How to Practice Meditation at Your Desk During Work Break?
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How to Practice Meditation at Your Desk During Work Break?

|Feb 1, 2021

An eight-hour or more day at work can be demanding mentally, emotionally, and physically. You can spend the whole morning completing those overdue projects, dealing with unsatisfied customers, or trying to finalize the code of that new mobile application in time for a new release. What you need is to take time away from your busy workstation to refresh, reset and unwind. Desk meditation is an excellent way of giving yourself time to regain your sense of calm. It involves sparing a few minutes off your busy schedule during your work break to give attention to your personal needs so that you can return to your desk more revitalized.

How to Meditate at Work?

You may be wondering how meditation at work would be done. Most people are used to carrying out their personal care and self-motivation routines at home and may be uncomfortable with the thought of doing the same at work. If meditation at work helps you be the best version of yourself, makes you a better workmate, and improves your emotional intelligence, then your colleagues at work can develop an appreciation for it.

All you need to do is find a quiet time and comfortable spot at your desk during your lunch or coffee break and take time out to meditate and reflect. Meditation at your desk just requires you to position your chair in a way that feels most comfortable, whether it's facing away from the door or in a more private corner of workstation or office. 

You can take advantage of standing office desks such as Autonomous Desk 2 - Home Office and Autonomous Desk 2 - Premium togethering with mediation. It is really fantastic to stand up and do some simple mediating actions with the office desk.  You can even choose to set aside your chair old together and utilize space on the floor in a position that works best for you. Or you can do mediation for your neck, shoulder and back with your office chair such as Autonomous Chair 2 and Kinn Chair. Some people like to incorporate various motivational or gratitude materials or quiet music while meditating. It comes down to what works for you.

How to Meditate at Work

What Are the Benefits of Meditation?

The work environment can be highly competitive, demanding, and physically, and emotionally straining. This can cause anxiety and stress, leading to a reduced ability to focus and perform work tasks efficiently. Anxiety and stress do not just affect your work performance; they also affect your health. Finding a way to rest and remain balanced is essential to maintaining a positive frame of mind and a sense of calm so you can see things from a broader perspective. There are many benefits to meditation that can increase your productivity at work.

1. Getting Some Downtime

Continuously hammering of different work tasks while seated in one position at work can be physically and mentally strenuous. You can use a small portion of your lunch break as the perfect time to get some downtime after a long work stretch. Finding a good position and shutting the outside world out to meditate can be all the motivation you need and the rest you need.

Engaging in some desk meditation during your break at work can leave you relaxed, calmer, and rejuvenated, ready to take on the next stretch of work. When you are in your best form, you can boost your productivity. You can find yourself able to get more work done and with more enthusiasm.  

Getting Some Downtime

2. Improved Creativity

Whether you are into design, application development, art, artificial intelligence, filmmaker, or a book author, innovation and creativity are vital qualities to your trade. There are times you have the pressure of deadlines, and you can't seem to relax or get a sense of calm. Those are times when your innovative and creative ideas run low. 

Learning how to meditate at work can interrupt a cycle of frustration that can cause stress and a less productive workday. Meditating is a positive way of offloading the demands of life. Such relief can stimulate your creativity and innovation and help you stay productive, helping you develop new ideas to complete your projects faster and more efficiently.

Improved Creativity

3. Increased Problem Solving Ability

Many jobs require a high level of problem-solving abilities. Whether it is taking up a legal case, coming up with an interior design for a new housing project, or coming up with a new product to address a gap in the market. There are times when you just can't get the right solution for a nagging problem at work.

Sometimes all you need is to refresh and get into a more relaxed frame of mind. Meditation at work can shift your focus off the problem. You find yourself focusing on more positive thoughts that motivate you to approach issues with a different attitude. You can solve problems that seemed more difficult in the beginning.

Increased Problem Solving Ability

4. Managing Pressure Better

A lot of pressure and physical stress can build up at work with missed deadlines, lost consignments, glitches in IT functions, or impacts of a global pandemic. During your lunch break, meditation at your desk can help you shut out the noise of the constant demands that continuously pull at you. Self-care is critical to mental health and coping with the daily pressures. Making time to meditate at your workstation releases pressure built up, increasing your ability to handle pressure better and not resist negative coping mechanisms.

5. Improves Your Emotional Intelligence at Work

Desk meditation can enhance your emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence or EQ is the capacity to manage your emotions more positively. It helps you relieve stress, communicate better, resolve conflicts diplomatically, and empathize with those around you. Meditation can help relieve stress and get a sense of calm during the day, so you handle clients, colleagues, customers, or suppliers more positively and professionally.

Resolving conflict and working better with others creates a more cohesive and conducive environment for teamwork and better work output.

Improves Your Emotional Intelligence at Work

6. Health Benefits

Regular meditation at work can reduce the risk of developing stress related conditions and problems associated with physical strain. Meditation increases your ability to cope with highly stressful and demanding environments by helping you change your perspective and approach a question from a different point of view.

You do not have to wait till you get home to meditate. You can simply schedule some desk meditation at work during your lunch break. Meditating can help you relax and refresh before you start the next session of work. You can return to your workstation feeling energized and revitalized and perform better at work.

Health Benefits

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