How to Assemble Autonomous Chair Recline - Assembly Instruction with 10 Steps
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How to Assemble Autonomous Chair Recline - Assembly Instruction with 10 Steps

|Nov 26, 2020

Do you want to invest in an ergonomic chair for your home or corporate office? Several studies have discovered that old and faulty office chairs are responsible for many workplace injuries, such as back problems and neck pains.

A good chair should offer support, good posture, balance, comfort, and adjustment features to fit the users' convenience and good money value. All of these aspects improve your productivity and increase your attention and focus at work.

Today, you don't have to spend much money to invest in your stylish, flexible chair! Autonomous, a company specializing in producing smart office items, has a fairly affordable choice for most office employees: Autonomous Chair Recline.

Autonomous Chair Recline is your new partner at work. It protects your back, offers you the highest degree of comfort, and is fully customizable at a reasonable price point. This ergonomic computer chair comes with an adjustable headrest and a flexible footrest. Therefore, you can easily rest and stretch out whenever you need it.

The smooth tilt device and perfectly balanced layout allow movement with ease, while the breathable mesh protects your back and provides the ideal level of support.

This article gives you a better picture of how the Autonomous Chair Recline operates and shows you the Autonomous Chair Recline assembly instruction, along with all its adjustment specifications and features.

Assembly Process

The Autonomous Chair Recline assembly instructions are simple and easy to follow. The desk is well-formed, balanced, and is constructed upside down.

The MyoChair

Step 1

Flip the base upside down and insert the five wheels to the holes on each prong of the chair base.

Step 2

Turn the base upright and insert the gas pump.

MyoChair Asembly Íntructions

Step 3

Turn the seat upside down and place it on the edge of a stable surface. Prepare the six screws Q with washers N then L, and align the armrest. Insert three QNL combos and tighten with a screwdriver. Repeat for the second armrest.

Step 4

Take the leg rest and remove two preinstalled screws (R) and slide leg rest through the support bracket and reinsert the two screws (R). Make sure to tighten with screwdriver J.

MyoChair Assembly Instructions

Step 5

Slot the base of the leg rest through the support bracket, and tighten the screws

into place.

Step 6

Tighten the combo into the metal bar and the seat bottom.

MyoChair Assembly instruction

Step 7

Tighten another two screws remaining in the metal bar.

Step 8

Tighten three O screws and connect the metal bar with the base of the backrest.

MyoChair Assembly instructions

Step 9

Install the headrest to backrest.

Step 10

From the top, lift down slightly the seat into the base, and connect by the center hole.

MyoChair Assembly Instructions

Autonomous Chair Recline: FAQs

What Are the Seats & Frame of Autonomous Chair Recline Made From?

The seats are made from a polyester fabric with a molded foam interior. The frame is a durable nylon plastic.

What Is the Angle That the Autonomous Chair Recliner Can Open?

The angle of the Autonomous Chair Recline should open up to 24 degrees for optimal comfort.

Are the Casters of Autonomous Chair Recline Safe for Hardwood Floors?

Indeed, the Autonomous Chair Recline casters can roll around on hardwood floors, and they shouldn't leave a scratch.

Autonomous MyoChair FAQs

Autonomous Chair Recline: Key Features

Regarding office chairs, your ideal chair doesn't have to be big or even high-priced. The Autonomous Chair Recline's intuitively arranged handles and elegant shapes are integrated within simple and perfect lines, making it an excellent customizable and perfectly ergonomic seating alternative.


The Autonomous Chair Recline's headrest is a great flexible feature that can be raised and lowered as a whole to support your head and neck in the best position.

Moreover, the Autonomous Chair Recline's headrest is wrapped in a breathable TPB mesh material to provide maximum comfort and versatility.


The armrests in the Autonomous Chair Recline are slightly curved to cradle your forearms conveniently. In addition to shifting forward and backward to maintain various arm lengths, the armrests can change up and down, ensuring that your arms are ergonomically bent at a 90-degree angle.

Adjustable Seat

Using the right handle placed under your seat, you can push upward to release the chair and lower it down. The seat's height scale is from 18–21.7 inches from the floor.

You should modify your seat's length for more convenience and ensure that your legs are bent at a 90-degree angle with your feet resting flat on the floor.

Autonomous MyoChair : Key Features

Recline in a Second

In case you want to make a long phone call, you can lean back with comfort as this adjustable computer chair turns you back easily into the zone of complete relaxation.

Lumbar Support

A lumbar support pillow arrives with every Autonomous Chair Recline. As taller and shorter individuals need support from various positions to obtain a natural lumbar curve, the lumbar support cushion can be easily moved up or down to accommodate any body type. You may need to modify this cushion a few times to feel where your spine curves most naturally.

Crafted From Excellent Materials

This desk chair's woven mesh enhances your back's shape. Matched with a strong foam seat that highlights just the right level of resistance, this reclining office chair should keep you productive and concentrated.

Pros and Cons of Autonomous Chair Recline 

Autonomous Chair Recline

  • icon checkGreat comfort
  • icon checkBack support
  • icon checkOptional headrest and footrest
  • icon checkGood value for money
  • icon timesFootrest mismatch color
  • icon timesNo single selection on headrest or footrest

Autonomous Chair Recline: Practical Tips

Failure to follow these directions may result in injury.

This chair is created for seating only, and you shouldn't stand on this product. Don't use it as a step ladder.

Don't use this chair unless all screws and parts are firmly installed and tightened.

You shouldn't use it if you notice some parts are missing, broken, or worn.

Don't sit on the armrest of this chair.

This product is produced for one person sitting at a time.

Final Thoughts

This step-by-step tutorial makes it even easier to assemble Autonomous Chair Recline from Autonomous in the best possible way. With so many advanced features integrated into the Autonomous Chair Recline and high-quality materials designed to last for years, every worker who seeks to improve their wellbeing and protect their backs, necks, and shoulders against these daily injuries should opt for this ergonomic chair.

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