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How Much Does a Desk Weight & Its Weight Capacity?
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How Much Does a Desk Weight & Its Weight Capacity?

|Apr 26, 2022

Remote office workers who plan for their own office setup often wonder about the office desk's weight and its load-carrying capacity. Determining desk weight and capacity in advance comes a lot of handy when you have to pick a desk for your office. This is because of many reasons.

So, before going into any further details about how much does a desk weighs and how much weight can a desk hold, let’s evaluate what these reasons are that make these evaluations so important. 

Importance of Knowing a Desk’s Weight and Capacity

Importance of Knowing a Desk’s Weight and Capacity

Firstly, knowing the desk weight limit helps you judge which office accessories you can place on your desk and which ones you should avoid. In addition, it helps you evaluate which sort of desk floor mat for such a desk. If it is a heavy desk, it might damage your flooring, so you will need a thicker floor mat in that situation.

Moreover, knowing the desk’s capacity helps you analyze the degree of mobilization you will have with a particular desk. For instance, if a desk is too heavy, you won’t be able to move it around easily. Similarly, if it has a decent weight, movement will become easier.

Furthermore, it even helps you evaluate the shipping charges. If you have previously ordered accessories like furniture online, you must know that the shipment of such products bears a transportation cost because of their weight. Therefore, knowing how much a desk weighs lets you evaluate your shipping charges.

Lastly, people often associate a desk's weight with its stability and durability. By the rule of thumb, the heavier the desk, the more stable it will be. In most cases, heavier desks are more durable too. So, knowing the right weight of the desk helps you compare it with other options that are available in the market and judge what to pick.

Nevertheless, the question that arises at this point is what makes the weight of every desk different from one another. This query has got certain aspects associated with it that make the argument of different desks having different weights valid.

Why Does the Desk Weight Vary from Desk to Desk?

Why Does the Desk Weight Vary from Desk to Desk?

As a matter of fact, desk weight varies with desks. You would have noticed this lately as well and might wonder what are the factors that might have influenced a desk’s weight and capacity. That’s why we have shared the details of such factors below.                                                                                                                   

Size of the Desk

Size of the Desk

The first thing that you notice in any professional standing desk is its size and dimensions. For your information, these dimensions can help you have a rough estimate of the desk's weight and its load-carrying capacity. If the desk’s size is large, it will carry more accessories and will probably weigh heavier and vice versa. 

The shape of the Desk

The shape of the desk is the next thing that you can notice to have an estimate of the weight of the desk and its load-carrying capacity. There are desks of different shapes available in the market. You can find a wide range of them, varying from simple standing office desks to L-shaped desks. These differences in shapes make the desk vary in weight too. 

Material Used in Crafting the Desk

Material Used in Crafting the Desk

The last thing that you can either evaluate upon going through the desk in person or skimming through the desk’s manual is the materials that are used in making this desk. The two parts that you have to evaluate are the desk's frame and the tabletop. Mostly, durable desks have a steel frame for carrying heavier accessories.

On the other hand, tabletops are either made of hardwood, melamine, glass, etc. An example of a desk with hardwood is that of the oak standing desk by Autonomous. All these differences in the materials used affect the weight of a desk and, eventually, its load lifting capacity.

Desk Weight and Capacity of Different Types of Desks

On average, desks weigh roughly 42 pounds or 19 kgs and can hold a maximum of around 300lbs in cases of durable desks. Nevertheless, as we mentioned above, this range may vary from desk to desk because of aspects like their size, shape, and material.

We know that you must be thinking about how that is possible and what changes in desk weight and desk capacity you can expect from each type. That’s why we have shared the specific details about these changes below. Go through them once to have a lump sum idea of what you can expect from these desk types. 

Standing Desk

Standing Desk desk weight

The standing desk is the most common type these days. These desks have an adjustable height. Their load lifting capacity mainly depends upon the material that is used to construct these desks. The best example is the SmartDesk Pro by Autonomous or the one by Mount-It, which are electric mobile standing desks because, on average, they have a weight range of 55-85lbs and a lifting capacity of 310lbs.

L-Shaped Desk

L-Shaped Desk desk weight

The L-shaped desks are bigger in size and heavier in weight. Like common standing desks, these desks also have an adjustable height feature. However, many people face stability issues in multiple variants with this option because of its large size and inability to maintain stability at higher heights. Still, these desks have a desk capacity of 400lbs on average and weigh more than common standing desks. 

Regular Office Desk

By regular office desks, we mean the average-sized and average quality office desks that can fit in any office irrespective of the size. The condition with these desks is that they can only offer a medium desk capacity of not more than 100lbs. As far as their desk weight is concerned, it is usually around 35-40lbs, so you can say that it will be easier to move them around. 

Floating Computer Desk

Floating Computer Desk

Lastly, we have the floating computer desks that people usually put in their home office setup if they are short on space. As you must be expecting, you will not find such desks in offices, and they are mainly used for light tasks that you can mainly cover on your laptop. On average, these desks weigh around 30lbs; however, they can be as light as 7lbs. As far as their load lifting capacity is concerned, it is not more than 40-50lbs.

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