How to Improve Employee Performance with Recognition?
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How to Improve Employee Performance with Recognition?

|Mar 30, 2021

The performance of your employees is closely linked to performance recognition at work and can significantly reduce employee turnover. With a fair and justified system for rewarding your hardworking personnel, you can keep them happy.

However, how can you set up employee recognition performance parameters? Just like ergonomic office furniture keeps them comfortable, fitting rewards keep employees motivated and proactive. Additionally, it helps you establish work standards and healthy competition.

Read further to know everything there is about employee performance recognition and some innovative ways to facilitate it.

What Is Employee Recognition?

what is employee recognition

Exemplary efforts of the employees' have far-reaching results, and thus they warrant recognition at work. Moreover, by various ways of making them feel appreciated, you can positively reinforce these persistent efforts. Basically, it’s the organization’s way of expressing gratitude.

The main aim of this healthy workplace activity is to satisfy your employees' drive for recognition and belongingness. As a spiral effect, even your other workforce members feel motivated to do better and achieve similar results.

How Is Performance Recognition Beneficial?

how is employee recognition beneficial

Going above and beyond the regular monetary rewards can actualize your dream of working with a motivated workforce. Here are a few benefits of excellent employee recognition performance.

  • Conducive to Excellence: Apart from smart office furniture, employee recognition at work can help your business embark on greater heights. Also, it empowers your employees, and they thrive while working with your organization.
  • Nurtures Positivity: If the employees firmly believe that their persistence and efforts won't go unnoticed, they'll trust their seniors. That will further translate to profitability and efficiency.
  • Employee Retention: A significant task for the HRM is to reduce employee turnover, as it's costly and time-consuming. With a proactive employee recognition program in place, your workforce will be happier and won't likely look elsewhere.

Innovative Ways for Employee Recognition at Work

Acknowledgment feels nice, doesn't it? Well, if you're looking to boost your employees' morale, then recognizing their efforts is the way forward. Here are some innovative ways to help you provide them performance recognition at work.

Go Public with The Praise

Go public with the praise

While you can always personally praise some of your efficient employees, you must always recognize their achievements in public. Moreover, it will make them feel cherished and valued in front of their coworkers. As a result, they’ll be more confident and would be motivated to work harder.

You can do this by organizing monthly or quarterly workplace gatherings. Additionally, you can utilize the occasion for celebrating all the milestones and the top performers for the period.

Wall of Fame

This concept is quite popular, but it's still very effective in motivating your team. Moreover, everyone wants to get featured on the recognition wall, as it's timeless and the employees are always remembered.

You can designate a worthy wall for this task and set up a creative board that is visible to visitors as well. Then, you may add any consistent and extraordinary performers to that board. To make it innovative, you can allow the coworkers to leave positive comments about them, which will help them bond.

Treats and Bonus

Besides non-financial incentives, monetary gifts and compensation will never go out of fashion, and they're considered the most authentic form of recognition. Thus, you can treat your priceless and hardworking employees with some cash prizes or goodies. Here are some thoughtful ideas for rewarding your employees.

  • Monetary rewards such as direct bonuses and gift cards.
  • Customized goodies like chocolates and flowers
  • Memberships at eateries and cafés.
  • Business merchandise that’s been personalized for them.
  • Purchase bulk office furniture order for the team.

Rewarding The Deserving Employees

Reward Deserving Employee

Only rewarding is never enough; the system for recognition that you have in place must be democratic and fair. That way, you will not only ensure fair competition but will also establish trust within the business. The following are the steps through which you can achieve this.

Measuring Their Performance

Using performance measurement metrics such as 360-degree effective employee feedback, self-evaluation, and graphic rating scales, you can effectively measure the performance. Moreover, these will help you gauge the extent of your satisfaction with their work.

Additionally, these parameters are usually foolproof and help you in eliminating any preexistent bias. You can aid this process by creating customized checklists for employees pertaining to their job roles and duties.

When To Recognise?

When to recognize

Well, what everyone desires are instant performance recognition and praise; hence, you must deliver that. The best time to recognize, publicly praise them when bonding with your team, and highlight their work is as soon as the results are on display. Additionally, instant feedback is the most significant motivating factor for your workforce as it loses its meaning with delays.

You should also regularly issue praises through letters from the CEO, monetary rewards, or raising toasts. Moreover, it's better not to wait for more considerable achievements while ignoring smaller ones.

Balance the Rewards and Appreciation

It's crucial to balance out the rewards and appreciation for performance recognition to assert the organization's values. Moreover, specific work warrants monetary rewards and compensation due to its nature and scope.

Whereas at other times, you must verbally praise your employees and appreciate them publicly. For striking this balance, you need to weigh the impact of their efforts and work carefully.

Keep Employees Engaged

keep employee engaged

Sometimes the nature of an employee's job is such that there are not many opportunities to showcase their efforts. Therefore, you must create sufficient opportunities to keep them engaged, involved, and motivated. That will also ensure that they do not feel left out and neglected.


If you add motivated employees to a modern office with an open environment and smart furniture like an office standing desk and ergonomic chair, there's no cap for your organization’s success. Additionally, motivated employees result in a low employee turnover which is an excellent indicator of your work environment.

The best way to improve your employees’ performance is by recognizing their efforts, doing more performance recognition and never letting them go in vain. Hopefully, after going through these tips, you can effectively lead your team to your goals' fruition.

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