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Choose the Custom Top Desk that Best Matches with Your Workspace
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Choose the Custom Top Desk that Best Matches with Your Workspace

|Oct 23, 2021

We spend countless hours of our lives working. That means that if we feel uncomfortable while on the job, we’d be spending a decent part of our time feeling bad. 

There are many ways to make working a more relaxing activity. One of the fundamentals to feel comfortable and active while working is having the best custom tabletop desk you can ask for. 

Your workstation at home or at the office is the place where all your ideas come true. All the things you come up with and all your new projects start in the same place.

Considering that, the best you can do is make that place a comfortable one that enhances your productivity and makes working easier for you.

You can try many desk setups: from a bold black and white office desk setup to a colorful and creative painted tabletop desk. There are endless possibilities, so it’s up to your imagination what to try for your workplace. We are here to help you, so dive into this page to learn how to choose the best custom table top desk for you.

Why Should I Choose a Custom Table Top Desk Over a Standard Desk?

Custom Table Top Desk Over a Standard Desk

Many office workers are used to using standard desks. That’s why they may ask themselves: Why should I choose a custom table top desk over a traditional desk? 

We want you to fully understand how dangerous it is for you to keep using a traditional desk. Here are some of the reasons you should go for a custom table top desk for your workstation. 

They Are Compatible with Ergonomic Desks

Since custom tabletops are made to be put on desk frames, you can place them on an ergonomic desk frame to have a custom ergonomic desk. Standard desks don’t allow you to adjust their height nor customize other things.

Ergonomic products like a standing desk are an office worker’s best friend. Autonomous Desk Eureka (Standard) and Autonomous Desk Eureka can be considered as a smart version of standing desk to alternate for traditional desk that you must have. Working without one for extended periods causes back pain, neck pain, and spine issues. Ergonomic items, on the contrary, let you work all the time you need with optimal comfort and a correct posture. 

They Have Creative Designs

They Have Creative Designs

Standard desks have similar designs that help them fit with most offices. However, since they are traditional desks, there’s not a decent variety of desk designs available on the market. That can be a nuisance if you want to have a more colorful work environment or try innovative ideas for your office’s looks.

Using a different desk than others enhances your creativity and helps you come up with new ideas faster than your competitors. Being around artistic and colorful objects makes you think outside the box and develop unique projects that no one has developed before. 

Improves Your Mood

Improves Your Mood

Office workers suffer a lot from anxiety and stress. The most dangerous thing about that is that some of them ignore the problem and let it progress. That makes them end up with a major issue regarding their mental health. 

There's a way to prevent that from happening, though. People are used to working with desks of dark colors. That makes them relate working in a stressful environment and home with a comfortable break. Painted table top desks allow you to add more color to your office.

Colorful workplaces make employees feel more active while working. That improves your mood and makes going to work a less stressful activity. 

How to Choose the Custom Table Top Desk that Best Matches my Office?

Choose the Custom Table Top Desk

If you want to take advantage of the benefits that custom table top desks offer you, you need to pick the right one for your workspace. If you purchase a desk you don’t feel comfortable with, you can suffer from the same issues that standard office products can cause you. 

The most important thing about picking the right custom table top desk is choosing other office items that double the desk's benefits. With a proper desk, ergonomic chair, and the gear you need to work, you can have the best work setup you have had in your life. 

Here are some tips to help you with that:

Take Time to Choose your New Desk

Take Time to Choose your New Desk

There’s no hurry when it comes to choosing the product that can help you feel better while working. Not spending enough time to see all the options on the market can make you make a decision you can regret in the future. 

Pick a desk that represents what you want to feel while working and that suits your office’s aesthetic perfectly. 

Autonomous developed a new lineup of desks in collaboration with many artists worldwide. This project is called Autonomous X Artists, and it offers you a wide range of designs that can make working a more enjoyable activity. These are some of the best ones: 

  • Smart Desk - Pride Superstar. 
  • Smart Desk - Color Me Rainbow. 
  • Smart Desk - Stress Me Not. 
  • Smart Desk Art - Surface. 
  • Smart Desk - Late Night Views. 

Get an Ergonomic Chair

Painted table top desks are excellent for your office, but you can miss their perks if you don’t combine them with an ergonomic chair. These chairs protect you from back pain and neck pain, so you don’t have to worry about having spine problems in the future. 

Since ergonomic chairs are height adjustable, you adapt them to your desk’s height. They also let you work for extended periods without suffering from any health issues in the future. 

Purchase Some Accessories

Purchase Some Accessories

Everything that makes working an easier experience is more than welcome in your workspace. That’s why we highly recommend you look for some ergonomic desk accessories that can make you feel more comfortable while working and can make things easier for you. 

You can start by giving your place decent lighting. Make sure to choose a lightning style that represents what you want for your office. Then, you can go on with other things such as dual monitors, decorations, and things of the sort. 


Choosing the correct custom table top desk is no easy task. You have to consider many things such as how it fits your office and which products to buy for it. However, if you follow the advice given in this article, you can make designing your setup an enjoyable and comfortable experience.

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