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How the SmartDesk 2 Became One of the Most Popular Height Adjustable Standing Desks in the World

Autonomous Autonomous | Oct 3, 2017

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These offer you a variety of health benefits as well as conveniences that will make your day easier to handle.

Of course, you will want to make sure that if you are going to purchase a height adjustable desk that it is a quality one. Any device with moving parts is one that you will want to make sure is durable enough to handle that movement. One of the best height adjustable standing desks available right now is the SmartDesk 2.

Why is the SmartDesk 2 So Sought After?

So, what makes the SmartDesk 2 one of your best options? Well, for one, it is extremely efficient at what it does and even boasts high ratings. In addition, it is extremely quiet thanks to the noise-canceling design in its engineering, made only better by a minuscule 0.06-watt standby power consumption.

Another plus - on top of the ones we will discuss below - is worldwide shipping and easy assembly. In fact, the manufacturer will even automatically convert your plug to your voltage and outlets if you place an order outside the United States.

Ergonomic Benefits

As you can imagine, this desk offers a slew of ergonomic benefits like most height adjustable desks. The first and most obvious is the choice of standing or sitting. With a desk such as the SmartDesk 2, you can change the height throughout the day, allowing you to stand in the morning so you're more energized and sit in the afternoon as you wear down.

Another benefit that helps is the size of the desktop. Not only does it allow you to safely store your computer and a litany of other supplies, it allows you to do so without causing you to work with a small amount of free space. Instead, you can easily rest your elbows on the surface as you would like and avoid curling your shoulders in while you work.

Health Benefits

Sitting all day is - unsurprisingly - not good for you, making a height adjustable desk full of benefits. For one, standing can help combat the obesity that staying stagnant all day, every day. This can also lead to conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. However, even just spending part of your day standing can help you to combat these conditions.

A height adjustable desk can also help you with any back pain. In certain studies, office workers who used a height adjustable desk said they had tremendous improvement in the pain they suffered in their lower back.


Finally, the price of the SmartDesk 2 is attractive as well. Even with the extra fees on shipping for orders outside of the United States, you will still be saving plenty of money compared to other options. For the price you pay, you are also getting a product that promises to last you years to come.

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