How to Use Flexible Office Space to Benefit Your Business
Hybrid Working

How to Use Flexible Office Space to Benefit Your Business

|Jun 29, 2021

In the post-COVID19 world, hybrid working has slowly become the new standard, as more workplaces have found themselves implementing this trendy, flexible office space model. Famous companies like Microsoft and IBM have implemented this new working model into their companies for multiple reasons, such as increasing the corporation's efficiency and leaving the door open for innovation.

What are these benefits of a flexible working space that have made it so trendy in the last days?

Before we dive into the advantages that come with the use of a flexible working model, let’s first answer a question that most people have in mind but probably haven’t received a proper answer: what is a flexible workspace?

What is a flexible working space?

We can define the flexible office design as a workspace type where employers offer most employees different places and ways of working. It differs greatly from the traditional definition of office spaces as workers are provided with diverse choices for areas where they can complete the specific tasks that are assigned to them during that moment.

Flexible office solutions are highly convenient for most businesses due to the accommodation possibilities they have. You can “rearrange” them to comply with your objectives as your company evolves and faces new obstacles.

What is a flexible working space?

In other words, a flexible working space allows employees to choose the right time, place, and way to complete a certain task. This motive is why it is often combined with hybrid remote working. However, please note that, despite its nature, not only is it beneficial for employees, but also for the companies.

Benefits of a flexible working space

There are tons of benefits associated with the incorporation of a flex office space model into your workplace. Here we mention some of the key benefits that your company may enjoy by implementing a flexible working model with thorough planning.

1. Reduced costs

Hot desking and office hoteling have become hugely trendy in the latest years. These working models with flexible office space allow employees to choose the desk, and in some instances, the schedule (applies to office hoteling) they’ll follow to work while at the office.

Reduced costs

Thus, a business may be able to “increase” the number of workers they have at and outside the office without necessarily having to invest in a bigger space.

2. It leaves the door open for innovation.

It leaves the door open for innovation.

Flexible office spaces often promote innovation, as people are exposed to different individuals all the time. They're sharing the same space with different individuals (such as freelancer startup owners), which means they may be able to boost their train of thought. Thus, it will be possible to maximize the company's potential and take it in a different direction.

3. Better visibility

Another benefit that comes with the incorporation of flexible office space in your company can be better visibility for the organization. It can lead to meeting potential new employees - either freelancers or any other candidates. Plus, it may also increase the possibilities of your company to get to know more customers or colleagues.

Better visibility

But why does this happen?

It is because you’re considering who will use a certain space and how they can take advantage of it. It will be possible for you to exploit as many opportunities as possible. After all, if people have a good experience, they are very likely to come back.

4. Improved productivity


As most workers will be able to choose where they want to work from and when to do it, they won't have to spend too much time on the commute. Thus, it will be easier for them to get started with their daily tasks. It is well-known that a positive side-effect of implementing a flexible working model into a corporation is an increase in the company's overall productivity.

Many employees will feel the need to prove they are capable of working efficiently from home. Thus, some of them will try to work harder to deliver positive results, resulting in performance improvement.

5. Better creativity

Some of the employees will be working from home, while others will choose a space where they feel comfortable completing their daily obligations. This means it will be possible for them to make more valuable contributions as they won’t feel suffocated by the need of having to keep up constantly with the same schedule.

Better creativity

In other words, we can say that flexible office spaces may give confidence to certain workers to think outside the box. Better creativity will always unravel in innovation. Combined with some of the above factors – such as improved productivity at work - we consider that flexible workspaces are an excellent game-changer for any office.

6. It will be easier to attract potential new talents.

As it was mentioned above, using a flexible office working model in a corporation leaves the door open for valuable individuals looking for a workspace that allows them to choose how, where, and when to work. People will always look for jobs that grant them a more flexible schedule, regardless of the conditions that obligate them to pursue such opportunities.

It will be easier to attract potential new talents.

Some companies are missing extremely talented individuals due to rigid norms.

7. It may improve the well-being of your employees.

Although it is very common for work-from-home workers to feel more burnout than their onsite peers, offering a flexible work schedule may help them improve their mental health, and therefore, their well-being.

It may improve the well-being of your employees.

Many studies have been published over the decades about how your work impacts your mental well-being. According to these studies, almost anything work-related can be a cause of a negative impact on an employee's mental health. Thus, offering flexible opportunities may help them have a "better" state of mind.


Flexible office spaces require thorough planning. Plus, not all positions may be eligible for certain benefits, such as remote working. However, if this working model is implemented the right way, it can bring wonders to your company in little time.

After all, employees will feel more motivated when they have a job opportunity that allows them to choose the conditions surrounding their job, which means they will be able to work more efficiently.

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