How ActionIQ keeps their workspace playful

Autonomous Autonomous | Aug 9, 2017

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ActionIQ is all about enhancing the efficiency of marketing.  They recognize that marketers aren’t always tech savvy and aren’t always best placed to make the most of big data, so they do it for them. In their words, they "move marketing forward through the power of data, insightful analytics, and seamless marketing integration - filling in the white space left by all the Marketing Clouds."

Like many of our customers they’ve grown exponentially to become one of the big players in the NY tech scene and data analytics over the last few years. Recently, Nitay Joffe - ActionIQ's CEO and Co-founder - gave a talk at NYC’s own Data Driven talking all about how marketing is all about data. 

When we visited their office last month, we weren’t surprised to discover that they have an equally savvy approach to their office space. They talked all about how our Autonomous SmartDesk 2 Standing Desk have helped them to reimagine and realize what their work culture could be like. Raschin Fatmei, Head of Product Design, explains how discovering the desks helped her realize that: "Maybe the office can be very playful. It doesn’t need to be something static". She explains how their office today enables the working environment their industry demands. "Our office is capturing the speed that you are expecting from fast data. When you walk in and see the desks at different heights, that is a dynamic environment."

Whilst Marc Parish, Chief Marketing Officer, tells us how their workspace pushes the company forward: "The sense of community and openness leads to a level of growth that is much higher as a small company because its collaborative."

Check out the full interview to hear them explain what they’re all about and to get some insiration for your own office:



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