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How to Decorate Office Chairs and Environment to Your Style

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 14, 2018

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The purpose of an ergonomic office chair is to maintain the user’s comfort and health during work in the office. In other words, it is supposed to ensure his/her productivity in the office. Its purpose doesn’t end there, it also has to look good. After all, what good is an office chair? If it looks ugly, old or damaged. The worst thing that could happen is if the office chair doesn’t match the style of the office.

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There is no notion on this post that says one should choose an ergonomic chair with great looks but less quality. That would not be fair to the user at all. But when selecting an ergonomic office chair its best to select the one with a balance of great looks and quality.

In most cases the looks of an office chair are just a concept, it could be good looking to the buyer but not to other people. This could further deter the buyer into losing confidence over what he/she bought and could decide to dump it or sell it. Instead of doing any of that the best solution to that problem will be to decorate/refurbish the chair.

The chair may be ugly but with a little vamping up, it would have a great look and even blend with the style of the office. There all kinds of styles and ways of decorating an office chair. There are several options of materials that can be used. Such as fur, fabrics and most especially mesh.

How to decorate an office chair

Here are steps to follow:

Step one – get the material needed

When getting the material you need, the first to get is the office chair that is designated to be decorated. The next thing is the fabrics – make sure to have enough yards for the comfort parts of the chair. A screwdriver is also needed because there will be some disassembling during the process. The screw drive could be a flat or Philip's head, it depends on the office chair’s components.

There are other items which are needed for cutting and joining. They include scissors and a stable Gun. If possible it is best to get a spare hand.

Step two – disassemble the chair

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This is the next step to take before adding or replacing any components of the office chair. When doing such it is best to prevent damage to the product. In order to be on the safer side, one should recover the user’s manual and see how the components are assembled.

How to disassemble the office chair

Start by turning the office chair on its sides and search for tightened screws to unscrew. The first parts to be removed are the armrests and the legs. Then, from there the backrest should also be unscrewed. Once done, take the backrest and the seat cushion for decoration.

Step three – Cut a fabric of your choice to size

When taking this step, the backrest and the seat cushion must have been taken away from the pile of dissembled components. So that they can be designed to, however, style the person wishes. It unusually involves attaching a nice looking fabric to the backrest or seat cushion.

This is how it’s done. First, the plastics that hides the staples around the seat cushion should be popped off. Then the next thing to do is place the seat cushion on the fabric then cut the fabric to the size of the seat cushion. The same process can be performed on other components like the backrest, armrests, and headrest.

Please note: try to keep the pattern of the fabric uniform so that the design will not look confusing. For instances, the pattern of the fabric on the seat cushion could end up being placed differently compared to the one on the backrest.  

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Step four – staple the fabric unto the components

This is the crucial part and must be done with care. The fabric must be stretched tightly in order to prevent the cushion fabric from loosening up. So it is advisable to keep it very tight.  Staple the fabric on the side below the seat cushion where old stapes are found. Then from there, pull the fabric in such a way it seems overstretched and it forms the basic shape of the seat cushion. Then staple that side and repeat the process for the other sides.

Once all four sides are stapled well in such a way the pattern looks natural. The next thing to do is to staple along the perimeter so that all sides will be connected.

As the sides are stapled and firm, the next places to staple are the corners. These corners are very important because it helps to prevent lumps on seats or backrests. When stapling the corners, pull the fabric tightly so it is evenly distributed. As this is happening a partner should be present so that he/she will help to staple. This same process should be done for the other three corners.

Once this step is achieved, the cushion should look great and feel smooth so does the backrest and other components that are decorated.

Step five – trim the excess material

Cut all the excess fabric sticking out of the point where it was stapled. Be careful not to cause damages to the cushion itself while it is being trimmed. Once this is done the plastic cover that was used to hide the staples should be fixed back.

Step six – reassemble the office chair

Fix all plastics that were used to hide staples and screw every component back to their position so it forms an office chair again. Put the backrest and the seat in its rightful location and put then reattach other components like the armrests and the headrest. 

Step seven – enjoy your finished work      

Now that the chair has been decorated with your favorite fabric, the next step to take is to make use of it. Put it in your office, let it blend with the room design.

Why does the decoration of the office environment and furniture matter?

In a workplace, the state or style of the office and other various rooms have an effect on the workers. If the condition of the workplace is bad, then it will cause a negative effect on the worker’s mood. This will definitely lead to becoming unhappy workers. And unhappy workers cost the employers money. According to reports from, it is discovered that unhappy workers in the US cost their employers $450 to $550 each year.

The cost of lower productivity from the worker in businesses is due to the decoration of an office and its furniture (office chair). An office with a great style and atmosphere is the best solution for reducing the cost of lower productivity of workers.

A survey was done in the UK by the British Council for offices and it was discovered that 97% of workers see their workplace. It serves as an indicator of whether or not they are considered important by the employer. This means that if the working environment and office furniture are poor, workers could find it quite insulting. Thus leading them to deter from working hard.

