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How to Use Colors to Boost Your Mood and Productivity in 2024
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How to Use Colors to Boost Your Mood and Productivity in 2024

|Feb 1, 2021

What is color Psychology?

Color psychology

Scientific studies have shown that your home office color scheme can affect your mood and colors that promote productivity but do you have to redecorate to benefit from color psychology?

color is the way our brains interpret electromagnetic waves registered by our eyes, so our response to color is, in the most part, what makes us human.

Understanding how color invokes moods and feelings in our home office space can help you boost your mood and your productivity immeasurably.

Although color schemes are influenced by age, race, culture and life experiences, there are certain colors people that will always invoke a particular response no matter who you are.

How can you use color psychology in your home office?

Different color schemes have been scientifically proven to benefit different types of home office workers.

But, before you run off to your local DIY shop (although it would be nice to start the new year in a refreshed and sparklingly clean home office wouldn’t it?), remember you can also use color in office and interior design accessories.

Refreshing your home office furniture, by adding green plants or colorful prints or wall hangings are also a great low budget option if you want to take advantage of color psychology.

Firstly, choose the right color for your priorities.

Which color will benefit you and your work?

1. Yellow for Creativity

Yellow for creative

Yellow is ideal for you if you want to boost your creativity and maintain your optimism.

It is especially recommended for writers, designers and developers’ home office spaces.

Yellow also helps a room feel spacious and cheerful, however overuse can be over stimulating.

A great way of incorporating yellow into your color scheme is to create a color palette. Color palettes add variety and allow you to express your personality in your own working space, without going overboard.

For example, painting your home office completely white may appear to be a safe option initially if you like the idea of a clear, and clean home working environment. However, it can be sterile to live in every day.

Using a color palette in your home office design allows you to ensure all your new purchases (including office furniture, and wall paint) will ultimately complement each other.

For more inspiration on different types of yellow take a look here

2. Green for Boosting Productivity

Green for boosting creativity

Low wavelength colors, colors that help you focus like green and blue have been shown in scientific studies to improve focus, and efficiency.

Green is especially useful for home office workers who spend a lot of time in front of the screen, as it lessens eye fatigue.

It’s also a great way to bring the outdoors inside, and it’s easy to add green to your current home office setup, with plants and landscape prints or paintings.

3. Blue for calm and serenity


Blue, color that help you focus, as it invokes a sense of serenity, which is why it is often used in spas and bathrooms.

Using a color palette with blues invoking the sky and ocean can also immediately open out a space, and make it appear much bigger.

Blue has been scientifically proven to be a calming influence on employees as well as increasing feelings of hope, decreasing blood pressure and reducing heart rates.

4. Black and Brown – for authority and power

Black and brown

Although using blacks and browns on their own might be overwhelming or depressing, used correctly these colors can not only add a sense of elegance to your home office they can show power and authority.

The easiest way to incorporate blacks and browns into your work space interior design, is through using carefully placed furniture.

Desks, light fittings and chairs in these dark colors will complement any overall color scheme you choose.

Smart black standing desks definitely add a sense of elegance and power to any home office, take a look at this one here.

Easy color fixes for the busy home worker

There are several ways you can use color psychology in your home office to boost your mood and improve your productivity without redecorating.

One powerful way to use color, is to demarcate your home office spaces in your home.

If you don’t have the time or energy to repaint your home office – don’t despair they are many different ways you can use color psychology to boost your home office productivity.

1. Flooring

Getting a new rug with your chosen color is a great way to enliven your space and make it feel completely new. 


2. Plants

Plants not only add color to your workspace but have an added health benefit in that they clean the air in your home working area, and can also help reduce electromagnetic radiation from your electronic devices.

If you don’t have any luck keeping houseplants alive – get artificial ones! Enjoy the color splash without the effort of keeping them alive. 


3. Furniture

Buying a new office desk or more comfortable chair will instantly boost your productivity and make it easier for you to sit down) or stand up like a standing desk and start your day.

Instantly adding a new elegance to your home working area will give you a boost, every day when you start work.


4. Wall coverings

Wall coverings are a great way of displaying your personality and can provide a source of visual source of inspiration every day.

For example, many people who had to cancel their holidays last year due to the Global Pandemic, have added landscapes and pictures of their favourite coasts to their walls.

Why not get an enlarged print of your favourite holiday destination and place it where you can see it every day?

Or you can simply purchase an online print, which inspires you and helps you to stay focused every day.

You can even purchase a digital download online, to avoid the delay of waiting for it to arrive in the post.


Whatever your budget using color psychology to boost your mood and colors that promote productivity is a fun and enjoyable way to refresh your home office.

Color psychology can also be used for all areas of your home and is a useful and possible productivity boosting topic which can be discussed with your virtual team.

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