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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Standing Desk
Work Wellness

How to Choose the Best Shoes for Standing Desk

|Nov 26, 2020

Standing desks have proven to be healthier than regular sitting desks. Studies have shown links between a sedentary lifestyle and many chronic illnesses. As a healthier alternative to the usual work routine of sitting for hours on end, a standing desk can burn more calories, encourage physical activity, and boost productivity. However, you may not get any of its benefits without using the standing desk properly. Thus, here is your guide to finding the best shoes for standing desk. 

Why Do Good Shoes for Standing Desk Matter?

Some studies show that standing desk users experience less back pain than they would with a normal sitting desk. However, this is not to say that a standing desk is a panacea for all desk-related aches. When standing for a long time, your body can get fatigued easily, especially when you move very little. As a result, you may not get any of the benefits of a standing desk without using it properly and having comfortable shoes for standing desk is critical. 

Research suggests that standing desks can improve productivity while users work. If they have to focus on the discomfort caused by standing all day (including improper shoes), then the probability of getting more work done goes out the door. If you find the best shoes for standing desk, you can reap all the benefits, both health- and productivity-related. 

Why do good Shoes for Standing Desk Matter

What Should You Look for When Choosing the Best Shoes for Standing Desk?

When it comes down to it, the best shoes to work standing up are the ones you personally find the most comfortable. All feet are shaped differently, so there is no perfect shoe for standing desks in existence. However, some suggestions can promote your comfort. 

Most standing desk users claim that sneakers are the best standing desk shoes since they are designed for active lifestyles. They usually keep comfort in mind and emphasize important things like arch support and traction. If sneakers are not your thing, then you can consider other shoes with specific characteristics. 


When standing for a period of time, your joints start to absorb some of the pressure applied to the lower half of the body. Shoes with shock-absorption and strong soles can help reduce the pain in joints caused by periods without much movement. 

Arch support is also a key factor to look for when shopping. Since it is one of the key factors that make sneakers so great, if you can find any shoe with arch support, your feet are going to thank you. When you adjust from sitting to standing more often, your feet feel the most painful effects. However, supportive arches can avoid that problem altogether. 

When looking for comfortable shoes for standing desk, the best thing you can do is find a pair in the right size. Even when you are not scouting for a standing desk, do yourself a favor and ensure that you spend money on something that fits right. If you are standing while working and your shoes are too loose or too tight, you are not going to experience the great effects of your standing desk. 

Tips All Standing Desk Users Should Know

After buying your standing desk, you may initially think that its purpose is for you to stand all day. This is not true at all. You probably should not spend the entire day at your standing desk. Experts recommend taking frequent breaks by sitting down or going for a walk. Some standing desks transition seamlessly from standing to sitting, like the SmartDesk 2, SmartDesk 2 Premium, and the SmartDesk 4

When you first start to use a standing desk, it is okay to ease yourself into it. You cannot go straight from sitting eight hours per day to standing eight hours. Start with a limited time frame. Then, over time, lengthen the increments so that you don't hurt your body. 

Of course, one of the best ways to experience your standing desk's best effects is to have the proper standing desk shoes. Your body may need time to adapt itself to a standing desk, but your shoes can make the transition much more comfortable. 

Comprehensive list of tips you should know:

  • Take frequent breaks from standing

  • Allow yourself to transition

  • Wear comfortable standing desk shoes

  • Try to maintain good posture while standing

Tips all Standing Desk Users should know

How Long Should You Stand at Your Standing Desk?

Not standing during the day can be harmful, while standing too long can be just as damaging. When considering how long to be at your desk, the best thing is to stand for as long as you are comfortable. Experts recommend that standing for about 30 minutes for every hour is good for maintaining health. 

Just remember to prioritize your comfort over recommendations. 

The Pros and Cons of Standing Desk Shoes

Standing Desk Shoes

  • icon checkHelp you reap all the benefits of a standing desk.
  • icon checkKeep you comfortable.
  • icon checkPrevent foot aches and back pain.
  • icon checkMay help maintain good posture.
  • icon timesThey may be an extra cost.
  • icon timesIt takes time to find what is most comfortable.

The only downsides to finding the best shoes for standing desk are that it may cost you extra money (if you don't already have some), and it may take time to shop for them. However, time and money are worth it for the health benefits and productivity boost. 

Pros and cons

Are There Alternatives to Wearing Shoes?

Instead of wearing shoes, some long-time standing desk users prefer to go barefoot. This gives into the natural shape of the foot but does not provide much support. Other users like to use an anti-fatigue mat to help distribute their weight and emphasize comfort. 

Are These Alternatives to Wearing Shoes

The Final Word

At the end of the day, there are no ideal standing desk shoes. The most important thing to know is to find what makes you comfortable. However, most people find success with sneakers or any other supportive shoes. Your body may need to adjust to your standing desk, but that is okay!

Overall, the best shoes for standing desk are the ones that make you feel most comfortable and ready to work.

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