Reasons why office furniture (office chair) and environment decoration is important

If the company does not do a very good job at decorating their office building there are some issue they would face with their employees. These issues are the reasons why there is a need for office and environment decoration.

A survey was done on 1000 American workers from pots, planters &more. It was about the effect of design and décor of the workplace on them. Facts were discovered which were good enough reasons to suggest that office decoration is crucial.  

Most of the workers aren’t engaged – the survey says about 50% of the 1000 American workers are not engaged at their job. Up to 20% of them are actively disengaged from work.

Uncomfortable employee causes disengagement – a bad furniture is what will get to the employees personally. The reason is that a bad furniture can cause the worker health hazards. This is sure to affect the employee’s productivity. Thereby leading them to disengagement from their workplace.   

With no surprises, it leads to cost the employer money. This cost is very unnecessary and it is attributed to the bad management of the employers.

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association. They estimated a yearly loss of $81million in productivity by businesses. The loss is mainly due to the discomfort and pain of the employee.

Natural light is great for employees – while workers are being exposed to natural light they tend to feel healthy and comfortable. It helped a lot in their productivity.

The natural light is associated with a healthy sleep schedule and the lack of it costs the United States of America over $411billion dollars yearly.

Very little number of offices are optimized for success – half of the surveyed workers say their work environment is not special. Only a few of these workers would be proud enough to invite family and friends to see them while they work.

It is bad for business if the worker feels this way about the company they work in. productivity will reduce and publicity can be affected. Very soon, workers would think twice before resorting to getting employed in such a place. After all, nobody likes to work in a place that is both dangerous to his/her mood and health. 

How to avoid low productivity of the worker     

Remove all uncomfortable furniture

Bad office furniture can cause a lot of issue with the workers. If care is not taken it can lead to damage to the worker’s health and productivity. And these can lead to costing the business money. It could be lots of money due to a legal action by the affected worker’s lawyer.

Take advantage of the room colors in the office

Colors are known to have a major effect on the mood and brain function of a person. With the right knowledge of which colors to use, an employer could enjoy an improvement in the productivity of the workers.

A study by the University of Texas at Austin found out that employees in office rooms that are predominantly white or blue-green happens to be very productive and remain satisfied with their Job.

Replace the bad furniture with good quality ones

Once the hazardous furniture is removed it is best to replace them with top quality. So the employees will be appreciative of the attention brought unto them. There various type of furniture to replace such as the office chair. If there are is not enough funds for that then the best decision to take is to decorate the future.

Recommended office furniture that can help boost productivity   

As said earlier. If the objective is to replace old or bad furniture, it is best to replace with top quality ones. Here are some products that are sure to boost the employee’s productivity:

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

This is the best office chair that can be found in the market. It has every feature you would find in a modern ergonomic office chair. It passes several factors that an ergonomic chair should possess. They include the following:

Adjustability and comfort – Crucial parts of this chair are adjustable such as the armrests, headrests, seat pan, lumbar support, and backrest. Autonomous ergo 2 office chair gives the user enough freedom to determine his/her comfort.

Healthy – The lumbar support and adjustable backrest of the chair ensure the health of the user by the support the lower back and shaping the spine of the user. This combination will help the user feel more natural while sitting. And it will also prevent the user from getting back pains or spinal sicknesses.

With the chairs, adjustable seat pan, backrest, and armrest the user can attain good walking and standing posture from seating on it.

Productivity – The combination of the chairs adjustability, comfort, and the health-friendly feature is sure to increase the productivity of the worker.

Autonomous smart desk 3 Ai standing desk

This is the desk of the future. The autonomous smart desk 3 bring a whole new meaning to office work with complete quality and it being probably the first of its kind. The desk is the best device to ever exist. It makes the user work comfortably, healthy and blissfully.

This is a standing desk it is not any other standing desk, it is an artificial intelligence standing desk. The desk possesses a handful of features and functions, both software and hardware.

The first is that autonomous smart desk 3 has the ability to switch directly from a sitting desk to a standing desk. On the desk, there is an attached keyboard that connects seamlessly to the computer.

The desk’s AI capability has allowed it to study it, the user. The desk can aware of the user’s well beings, wants and schedule. It alerts the user when he/she will be hungry. During a workday, it sets breaks for the user to help him/her rest.

Once its closing time, the smart desk 3 alerts the user and provide the option to contact a taxi company such as uber.

In summary, Autonomous smart desk 3 is sure to improve the user’s productivity and health in the office.


There are several ways to decorate an office chair. But the best and easiest way has been provided. While going through the process handle the tools with care and follow the steps carefully and accordingly.

Along the post, there are reasons and discussion of why it is necessary to decorate an office chair or the office generally. A lot of reasons were provided and the main point that keeps coming up is about the productivity of the user. The post has laid down some solution to increasing the user’s productivity. In addition to the solutions, recommend office products were provided. It is to help narrow the search for the perfect product that will improve the productivity of the user.

If you seek more office chair products and more post like this, visit our website and leave an email in the box.

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