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How to Shop Smart Online this Black Friday 2018

Autonomous Autonomous | Nov 4, 2018

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This year Black Friday is on November 23, as usual, a day after Thanksgiving. The day is actually less than a month away now. Black Friday is the busiest day for retailers in year and kicks of shopping for the holiday season. For those who love to shop at a bargain, Black Friday is godsend.

You can get loads of items from smartphones, TVs, kitchenware, games consoles, laptops, clothing and more at greatly discounted prices. To make your purchases you can either do so in-store or online. This articles will look into reasons to shop online and how to ensure you get the best deals while doing so.

How to Shop Smart Online this Black Friday

Why Buyers Still Shop In-store on Black Friday

In the past, Black Friday shopping was only done at brick and mortar stores. Shoppers had to wait in long lines, sleep out in the cold, brave the chaos caused by the large crowds to get their items. This still happens and you can bet thousands of shoppers will spend Thanksgiving night outside a store so they can be among the first to get in and get the best deals. This is fine because going to a store has its advantages this include:


A lot of retailers have something called doorbusters. This gives a few lucky shoppers the opportunity to get items at heavily discounted prices at specific times. For example last year Best Buy had a Panasonic 50'' 1080p 60Hz LED HDTV (TC-50A400U) going for $350. This 5pm doorbuster was giving shoppers a $199 discount because the TV would normally retail at $549.99. Such a deal would make me want to spend a night out in the cold waiting for the store to open!


In-Store Only Deals

Another major reason customer’s shop in-store is because they are some deals that are only available at the store. These deals you cannot get online. In-store deals are not as heavily discounted as doorbusters but they are still pretty good. This can be on jewelry, electronics, phones and more. To be aware of in-store only deals check the Black Friday ads form various retailers. If you see something you must have going to the store might be worth it.

Family Tradition

Being a big event a lot of families around the US have started family traditions around Black Friday. It is not uncommon to hear of a family camping outside a store every year to get the best deals together. They love the team effort and adrenaline that comes with trying to beat hundreds of other shoppers to get the best deals first. If a family tradition has been established we understand why online line shopping would not be as exciting. You have good family time during Black Friday and we wouldn’t want that to stop.

Reasons to change to shop online this Black Friday

Those are some of the key reasons in-store shopping may not stop anytime soon during Black Friday. However for shoppers who are not excited about waking up early so that they can be at a store to get best deals first online shopping will do it for you. Online deals are also amazing and shoppers expect retailers to offer deals that are as good as those in-store if not better. Major reasons why online shopping on Black Friday is becoming more common include:

Shopper want to avoid the chaos

Shopper want to avoid the chaos

We have already established that shopping at a store on Black Friday can be tiring. First, you have to wait in long ques then you have to struggle past the crowds to get into the store hopefully you won’t be one of the people hurt if a stampeded happens. Inside the store, the commotion caused by the large number of people is disturbing with everyone pushing and bumping into each other. The sales people are overwhelmed and may not be of help leaving you alone to determine if a product will be worth buying or not.

Online this is not something you will have to think about. Online shopping offers you the convenience of quickly shopping from the comfort of your home, office, restaurant or wherever you want. Instead of waking up early or spending your night outside a store, wake up and shop from the comfort of your bed. Once you’re done go back to bed and wait for the delivery of the products purchased. What more could you want on Black Friday!

To make the process fast and smooth for you we recommend that you open store accounts in advance. Doing so will mean you only need to add products into your virtual shopping cart on Black Friday and then proceed to check out.

If you need more details about a product before you buy it you won’t need to look for a store worker who might not be able to answer your questions. Simple check editor and customers reviews and your concerns may be answered, great right?

There is a larger variety of products available

Online you have access to so many products. Anything you would want to purchase can be found online and possibly will be on sale this Black Friday. Amazon which is the largest online shop in the world, for example, sells close to 232 million products you can be sure these will have some discount. If you shop in-store you are limited to the items sold at the store, shop online and get whatever you need.

Shoppers are able to shop from many different stores

When you do your shopping in-store you may have to choose one store and be there early so that you can grab the best bargains. By the time you’re done with that store, you may not have the energy to go to another one. Even if you are able to you may be late and other shoppers will have bought most of the best deal items.

