How to Focus on a Project without Becoming Detached from Society?
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How to Focus on a Project without Becoming Detached from Society?

|Jun 28, 2021

Regardless of where you conduct your work, you're bound to run into some distractions. Otherwise, you might be so caught up and focused on a specific task that you're unable to disconnect your work from your regular life. This is especially evident when you're working from home, as it presents challenges with discipline and structure.

Many people are conducting remote work, which means that there's a good chance you're facing some difficulty staying focused and productive without entirely detaching from society. You shouldn't fret if this is the case, as we have some tips to help you remain laser-focused without causing an imbalance in your personal life. Continue reading to find out more.  

What Is the Importance of Maintaining Focus at Work?

Maintain focus at work

Your ability to remain focused on a project is essential to reaping success in the workplace. This is because you can produce greater quality of work from the more concentration and time you devote to one task. However, maintaining focus doesn't only entail you're completing tasks quicker. You also ensure these tasks are free from error.

What Is a Hybrid Workspace?

Hybrid workspace

A hybrid workspace model is a type of working environment that combines features of in-office and remote working. In this work model, some or all employees making up an organization have the freedom to pick where and when they work. Hence, they can divide their time between working from a central office and their home.

Many benefits come with a hybrid workspace model. These include:

  • Reduced business costs.

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction.

  • Increased productivity.

Nonetheless, these hybrid workspaces and many other working environments can have adverse effects and lead to a lack of concentration or motivation.

What Is the Problem with Hybrid Workspaces?

Problem with hybrid workspaces

The corporate workspace has drastically changed because of the global pandemic. More employees are conducting work from home, which poses different problems. Firstly, there are far more distractions available in your home than in an office. This can have a direct effect on your productivity and motivation.

Additionally, working from home can make it challenging to withdraw from your workday. You might be struggling to separate your work from your personal life. Nonetheless, various ways can help reduce this issue and help you remain focused during your working day.

How Can a Work Pod Help?

How can a work pod help

A work pod (with ergonomic furniture like office chairs and standing desks) is a great solution for employees struggling to concentrate while working at home. It offers an environment where you can focus on your work without any distractions while also separating your professional life from your personal one.

Utilizing a work pod allows you to leave this space when you’re done with your working day and enjoy your life at home with your family and friends. Additionally, these work pods can help reduce your stress levels while improving your wellbeing.

Furthermore, investing in an acoustic work pod to work from outside can help combat excess noise. This is especially beneficial if you live in a pretty noisy or chaotic environment.

How to Stay Focused on a Task

If you’re commonly asking yourself, “how can I focus on work,” you’re in the right place. We have outlined a few tips and tricks to help focus yourself on a project without it consuming your personal life.

Here are the best ways to focus on a project:

Make a List

make a list

We’re starting with something basic, yet effective. Keeping track of your to-dos can help you remain focused on a project while you’re working. It also provides you with a point where you can begin each day. When creating this list, it should serve as a daily reminder of what has to be done during your working day.

One of the benefits of these lists is that you can feel accomplished once you’ve completed everything on the list. It also reduces any stress you might carry into your personal life once your working day is over, as you’ve completed everything you needed to do.

Structure Your Day

Structure your day

You can begin structuring your day by knowing when you’re the most productive. From here, you can establish your work hours with a productive work schedule. When you develop this structure, the most crucial factors should be setting and sticking to the boundaries laid out in your working day.

This is critical to remain focused while you're working and relaxing in your downtime. Failure to stick with these boundaries can lead to you feeling overwhelmed in your office and personal life.

Take Scheduled Breaks

You might find it difficult to take effective break times and focus on a project, especially when you’re working from home. However, you can resolve this problem by planning when to take rests.

This is vital as your brain works best when you work in intervals. Meaning, working for 90 minutes requires you to have a quick 15-minute break to ensure you remain concentrated and energized.

Before your day begins, you can plan when you wish to take these breaks based on your workload, priorities, and meeting calendar.

Remain Active

Remain active

Physical activity is vital when you're working, even if this is a quick walk around your garden or office floor. A lack of movement isn't only bad for your body, but it can also hinder your focus on a project. It is an investment in yourself to boost productivity for later work.

Many experts believe that you shouldn’t be afraid of scheduling a workout or performing some kind of movement during your day. This keeps you physically fit and also offers a mental refresh ensuring you maintain focus on a project. From this, your thoughts are likely to become clearer while you’re more productive and focused for the rest of the day.

Our Final Thoughts


You’re bound to get distracted from time to time. Otherwise, you might feel like your work life is consuming your thoughts. That’s okay too. However, you should still dedicate your energy to ensure you reduce the amount of time such varied concentration levels occur.

Your goal in implementing the tips to focus on a project we have outlined above is to help you separate your working life from your personal one. This can help increase your motivation and productivity levels while staying focused. You can do this while not derailing your personal life and feeling consumed by your responsibilities in the office.

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