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How to Recognize Work Addiction – Are You a Workaholic?

How to Recognize Work Addiction – Are You a Workaholic?

|Jun 29, 2022

Ever since the work trends have changed and people have adopted the hybrid work model, work addiction has become more common than ever. You do not realize when you get so addicted to your work that it consumes you and your entire day. The bad part is that you usually don't realize exactly when you become a workaholic.

In most cases, people learn from bad experiences, but we don't want that to happen to them. That’s why we have discussed the signs of work addiction in this article. Once you know these signs, you can evaluate your routine and the time you spend working to check if you have become a workaholic office worker. But before we do that, let’s clear out your mind about the term ‘workaholic’. 

What Is a Workaholic?

What Is a Workaholic?

We know that when you hear about an office worker’s addiction to work, the first name that anyone gives them is ‘workaholic’. The addiction to work and workaholism both mean the same. Have you been feeling the strong urge to work constantly irrespective of your work hours? If so, you have joined the clan of workaholic individuals.

Although work addiction may have a negative impact on your mental health, it is not considered a medical condition or any type of mental disorder. A common reason why people may be that work is seen as something positive, so they believe no matter how much they work, it is good.

However, this idea is wrong as overworking causes burnout which in turn affects your mood and negatively impacts your productivity. Overworking is something that is common among people who are workaholics, and so is burnout. Therefore, the earlier you understand the work addiction symptoms, the better. As you read further, you will find the signs of work addiction, so go through them and evaluate yourself to check whether you have become a workaholic. 

Signs That You Have Work Addiction

The following workaholic signs are common among people who have become addicted to work; checkout if you have any. 

You Are Busy More Often but Not Much Productive

You Are Busy More Often but Not Much Productive

Have you been spending a lot of hours at work yet not able to get enough work done? Workaholics often land up in a situation where they work longer than usual and spend hours and hours at work, yet they do not cover as much as some people would have covered in less time.

The thing is, when you overwork, you become mentally tired, and your brain cannot take anymore, so no matter how much time you spend working, the output is not enough. You must ask yourself, am I putting in more hours and getting less work done? People often do that when they have been addicted to working for quite a long time now and are overworking everyday. 

You Have an Intense Fear of Under Delivering at Work

Ask yourself whether it is the fear of failure or underdelivering the work that is driving you insane to work longer than normal. Such fears often develop at a young age when a kid fears failing at school just so he could save himself from getting scolded. You might feel the same pressure at work which is making you feel like working more. Such a feeling of performance anxiety at work may drive you towards mental block depression even. 

You Spend Longer Hours at Work

You Spend Longer Hours at Work

Are you spending extended hours at work, hours that are longer than usual? If so, you have become a workaholic who is consumed with their office work more than ever. One of the common workaholic symptoms is long hours at work. You must keep a check whether you are doing overtime more frequently. 

You Are Unable to Sleep Well

People who become workaholics are unable to stop themselves from thinking about work. Whether it is a weekend or their bedtime, all they think about is work. They keep on taking on newer projects and consume themselves mentally. Thus, they think about work even at the time when they should sleep. Such a worry makes them unable to sleep. 

You Find Work as an Escapade from Your Problems

You Find Work as an Escapade from Your Problems

If you have recently encountered an emotional crisis or trauma, you are more prone to become a workaholic. It is seen that people who are facing some sort of emotional issues in their life try to consume their time with work so that they do not think about anything else. Such a practice may help you avoid thinking about other issues in your life, but you will have a work addiction then. 

You Are Too Obsessed with Achieving a Promotion at Work

At times, it is that one promotion or reward at work that drives you crazy to work for insanely long hours. If you have become too obsessed with achieving greater goals, chances are you will become addicted to the work that you do. 

You Even Work During the Hours You Should be Asleep

You Even Work During the Hours You Should be Asleep

This last symptom is very much related to the one that we discussed above. When someone is obsessed with availing big promotions and success in life, they become addicted to work. Such an addiction means they will work the night shift, day shifts, and any other possible time they get. Imagine how hectic and unhealthy such a routine would be. 

What To Do If You’re Addicted to Work?

Remember that it is your health that should come first because, in most cases, when you have a work addiction, it is your productivity that gets compromised the most. No one would like that, not even you. So, the best solution is to try making your work hours stress-free and take a mental health leave from work in the best case.

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