Online the story is different. All you need to do is open the websites of all the stores you intend to purchase stuff from on your browser and sit back and shop. This way you can be able to browse around and fill up your cart in the stores. Depending on how fast you are and what you are looking for you can check many stores in a short time and be done with your shopping in hours. Something that is a dream if you decide to buy from brick and mortar stores.

Free shipping

This levels the playing field between in-store and online shopping. One of the advantages of shopping in-store is that you don’t have to worry about delivery cost. Now most retailers are offering free shipping so that you don’t have to worry about this also when buying online.

Shipping cost are at times extremely highly making all the savings you made shopping disappear. When shopping online be sure to check if free shipping is being offered for your purchase. At times the free shipping might be offered for purchases above a certain amount like $50 try filling up your cart to reach this amount and avoid paying for delivery.

Both online and in-store shopping on Black Friday have their advantages and disadvantages. For us we are more inclined to online shopping the efficiency and convenience it offers outweigh the reason we would stand in the cold waiting for the store doors to open on Black Friday.

However, you can choose to use both methods. You could for example shop at other stores online while you’re camping outside a Walmart hoping to get their doorbuster deal. Once you get inside the store you can also check online reviews for a product you intend to buy instead of looking for a store attendant.

Ways to Get the Best Black Friday Deals Online This Year

If you want to make the most of your Black Friday you have to be smart about how you go about your shopping. To ensure you don’t miss out on the best deals implement the following tips.

Have a game plan

Retailers will offer you some many deals on Black Friday they will get you confused on what to buy. If you don’t know what you would like to purchase you may end up broke and with a lot of things that you do not need. To avoid that from happening you should have a list of gifts you would like to buy for yourself, family or friends.

Black Friday usually has fall clothing, small devices like headphones, smart appliances, food processors and electronics deeply discounted. We advised you limit your list to this items. For things like holiday décor, winter apparel, large furniture, fitness items, jewelry you can get them after Black Friday, as they will be more discounted then. Mostly between December and January.

Look for a site you can get all the deals.

They are so many stores online choosing which one to buy from may also prove difficult. You may also not have the time to go through what each retailer is offering online. To save you time and money visit sites like, this site has a dedicated Black Friday page. On this page, you get to see the best deals from major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, Kohl’s, Amazon and more. Within minutes you will be able to see what’s on offer and compare prices then decide which store you will be spending money on.

Use discounted gift cards.

You will already be saving quite a bit when you shop on Black Friday. But why stop there get to save even more by using discounted gift cards. You can get discounted gift cards for some of your favorite shops like Macy’s, Target, and Toys R Us from sites like Research has found that using gifts cards can save you an extra 2-30%.

Sign for emails.

The easiest way to get to know about Black Friday deals is through your inbox. So decide the retailers you think you will be buying from this Black Friday and subscribe to their emails. Immediately you do so you will be frequently be notified of what is going on at the store and more so their Black Friday deals. If you want to know what Autonomous will be offering buyers this year don’t forget to sign up for our emails at the bottom of this articles.

Shop from a different location

This is an interesting one but your zip code can influence the deals you get. Retailers like Amazon track your location and the offers you will see on their site may be largely based on your location. Shoppers buying online from affluent neighborhoods will get higher prices than those in lower-income households. So if you are really out to make major savings clear the cookies on your laptop this will help in ensuring you’re not discriminated on due to your zip code. Also, consider doing you’re shopping at the office, gym or somewhere that is less affluent than your neighborhood.

Score early deals

Most of the major retailers start their Black Friday sales online much earlier than the big event. A few days to Black Friday you may get offers which are pretty good and may not be available on Black Friday. That means during Thanksgiving week you should check into the shops you hope to buy from and see if they are early deals you can take advantage of.

One of the best ways to learn about early Black Friday deals is by downloading the app of a retailer. In the app, you can put settings in place that will notify you of any bargains to be had. Social media is also big these days so you want to follow retailers you will be buying from. They will likely post about their offers on their pages.


This year you don’t have to stand in line for hours or sleep out in the cold to get the best Black Friday deals. Online shopping offers a convenient way to do your shopping and you should try it if you haven’t done so already.

And you don’t have to worry about losing out on deals most of the in-store deals will be available online, apart from the doorbusters. This, however, are usually few and far apart so you might not get them even if you shop at the store.  Happy online shopping this Black Friday!

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