteling and how they are different from each other.

What Is Hot-Desking?

Now, what is hot-desking? Hot-desking is also known as Shared Desks in many places around the globe. It refers to the practice in a workplace where you'll be provided with an office standing desk or separate working space only when you need it. You are not supplied with a fixed working space.

It is one of those trends that encourage flexibility and interactivity among employees as it allows them to move around the office for a call or take a break. In addition to it, you will interact with the other person sitting next to you and increase your social network.

What Is Hot-Desking?

However, hot-desking might interfere with your privacy as you won't know who'll sit beside you and if your stuff will be safe during the rotation of desks. In worst-case scenarios, you might not even get a desk for the entire day.

Let us now summarise what is hot-desking in the form of its pros and cons and what’s the best office equipment for you.


  •   Interactive workplace
  •   Increases the social network of employees
  •   Cost-effective due to minimalist structure
  •   Better organization


  •   Privacy might be compromised
  •   You might not get any desk at all
  •   Safety and health issues might be neglected

After going through the points mentioned above, you might have gained some clarity about what is hot-desking vs hotelling. It will help if you continue reading further about Hot-desking vs Hoteling - how they are different and which one is better for you. Also, learn more about buying home office accessories and standing desk accessories alongside your desks and chair.

What Is Hoteling?

Hoteling, in essence, is quite similar to the concept of hot desking. However, office hoteling includes reserving and checking into a centralized system before sitting at a desk. In this sense, it is similar to how a hotel works.

It applies even if the office has plenty of vacant desks. You will need to record your presence and desk occupation before gaining access to the space.

What Is Hoteling?

Hoteling takes on a more formal and systematic approach than hot-desking when it comes to workstation choice. Hoteling sets up the same process for each employee, with a standardized record of which employee picked which desk.

Generally, offices that desire greater control over the utilization of space opt for hoteling. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of hoteling.


  •   Booking a desk in advance increases efficiency and lowers the risk of not finding a spot
  •   Collaboration is easier
  •   Mobility and changing desk location is convenient
  •   Space utilization is regulated in a better manner


  •   May cause difficulty in conducting meetings with specific employees or looking for people
  •   Packing and unpacking items of daily use can be inconvenient

Differences Between Hot-Desking And Hoteling Office Spaces

Both hot-desking vs hoteling are pretty popular in the millennial workspace, sharing advantages and disadvantages, as discussed above.

While both of them successfully create an interactive environment for you, the following are some critical differences between hot-desking and Hotelling.

1. Reservation Of Space

In hot-desking, whether you'll get a desk at your workplace for a particular day or time is never sure until you visit your workplace. You might get late and not find any comfortable place or worse, not find any desk at all.

Reservation Of Space

Whereas, in hoteling, you'll receive a separate desk for yourself. Many companies might even allow you to book your desk even before you reach your workplace with the help of various applications. The reservation of desks is often for a more extended period.

2. Privacy Of Employees

In hot-desking, despite getting a desk of your own, you might need to share it with the other person because there are a more significant number of employees in hot-desking compared to the number of desks.

Moreover, you might get to sit with someone whose way of working might not be compatible with yours. The constant changing of seat or desk will also compel you to carry your things everywhere which can be hectic.

Privacy Of Employees

In hoteling, there is no compromise on privacy as you'll be able to choose your desk. It'll allow you to get a desk where you can keep your things in an organized manner. Moreover, you and your favorite co-worker can book the desks with hybrid working apps together so that you are nearby each other.

What Is Best For You: Hot-Desking Or Hoteling Office Space?

Shared desking practices make it possible for a workspace to be more flexible and dynamic than traditional workstations. However, with only a shade's difference between the two, it can be challenging to pick what's right for you.

There are several factors to consider. The first aspect is the duration of a worker's presence at the office. If they won't be staying for long, hot-desking is ideal. It will save them as well as the management the hassle of booking and checking in. If the employees need a desk for a longer duration, hoteling is a better option.

The nature of an employee's job also matters. Mobile groups like advertising committees, sales groups, and similar teams have rapidly changing assignments. They use a lot of their time to visit clients or locations. Hot desking is suitable for them. Hoteling is a better option for more static appointments.

What Is Best For You: Hot-Desking Or Hoteling Office Space?

Usually, hot desking does not involve bookings. Workers may not find a workstation on some days or will need to settle for a less than ideal one. Hoteling gives employees a chance to book the same desk every day. If they are particular about seating, hoteling is a better option.

The last factor to consider is space. If the office has plenty of room for different areas and corners, hot desking is suitable. However, if there is a need for control over space utilization, hoteling is better.


When deciding between hot-desking vs hoteling, the core factors to consider are time and space management. You can also purchase a suitable ergonomic office chair too. Hot desking creates a highly mobile environment that is prone to constant change. Hoteling, on the other hand, offers a more controlled atmosphere and structure. Go for bulk office furniture order to save more!

It is advisable to conduct a survey and gauge out the requirements of the office before making a decision

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