How to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Your Home Office?
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How to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Your Home Office?

|Nov 8, 2021

Your indoor air quality matters the most when you are working from home. We all know how remote work gained a lot of traction in recent years; in fact, it seems like people will mainly work from home in the future now. So, making your home environment safe and healthy has become more important than ever. This is the reason why we recommend you improve the indoor air quality of your home office.

Contaminants usually travel in air, even the Covid-19 virus transmitted via air, so it is understandable that air is the major medium through which you can interact with any contaminant. Therefore, it is better to ensure that your surrounding air is clean and safe.

We know that most of you might not be aware of the ways you can do so; that's why we are here today to help you. We believe that you have got your hands on working from home furniture and are looking for the best ways to clean it. Therefore, in this article, we have shared the best ways to improve indoor air quality so that you can follow our guidelines and keep your home office safe and clean. Let’s learn how to improve indoor air quality with us!

Best Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality for Your Home Office

Remove Potential Air Contaminants from Your Home Office

Remove Potential Air Contaminant

It is quite common to have certain products that have the potential to cause environmental degradation in your indoor environment. This can be things like paints, certain cleaning supplies, and chemicals that might be there in your home. So, you should move all such stuff to your garage in the first place to improve air quality.

It is often noticed that some pets like dogs have allergies which can make your environment polluted. Now, you cannot keep them in the garage, so you should separate your home office from the place where your allergic pet is. It is better to have a room dedicated to your office work if possible. 

Open Windows for Ventilation

Open Windows to improve indoor air quality

Opening windows for ventilation is the easiest natural way to improve home air quality. Windows provide the vent for bringing in the fresh air in your home. Thus, it can be a great way to have a cleaner and safer indoor environment. However, if you live at an industrial site, this won't be a great way because, in such cases, the outside air will contain higher pollutants and pollen levels that can be allergenic. 

Adjust Your Thermostat

Adjust your home's thermostat to circulate mode. This option makes some fans run for twenty minutes every hour, and some to run continuously at a slower speed for better airflow. This will ensure that you have an airy environment instead of a stuffy, suffocated one. 

Ensure That Your Bathroom Exhaust Fans Are Running Throughout the Day

Bathroom to improve indoor air quality

Exhaust fans help in drawing out contaminated air and bringing in the fresh air in return. Therefore, this can be a great way to improve indoor air quality. We know that you might find its sound unpleasant in the beginning, but the health benefits that you would get out of it are priceless. 

Look After the Maintenance of Your Dehumidifier

In cities where humidity levels are generally high, the chances of having a humid indoor environment are higher. Too much humidity can be bad because, in that situation, your indoor environment would become too stuffy. Therefore, it is better to invest some time in installing and maintaining your home's dehumidifier. Ensure that it's clean and is in good condition overall. 

Create a Humid Indoor Environment in Winters

Although we recommend you use a dehumidifier in extreme humid seasons, you should maintain a humid environment in dry winters. This sort of indoor environment is healthier, and it ensures you have a better work experience indoors when the air is naturally dry. You may install a portable system that helps you maintain humidity in your indoor environment to avoid dryness. 

Buy a Premium Quality Air Filter

Buy a Premium Quality Air Filter

Here is another good way to improve indoor air quality. An air filter is great for purifying your indoor environment by removing the contaminants from the air. So, it is better to have one when you are working from home. We would suggest that when you are buying a home air purifier, go for the premium quality one. If your home office is small, a small air purifier will work as well. 

Avoid Using Scented Candles, Diffusers, Air Fresheners, etc.

Although scented candles and diffusers might seem pleasant, they can contribute to creating a bad indoor air quality. Most of them contain toluene, benzene, and formaldehyde, which are harmful to your health. Therefore, it is better that you avoid using them. 

Add Some Indoor Plants

Plants are the best medium to improve the air quality of your home office. So, it is always great to place some of them there. You would have noticed how plants are a part of the minimalist desk setup. These plants will not only make your environment refreshing, but they will eventually make you more productive as well. 

Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Keep Your Air Ducts Clean

Dirty air ducts are one of the major reasons for a polluted indoor environment. Therefore, we would suggest that you invest a good amount of time ensuring they are clean. The best way to know whether your air ducts are clean or not is to check your work from home equipment’s cleanliness. If they are dusty, chances are your air duct requires cleaning. 

Maintain Your Cooking Vents

Kitchen burners often emit carbon monoxide that is toxic to your health. Therefore, it is important to ensure your cooking vents are not blocked to improve indoor air quality. We would suggest that you keep a keen check on the cleanliness of those cooking vents and maintain them regularly. 

Keep Your Floor Coverings Clean

It is pretty understandable that you would have added carpets and rugs to your home office furniture as they make your home office look cozier that way. Nevertheless, carpets and rugs trap dust that can degrade your indoor air quality.

Therefore, we would suggest you get them cleaned regularly to improve indoor air quality and ensure there is no pollutant trapped in your home office’s environment. Doing so will help you ensure your home office stays clean and safe. 

Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It Up

We hope that you will follow our guidelines and maintain a cleaner home office. In this way, it will become easier for you to prosper while staying healthy and active. So, go ahead and adopt the right ways to improve your indoor air quality and breath better today.

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