Tips on How to Wear Headphones and Glasses
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Tips on How to Wear Headphones and Glasses

|Mar 30, 2023

Many people would be surprised to know how many intricacies it involves to get the best quality from your beloved earphones. To hear the best quality sound from your headphones, ensuring a good ‘seal’ around your ears is crucial, allowing you to experience the best bass and immersion when enjoying your favorite tunes. A good set of headphones is one of the best PC accessories you can invest in and quickly boost your computer setup

Wearing earphones over glasses also often causes the arms of the glasses to be pushed into your scalp and temples, causing discomfort and headaches. But don’t worry — there are some easily implementable tips you can incorporate to ensure you have no problem wearing headphones with glasses. 

Choose the Right Headphone Style for Your Glasses

Choosing the right headphone style is essential for a comfortable fit with glasses. Over-ear headphones with larger earcups and softer padding are usually the best option, as they distribute the pressure more evenly without pressing the glasses into your head in an uncomfortable manner. On the other hand, on-ear headphones that have smaller ear cups might put more pressure on the glasses and may not be comfortable for long listening sessions. 

The best wireless headsets are usually built for ergonomic comfort and shouldn’t cause much of a problem, even with glasses. 

Choose the Right Headphone Style for Your Glasses

Adjust the Earcups to Reduce Pressure on Your Glasses

Adjusting the headphones’ ear cups is crucial in achieving a comfortable fit while wearing glasses. The earcups should sit over the ears and not push the glasses’ arms against the head. Loosening the headband or adjusting the position of the ear cups are good suggestions for reducing pressure and discomfort. Choosing headphones with soft earpads is also recommended, which will create a better seal and reduce sound leakage

Position Your Glasses Temples So They Cover Your Ear Cups

One of the best ways to prevent discomfort while wearing glasses and headphones is to position the glasses’ temples over your ear cups. This way, the weight of the glasses is supported by the earpads and not the head. This trick also makes it possible to get a better seal around the ears, improving sound quality and reducing sound leakage.

Position Your Glasses Temples So They Cover Your Ear Cups

Opt for Glasses with Thin or No Frames

If you wear glasses, choosing thin or having no frames at all is a good idea since thick frames may put more pressure on the head and can make wearing headphones an unnecessarily uncomfortable experience. If you wear glasses with nose pads, they can add a gap between the glasses and your head, which interferes with the seal of your earphones and reduces sound quality. 

Take Regular Breaks to Avoid Discomfort

Regardless of what type of headphones or glasses you wear, it is essential to take regular breaks to avoid discomfort. Taking breaks allows your ears and head to rest and reduces the risk of pain and discomfort. Depending on your individual needs, taking a break every thirty minutes to an hour is recommended, especially if you wear headphones for an extended period.

Clean Your Headphones and Glasses Regularly

Cleaning your headphones and glasses regularly is crucial for maintaining hygiene, preventing dirt and bacteria buildup, and ensuring your devices work at their best quality. Debris like earwax and sweat can often collect on earpads and frames, which leads to a lot of discomforts and, in some cases, even infection. A soft, dry cloth and a gentle cleaning solution should suffice for cleaning your glasses. You should be careful, however, not to use abrasive materials or water, as it can damage equipment.

Clean Your Headphones and Glasses Regularly

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wear headphones with wet hair?

Generally, you shouldn’t. There are many reasons why wearing headphones with wet hair is a bad idea. The moisture from your damp hair can affect your headphones by damaging components and impacting the sound quality, and it can also lead to irritation or infection of the ear canal. If you’re a fan of listening to music during exercise, check out this collection of the best over-the-ear headphones for working out

How do you prevent headphone pressure on glasses?

Choosing the right headphones, like over-ear headphones with larger ear cups and softer padding, can reduce discomfort because they can distribute pressure more evenly instead of pushing your glasses’ stems against your head. You should also adjust the headphones properly by adjusting the ear cups and wearing your glasses’ stems over your ears to reduce discomfort from pressure. 

How often should I clean my headphones and glasses?

Regularly cleaning your spectacles and headphones is crucial for ensuring hygiene and comfort while you use them. Headphones should be cleaned at least once a week, and for your glasses, it is recommended to carry a soft fiber cloth that you can use to clean them whenever the lenses seem smudged from dust or oil. Use a soft, dry cloth and a gentle, non-abrasive cleaning solution to avoid damaging your belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions - headphones and glasses

Why do my headphones hurt my ears?

Incorrectly using your headphones can sometimes cause discomfort. Using your headphones for extended periods on high volume, wearing them while your hair is wet, and using a set that doesn’t fit correctly or hasn’t been appropriately adjusted on your head are all habits that can lead to pain and discomfort while using your headphones. 

Do headphones cause hair loss?

With everyday use, headphones have not been reported to cause hair loss. However, wearing them for excessively long periods without breaks and not cleaning your headphones can lead to irritation and inflammation of your scalp and skin, which can lead to temporary hair loss or thinning in some cases. 

We hope this article gave you some good tips about how to wear headphones with glasses. Ultimately, it comes down to choosing suitable quality devices that provide ergonomic comfort and give your ears plenty of room, even with glasses. If you’re picking out tech gadgets for your office space, getting the best pair of headphones for work should be a priority on your list. With smart use, using headphones can be a pleasant and comfortable experience.

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