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How to Make a Cool MacBook Air M1 Desk Setup for Apple Lovers
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How to Make a Cool MacBook Air M1 Desk Setup for Apple Lovers

|Mar 19, 2021

The MacBook Air M1 is among the top-notch laptops introduced by and is quite famous among professional content creators, bloggers, developers, and programmers. All those high-quality features and advancements that are packed in this little guy make it worth an investment. As an office worker, you would love working with a MacBook; however, to maximize your productivity, you will have to adopt a MacBook Air M1 desk setup.

As you are aware that the types and number of office desk accessories that you will be having can vary a lot, so you have to choose your MacBook Air desktop setup pretty wisely. Are you among those office workers who are struggling with setting up an ergonomic mac workstation setup? Well, this is the place to be, as we have shared the necessary details that will help you make this choice.

First, let’s have a look at the factors that you should be considering for your MacBook Air M1 desktop setup.

Factors Needed to be Considered for MacBook Air M1 Setup

Space Available

Being one of the foremost filters that helps narrow your choice, the workspace that you have available explains which desktop setup you can go for and which one is not possible in the limited area. If you have a complex task that requires more office accessories and equipment, you will need a larger space to set your mac workstation.

Space Available


Since your productivity is affected by the background in which you are working, it is vital to choose the color of your desk setup wisely. Having a minimalist desk setup is the key to enhance productivity, so you can opt for a light-toned monochromatic desk setup to stay more focused. You can learn more about it with the help of this minimalist desk setup guide available online.

Light Requirements

The availability of light impacts both the quality and quantity of the work you produce. If you work as a filmmaker, video creator, or digital marketer, you will need a brightly lit workspace where you can record and edit videos with ease. In addition to this, lightings affect your activity in general; you are more active in a brightly lit workspace than you are in a dim one.

Light Requirements

Your Professional Requirements

It is vital to evaluate your professional requirements prior to planning your MacBook Air M1 desk setup. This is because the type of accessories, such as headphones, Mac processors, recorder, etc., depends upon the work you do. The more accessories you have, the larger the ultimate desk setup you will need.

Ergonomic Design

Your working efficiency is dependent upon the ease you get while you work. This ease is only achieved when you set your work ergonomics the right way. For that purpose, it is essential to evaluate the furniture which you are planning to bring. Your MacBook Air desktop setup will enhance your productivity if you opt for ergonomic furniture.

Ergonomic Design


Your choices are greatly altered by the budget that you have at your disposal. A shorter budget may limit you to some DIY desk setup. It is vital to plan your budget prior to plan any selections. This helps you consider the desktop setups of a particular budget only.

Since you are aware of the factors that will help shape your choice, it is vital to know more about the basic accessories that you will be needed in designing your mac workstation setup. So, read ahead to explore them.

Essential Accessories for MacBook Air M1 Desk Setup

Office Standing Desk

The basic requirement for your MacBook Air M1 desk setup would be a reliable standing desk. Any versatile office standing desk like the SmartDesk Core would be ideal for your desktop setup. Such a desk provides a generous space to work and has quiet motors, which make the height adjustment a piece of cake.

The most significant benefit that you get from a standing desk is its height adjustment feature, as that plays a key role in enhancing its ergonomics. You are able to set the desk to your eye level during the intermittent sitting and standing sessions while working longer hours.

Office Standing Desk

Ergonomic Chair

Like an office standing desk, an ergonomic chair is also vital for a complete mac workstation setup. Since you will be having intermittent sitting sessions while working, so it is significant to have a comfortable surface to sit on. The ergonomic chair, with its lumbar support and other novel features, plays this role pretty well.

Ergonomic Chair

Monitor Arm and Laptop Stand

Although the MacBook Air M1 desktop setup involves a laptop, you will need to add monitors to enhance your productivity and make your laptop desk setup more ergonomic to work longer hours. This means you will need accessories like a monitor arm along with a laptop stand to ensure your devices are kept at your eye level irrespective of your position. In this way, you become less susceptible to any muscle strains.

Electrical Port

Since you will be plugging in your monitor and other relevant accessories, it is vital to place your desk set up near an electrical port. Such a port will help you avoid the hassle of long wires cluttering all over your workspace.

LED Desk Lamp

Having a reliable light source is a vital accessory when you are planning your MacBook Air M1 desk setup. Since you will be performing longer hours with this computer at your office, you should have a high-quality LED desk lamp to ensure there is no strain on your eyes as you work.

LED Desk Lamp


It is vital to have multiple monitors incorporated in your MacBook Air desktop setup, as that helps boost your productivity. You get a closer look at your data and are able to do work conveniently.

Keyboard and Mouse

Although your MacBook Air M1 is self-contained and has a keyboard and touchpad, having a traditional keyboard and mouse often makes you more efficient. You can choose to add a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to keep your desk clear while maintaining a higher productivity level.

Keyboard and Mouse


We have shared those significant factors and accessories that will help you create a workspace you will enjoy as an office worker. Nevertheless, you can learn more using this MacBook desk setup guide available online.

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