How do you Prepare for Your Children's Distance Learning?
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How do you Prepare for Your Children's Distance Learning?

|Oct 30, 2020

Preparation for distance learning is more important than ever. Parents must provide their children with the necessary tools for education, if they choose to do it online. Elementary school is a significant part of a child’s learning development, so you should take it seriously. Student preparation for distance education is made easier with parental involvement, as online classes provide several benefits.

Why Online Learning?

Online LearningThere are several benefits to online classes for your children. First and foremost, children can learn at their own pace. With an individual schedule, your child has more learning options. As a parent, you become more involved in the learning process of your child. If you have a friendly environment free of distractions, you can teach your child to work productivity.

If you have a disadvantaged child, online classes can improve their learning experience. For example, an introverted child may not feel comfortable around other children within a typical class setting. However, they would feel comfortable around their parents so you can teach them without any social anxiety issues. A study shows those with low-incomes, in addition to being a minority, tend to have unsuitable teachers. With online learning, you can provide a better learning environment for your children. If your child has a disadvantage, they are less likely to be targets of bullies in school since they stay at home.

Pros and Cons of Online Learning

Keep in mind online learning has its pros and cons. Make sure wherever your child goes back to school that social distancing and safety is a priority. Here are the pros and cons of online learning:

Online Learning

  • icon checkIt is affordable.
  • icon checkChildren can choose their classes with more flexibility.
  • icon checkYou can build your bond with your children.
  • icon checkDisadvantaged children are in a safer environment.
  • icon timesThere is a lack of social interaction with teachers and students.
  • icon timesIt takes time to fully understand the online programs.
  • icon timesThe quality of the online programs determines their learning experience.
  • icon timesWithout a productive work environment, your child might not learn to their full potential; try a distance learning checklist.

What is a Distance Learning Checklist?

Every parent needs a distance learning checklist for their child. Remember, a remote learning classroom should increase the productivity of your child. It is vital for their learning development, especially during elementary school. A useful learning checklist should have the following information:

Distance Learning Checklist

Preparation distance learning requires useful online tools, such as LMS. With a solid foundation, you can teach your children everything you need. However, there is a valuable tool you can use to make everything much more manageable.

The SmartDesk 4 - How Autonomous Helps Your Children Learn

Autonomous Smart Office introduces the SmartDesk 4. A true innovator in work productivity, this electronic desk retains a minimalist design for your workspace. You can do the following:

  • Height adjustment (up to three memory height presets)
  • Schedule sit-and-stand sessions
  • Elevates mid-day energy with breaks
  • Detail log for your daily activities

The SmartDesk 4 is durable, as it can hold up to 350 pounds. Also, the electric motor’s distribution board is only at 40, which means the desk itself is very quiet. It is particularly useful for children who have sensitive hearing.

How it Works - The Autonomous App

The Autonomous App

The SmartDesk 4 also includes the Autonomous App. You can adjust the settings of the desk with the app. It works with any compatible Android or IOS device. If you need to change the desk’s height for your child, you are free to do so. App navigation is simple due to the accessible interface. To connect the app to your phone:

  • Download the app. You can do so from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Follow the step-by-step directions to activate the Bluetooth feature. Establish a connection between the SmartDesk and your device.
  • Connect the app as you select the Bluetooth from the SmartDesk.
  • Input your Wi-Fi name and password.

Student preparation for distance learning is made easier with the cutting-edge technology of the Autonomous App. The SmartDesk 4 has customizability, which gives you control. With the right settings in place, your child can take all the breaks they need.

Why it Works

Preparation for distance learning allows your child to accommodate their needs, with the assistance of the SmartDesk 4. You start to learn how your child learns, primarily as they deal with English and mathematics basics. Elementary school is essential to the learning development of children. As a result, you can increase their work productivity with the SmartDesk 4.

SmartDesk 4As they learn online, the ergonomic design of the SmartDesk 4 gives them comfort. The Autonomous App allows you to schedule breaks, so they do not sit all day. These breaks include exercises and free movement. The app itself is easy to navigate so that you can write down a list of to-do goals for your child. With a distance learning checklist at hand, you can teach your child everything they need to know. With an increase in focus, your child should work productively.

There are health benefits as well since the SmartDesk 4 is made with body posture in mind. Adjust the height settings for your child, so they feel comfortable. You can also log in to your activity with the app to keep track of your progress.

How Parents and Children Can Work Together from HomeWork Together From Home

Autonomous recommends parents find the right balance between their work and their children’s learning. Elementary student preparation for distance education is only as good as the foundation, which the SmartDesk 4 and careful planning provides. Most people do not work from home under normal circumstances, so it is essential to adjust.

Consider your priorities. No matter what your work routine consists of, make sure to figure out a work schedule for you and your family. If you can, get up from bed before your child so you can finish deadlines. Make a snack station for you and the family so that you can meet in between breaks. Of course, you should set up work boundaries, so your child understands when not to interrupt. If you can, try to assist your child whenever they need assistance.

Thanks to the Autonomous App, the SmartDesk 4 can program breaks for your child. Even while you are busy with work, your child already has a work routine to keep them occupied as well. These breaks can range from exercises to playtime for their favorite games. Make sure to set the right amount of screentime for them, so your child still maintains productivity.


With a good LMS, a distance learning checklist to follow, and the SmartDesk2, your child can attend elementary classes online while they maintain productivity. Thanks to the Autonomous App, you can adjust the desk settings accordingly for your child, so they remain comfortable. Schedule breaks for them so they can move around and get something to eat. Autonomous lessens the difficulties of preparation distance learning with convenience. With all this preparation, your child can learn online with efficiency and ease.

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