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How to Stop Slouching: 8 Ways to Improve
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How to Stop Slouching: 8 Ways to Improve

|Apr 10, 2022

Postural corrections are required at work to ensure you sit upright and stay focused. As an office worker, you would have often noticed that your posture is not as apt as it should be. Have you ever been worried about your posture? Have you wondered how you can stop slouching and improve the way you sit to ace at work?

Thinking about such queries is common but working on them is difficult because most office workers are not aware of the right ways to prevent slouching. A hunched or slouched position negatively impacts your posture and eventually affects your performance at work.

Have you ever seen someone sitting in a slouched position at work and delivering a high-end performance at work? Probably not. Your productivity is somehow associated with the way you sit, so it is better to stay active and attentive to perform better.

The most common postural mistake that office workers make upon sitting for extended hours is when they sit with a hunched back. Since you start feeling too lousy and dull upon sitting this way, it impacts your work speed. Thus, you end up having your work piled up by the end of the day.

No one likes that. So, it is better to avoid slouching when sitting at your desk.

We know that you must be wondering how you will do that; that's why we are here for you. We have shared some simple ways that you can adopt to prevent yourself from slouching at a desk below. So, let’s have a look at them and learn how to stop slouching with us!

8 Easy Ways to Stop Slouching and Improve Your Posture

1. Keep Your Monitor in Line with Your Eyes

Keep Your Monitor in Line with Your Eyes

The first thing that you should evaluate is your monitor’s placement. The angle of your monitor should be such that it is not imparting any pressure on your neck as that can affect your posture. Ideally, your monitor should be in line with your eyes to ensure you do not need to bend to view the screen.

Ensuring that you maintain an apt viewing angle with your monitor screen usually becomes difficult when you have two monitors. What you can do here is use a dual monitor arm mount to adjust your monitors the way it suits you best. 

2. Buy a Standing Desk

The next best thing that you can do is to buy a standing desk for your office. Standing desks are great when it comes to postural corrections. We have noticed that slouching at the desk is more common when you have a traditional office desk which makes you less active at work.

A standing desk, however, helps you have a better posture and gives you a chance to avoid slouching by ensuring you have a dynamic work routine. You can always change the height of this desk to ensure you have the ideal posture. 

3. Stand Upright

Stand Upright to stop slouching

When you are using a standing desk, you should ensure that you are standing the right way to prevent slouching further. It is better to align your shoulders with your spine, relax your knees and keep your stomach tucked in. Doing so will keep your core engaged and ensure you have a good posture while you work. Eventually, you will be able to avoid slouching. 

4. Practice Child’s Pose During Breaks

If you get frequent breaks during your work hours, it is better if you use this time to charge yourself by doing some exercises and yoga poses to stop slouching. Child’s Pose is one such exercise that you can practice.

This exercise will help you stretch your spine and ease tension in the back and neck. Overall, it helps you have stronger glutes and hamstrings and ensure you do not sit with a hunched back. 

5. Do Shoulder Blade Squeezes

Do Shoulder Blade Squeezes to stop slouching

Shoulder blade squeezes are a very simple exercise that you can add to your routine to stop slouching. The fun part is that you can even do it while you are working while standing.

All you need to do is pull your shoulders back and move your chest forward as if you want to make your shoulder blades touch each other. Once done so, hold yourself in that position for a few seconds and then release. You can repeat this 10-15 times to ensure you stay upright. 

6. Perform Desk Plank

Desk Plank is yet another simple exercise that you can adopt to ensure you avoid slouching at the desk. Plank exercise, being one of the major abs exercises, encounters your core muscles and helps you sit straight while ensuring you keep your core engaged. You can even do this exercise on your office's rug if you have some space. 

7. Use a Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow

Use a Seat Cushion and Lumbar Support Pillow

Although exercises are a nice way of getting rid of a slouched back, investing in certain office accessories can help too. The seat cushion and lumbar support pillow are some of them. You can use a seat cushion to provide support to the pelvic region. At the same time, a lumbar support pillow will help you give better support to the lower back.

The selection for your seat’s cushion depends fundamentally on your preferences. You may go for a cooling gel seat cushion if you wish to ensure you do not feel stuffy at work. Apart from that, you may go for a memory foam seat cushion too. 

8. Invest in an Ergonomic Desk Chair

If you are not interested in getting a seat cushion to stop slouching, the chances are that you want to make a bigger investment and get a whole new experience using a new chair. If that is the case, we would suggest that you go for a computer chair as it is ergonomically designed to prevent slouching.

It has built-in lumbar support and a well-cushioned seat. In addition, its mesh back will ensure that you have an airy experience overall. 

Wrapping It Up

That’s all we got! We hope you have some useful takeaways from today's discussion coming towards the end. We hope you will get help from the simple practices mentioned above and stop slouching at your desk from now on. In this way, you will be able to stay healthier and eventually perform better.

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