How To Set Your Standing Desk Height Correctly?
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How To Set Your Standing Desk Height Correctly?

|Nov 19, 2020

Congratulations, you have decided to invest in your health by purchasing a standing desk for your work station. Excellent choice! Before you get to work, there are a few things you should know about how to set your standing desk height up properly. Each user is unique, so what works for your height may not work for another user. Some standing desks are smart, so they come with pre programmed height differentials. These are great purchases because they set your desk for you with little to no difficulty. 

Why Does The Correct Height Matter?

A standing desk's purpose is to increase your productivity while reducing the possibility or effects of musculoskeletal disorders. By setting it incorrectly, you are negating the intention of your standing desk. Therefore, your productivity may not see the improvement you were hoping to experience. 

Additionally, when you program your standing desk height wrong, you may force yourself to stand with poor posture. This can lead to physical pains and problems you had not previously experienced. It can also aggravate existing problems, making you even more uncomfortable than you used to be. 

This type of desk can be a game-changer in your workspace, so be sure you know how to program your standing desk height correctly and some tips for using it

Why Does The Correct Height Matter

The Pros and Cons of Working on a Correctly Fitted Standing Desk

Photo of The Pros and Cons of Working on a Correctly Fitted Standing Desk

Like everything in life, standing desks have pros and cons. This is particularly true if you set the height correctly. The pros ultimately outweigh the cons, but it is still necessary to recognize both. 

Working on a Correctly Fitted Standing Desk

  • icon checkStanding desks boost your productivity by keeping you alert.
  • icon checkYou can improve your overall wellbeing because you no longer work in a sedentary position.
  • icon checkLike the SmartDesk 2, adjustable standing desks allow you to seamlessly switch between sitting and standing with the touch of a button.
  • icon checkStanding desks are not limited to shape or size, so you can still have a large workspace.
  • icon checkStanding desks can improve posture.
  • icon checkTo program your standing desk height correctly, you must put in an ample amount of time and energy.
  • icon timesWorking while standing for too long can cause physical pains and health problems .
  • icon timesRequires assembly, albeit it is easy to do so.

How Do I Know If It's at the Right Height?

Knowing how to adjust your standing desk height may be a little confusing for some people. The amount of information out there about ergonomically correct workstations can be overwhelming. The bottom line is that the desk set up should feel comfortable. When you stand up, your screen and keyboard should be optimal, the same as when you are sitting. You should not feel pressure in your feet or back, nor should you feel fatigued within only a few minutes. If you find these things are happening, your desk may not be appropriately adjusted. 

If you are ever unsure about your set up, check out these pictures of the best workstation setups.

If you think you have the ultimate desk space, join other challenges from Autonomous to show others your incredible setup.

Photo of How Do I Know If It's at the Right Height

When Should I Check My Desk Height?

Depending on your standing desk, there are a few different times you should check its height. No matter what type of desk you purchase, you should check its height as soon as you set it up. Read through helpful articles that explain in detail how to set a standing desk height correctly. You may think you know what to do, but some of the tips may surprise you.

It is a good idea to check your desk's height from both sitting and standing a couple of times when you first set it up. Be sure your monitor and keyboard are comfortable to use when sitting or standing. Taking the time to set the height for your desk correctly from the beginning saves you time and energy. 

If you purchase a quality desk, you may only have to check the desk if you think there is a problem. A good desk has preset heights, so you can always choose the optimal working level for you. 

A lower grade desk may require checking more often. This is especially true if the desk height must be set each time rather than be programmed. 

In any case, it may be suitable to recheck your standing desk height at several intervals throughout the year. Sometimes your needs change or items get shuffled around the office, so regular checking helps keep your working at your peak levels. 

When Should I Check My Desk Height

Final Thoughts

The perfect setup is possible when you take the time to adjust your standing desk properly. Remember, your workstation should flow with all of your elements and devices, regardless of sitting or standing. For more information about how to create an ideal workspace, check out this desk setup guide.

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