How to Sit with Fractured Vertebrae Correctly at Desk
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How to Sit with Fractured Vertebrae Correctly at Desk

|Aug 9, 2022

There are many injuries that people encounter throughout the year. And among them, one of the most common ones is fractured vertebrae. A large US population suffers from this injury every year. Since a fraction of them are office workers, too, working with fractured vertebrae is excruciating for them. All in all, it is roughly impossible to sit with fractured vertebrae if you don’t know the right way to do so.

At a basic level, you must make certain postural corrections and bring in the ergonomic office furniture in your workspace. In addition to that, a few aids from fractured vertebrae exercises, ice packs, and back braces do a great job as well. But in most cases, people are unaware of the right way to make the relevant alterations and additions in their life.

The most difficult task for these people is to sit at their desks. That's why they often wonder how to sit with a fractured vertebra.

We know that you are looking for that answer too. Therefore, we have shared some of the most useful tried and tested tips on the right ways to sit with a fractured vertebra in this article. But let's begin from the basics: what is a fractured vertebra, and what are its causes and symptoms. 

What Is a Fractured Vertebrae?

What Is a Fractured Vertebrae?

The term fractured vertebrae is used to define the vertebral compression fracture, which mainly occurs in either the mid or the lower region of the spine. This vertebral compression is due to a collapse that may occur in the bony part of your spine. Such a collapse leads to a deformed spine and induces intense pain. It may even lessen your height and make you look shorter than earlier.

In fractured vertebrae, it is the central bony part of the spine that goes under the compression. It appears like you have had bone damage where your block-shaped central bone collapsed. One interesting thing is that compression in your spine might not be painful in every case. In around two-thirds of the cases, the patient feels no pain, and the diagnosis is based upon X-ray reports. So, the question which arises here is what causes a fractured vertebra. 

Causes & Symptoms of Fractured Vertebrae

Causes & Symptoms of Fractured Vertebrae

The major cause of the vertebral compression fracture is the reduction in bone mass which is mainly in patients suffering from osteoporosis. This disease is mainly common in older people as it affects you with age. However, osteoporosis is not the only cause of a fractured vertebrae.

People with mild osteoporosis usually have weaker bones, so lifting a heavy weight or having an accidental fall can be a troubling situation for them which would eventually cause a fractured vertebrae.

In some cases, a traumatic incident may also cause a spinal injury leading to fractured vertebrae. This can be some occasion where you had a bad fall or a time when you tried lifting something too heavy, or in the worst case, some car accident. 

  • The most common symptoms of a fractured vertebrae are:
  • Excruciating pain while standing and walking around in the office
  • Reduced mobility of the spine
  • Feeling the pain intensity decreases when you lay in bed
  • A deformed or rounded spine
  • Feeling extreme back pain suddenly 

If you have had these symptoms lately, it's time to learn how to sit with a fractured vertebrae. 

How to Sit with a Fractured Vertebrae – 5 Useful Tips

You cannot stay immobile for the rest of your life, that's why it is important to learn some safe movement techniques. The good thing is that the tips that we have shared below will help you do that. 

Adopt a Neutral Spine Position

Adopt a Neutral Spine Position

Once you have had fractured vertebrae and you wish to put a lesser strain on your spine, you will have to adopt a neutral spine position. The neutral spine position is the one where you maintain the natural curves of your spine while standing without putting any strain on your backbone. This position is ideal for protecting your spine from any further injuries at work. 

Select the Right Office Chair

Selection of your office chair is a very crucial task after you have had a back injury. You will have to ensure that you have the best chair for back pain and couple it with a standing office table to sit with fractured vertebrae. The ideal options are the ergonomic chairs that conform with your neutral spine position and give you multiple degrees of adjustment. Such a chair can help you relax and recover in the safest way possible. 

Correct Your Posture

Correct Your Posture

Working on your posture is the next most important thing to avoid any strain on your fractured vertebrae. The posture that you will now have to adopt will be different from what most people have. You will have to imagine that you are balancing a book above your head and must keep your head straight.

You will have to do it either when you are sitting on an ergonomic desk stool or when you are trying to stand up. Sitting and standing up from sitting will be a painful task, but you will have to manage this while keeping your head straight. 

Wear a Back Brace

One common practice of the people who have fractured vertebrae in lower back is that they use a back brace. Back braces are great when it comes to aligning your spine. They help you keep your spine upright and have carefully controlled movements. You may apply ice packs after every few hours for some additional pain relief. 

Go For Physical Therapy Sessions

Go For Physical Therapy Sessions

In the end, it is vital that you never skip your physical therapy sessions. These sessions will help you train your spine to stay upright and have a faster recovery. You might have to do some standing desk exercises and fractured vertebrae exercises to help you in this regard, so having proper physical therapy sessions will make these exercises easier. A professional trainer will also help you learn the best way to sit with lower back pain

Wrapping It Up

We hope that you have realized how the fractured vertebrae exercises sessions, a correct posture, back brace, ice packs, and a professional ergonomic chair are vital to sit with fractured vertebrae. You might be doing everything that is there on the list, but what about the right ergonomic office chair? Where will you buy it?


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