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How To Organize Your Desk At Work: Step-By-Step
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How To Organize Your Desk At Work: Step-By-Step

|Mar 27, 2021

Nowadays, people harp so much on the importance of having things organized. Be it organizing your work, homes, lives, etc., the organization is a skill that one must have. Not only is it beneficial to you, but it also helps everybody else around you.

When put simply, organization means keeping things where they are. When we say that a worker or manager is ‘fully organized,' it means that they have their things intact and in place. They know where to find something when they most need it and are never confused about their next steps or actions.

What Is Organizing?

The power of an organization is no myth. It is a scientific fact how beneficial organizing something can be. Organization boosts productivity and allows an individual to gain control of their things and thoughts at the workplace.

Your desk at work is where all the magic takes place. If that is not organized, the rest of your day and events can be chaotic too. If you organize your work desk once, it will definitely go a long way. Don’t worry. This guide will teach you how to organize your desk without falling apart.

Step to Step Guide for Work Desk Organization

Step 1: Clean Everything Off Your Desk

You must have heard the word declutter and the importance of it. It is one of the important parts when you organize your desk. If you are ever worried about things piling up on your work desk, it is time to take a step back and re-examine it. Chances are things are literally about to fall off one another, and this is not a good sign!

Clean Everything Off Your Desk

Your work desk should easily be able to lend you whatever you need without wasting any time. Therefore, it is time to throw away all the papers, wrappers, wires, trash, etc., into the bin. You might also need to do cable management for office desk to entangle your endless cable wires.

Go ahead and get started!

Step 2: Clean Things Inside And Outside

Your body is not clean unless your mind and soul are clean. In the same way, no matter how much you strive to keep the top clean and shiny, things will always pile up on the inside desk drawers and compartments.

clean Things Inside And Outside

Therefore, if you really wish to organize your work desk, you must not be lazy and work your way from the inside. This will only avoid trouble later.

Step 3: Change Up Your Desk

Maybe you would want to switch things around a bit? Seeing the same desk configuration every-day might be tiring. Hey, maybe you could get a new electric standing desk!

Change Up Your Desk

Once your work desk is set up the right way, you will slowly start seeing and noticing the benefits of it in the work you do. As people have rightly said, change is the only constant. With time, it is important to organize your desk and shift towards work desks that are innovative and personalized.

Step 4: Put On New Items

New items could mean absolutely anything in the world. There are some specific office accessories that you can keep at your work desk to solely help you focus better. These can usually be found in any nearby accessory store for a really affordable price.

Put On New Items

While you are at it, maybe you would want to try a more comfortable ergonomic chair too! These, too, will switch things up in your workplace and help you organize your work desk better. This step is essentially the jump between going from a lack of organization to slowly become better at it. Therefore, do not skip this one!

Step 5: Arrange Items Sensibly

This simply means don't be daft. Imagine you are working on an important presentation, and the water jug falls on your laptop. All of the water has now entered your hard drive, and it just won't start. That is a nightmare for even the most organized people out there.

Arrange Items Sensibly

Therefore, keep in mind to stack things next to each other sensibly. Things that are water or electricity hazards should be handled with extra caution when setting up the work desk. This is a sure-shot way for you to organize your desk to prevent accidents.

Step 6: Add A Personal Touch

At the end of the day, your work desk is yours. While this can teach you the different ways to organize an office desk, it needs a little personal touch to set it apart.

Add A Personal Touch

Maybe you could try placing a photograph that is really close to you or a charm or bracelet around one of your pencils. It's these tiny things that are invisible to everybody else but matter a lot to you that will eventually increase your productivity and motivation.

Step 7: Arrange Items The Way You Need Them

You need to do some thinking to organize your desk here. There are things that a work desk that you perhaps need once a month, and then there are things you might need every single day.

Therefore, keep the essential items closest to you. This could mean different things for different people. Make sure you have your chargers, papers, documents, etc., all where you can reach them.

Step 8: Store Unused Clutter In The File Cabinet

Every work desk has a file cabinet that goes to waste. The power of decluttering is very real, which is why you need to store all your unused clutter inside the file cabinet.

If you start doing this when you organize your desk, things that you do not need will not pop up in front of you at the most unexpected times. This will also make sure you are calm and composed no matter when.

Step 9: Get Your Shared Work Area Under Control

desk organizer

These are spaces that you share with your colleagues that are always the messiest. Imagine two or three people just piling their things in one tiny corner. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

To make sure this doesn't happen, speak to your colleagues and ensure that all of you are on the same page. You could even share tips and tricks that have worked for you so that they can implement them in their spaces.

Summing Up

Now that you know how to organize your desk at work step by step get to it right away! There can never be too many ways to organize your desk, and all of these ideas are worth trying. What are you waiting for! See the power of organization for yourself.

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