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How To Build An Office Portable Building For Working From Home
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How To Build An Office Portable Building For Working From Home

|Dec 30, 2022

Since the rise of COVID-19, working from home has become increasingly normalized in recent years, and a growing number of individuals and businesses are turning to office portable buildings, also known as accessory dwelling units (ADUs), to create a dedicated workspace. These versatile structures are a convenient and affordable option for anyone looking to set up a home office, whether you are a remote employee for your company, a self-employed entrepreneur, or a creative professional—and the best part is that they can be easily assembled in a matter of days. 

At Autonomous, a range of portable office buildings is offered which is perfect for remote work, providing a comfortable and professional environment where you can focus on your tasks without distractions. The buildings are customizable, so you can choose the features and finishes that best suit your needs and preferences. With Autonomous, building an office portable building for your work-from-home setup is the easiest it’s ever been.  

Why Should I Invest In A Prefab Office Portable Building?

Increased Productivity And Comfort

A dedicated workspace in an ADU can provide a quiet and comfortable environment for remote work. Many studies attest to the merits of having a secluded, optimized workspace you won’t use for anything else, and the added separation from the main house can also help maintain a work-life balance that is integral for a healthy lifestyle. Most ADUs also incorporate soundproofing, so no matter what's going on in your surroundings, you will always be able to tune out and have a highly focused work session. 

Flexibility & Customisation

ADUs offer flexibility in design and layout, allowing homeowners to create a workspace that suits their specific needs and preferences. These features can include ample ambient light, comfortable furniture, and a technologically optimized workspace. Customization can also include creating separate areas for different tasks, such as a designated area for meetings and a separate area for focused work. 

Increased Property Value

In addition to the personal benefits of having an ADU, they can also increase the value of a property. This is because ADUs can provide additional living space and income potential, making them attractive to potential buyers. As a result, investing in an ADU can provide a financial return in addition to the immediate benefits of having a dedicated workspace. 


Factors To Consider When Investing In A Small Portable Office Building

Spatial Dimensions

Size is one of the first considerations when purchasing an ADU to use as a home office. Different dimensions of office sheds are suited to different people, and there is a vast array of choices in the market to choose from — for example, if you want a leisurely dwelling space in your backyard with all the conveniences you need, a small prefab cabin might be what you’re looking for. 

On the other hand, if you want a more compact workspace stripped of distractions and designed for zen focus, you might prefer to look into a one-person office booth or a privacy pod. The Autonomous WorkPod Versatile is a great contender if you want something beautiful, comfortable, and practical. 


Office pods are available in a range of furnishing options. If you’re a minimalist or prefer to customize your office space, you might prefer an unfurnished portable office. On the other hand, many designer constructed ADUs optimized for productive perfection incorporate features like ergonomic seating and convenient shelving to help you make the most out of your work session. 

Electrical Wiring/Other Utilities

Many prefab ADUs come pre-wired, which can be a huge convenience, especially if you are setting up a home office shed in your backyard or any other outdoor space. This means you won’t have to worry about connections or electrical wiring, and your home office will be set up and ready for work as soon as you finish assembling it. 

How To Build A Portable Building With Autonomous

Choosing And Designing Your ADU

The first step in building an ADU with Autonomous is to choose the right design for your property. This may involve considering factors such as your property's size and layout, budget, and personal preferences. Once you have chosen a design, Autonomous will provide you with detailed plans and specifications to ensure that your ADU meets all local building codes and regulations. 

Preparing Your Property And Complying With Local Regulations

Before you begin building your ADU, it is important to ensure that your property is ready for construction. This could involve removing existing structures, clearing the site, and obtaining necessary permits and approvals from your local government. If your ADU is small or standard-sized, you will usually not have to worry about obtaining a permit, but bigger office sheds can sometimes need one. 

Autonomous can provide you with guidance and support throughout this process, including helping you to understand and comply with any applicable regulations. 

Our Support Staff Is Here To Guide You The Entire Way

At Autonomous, our dedicated team of customer support staff is always here to ensure you have a seamless experience setting up your home office shed. We are always available for contact if you ever have a problem setting up your portable office or need any advice regarding the process. 

We hope we’ve cleared up most of your questions about portable home office buildings, and how investing in an ADU for your workspace could be the best thing you do for your productivity this year. Office sheds can provide you with the comfort, privacy, and minimalism essential to getting your best work done. 

Whatever work you do, we all know that working in a great environment does wonders for the quality of output you produce. The best part is: assembling an ADU takes barely 2-3 days, so you can set right to work merely a few days after receiving your shipment.

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