Hybrid Office Concept: How to Setup Ones
Hybrid Working

Hybrid Office Concept: How to Setup Ones

|Jul 13, 2021

What does the future of work look like? This is the most common question as we thankfully head to the post-pandemic world. The coronavirus has shaken the whole world, and there is no doubt about the fact that workplaces have been seriously impacted. The transition to work from home routine has made many organizations realize a serious rise in productivity. Even though the world returns to normal gradually, 6 out of 10 organizations are planning to proceed with remote work or any other modification.

The hybrid office concept isn't a new one but is one of the most widely heard practices in a flexible workspace. Organizations are shifting towards hybrid work after evaluating the benefits of a hybrid workplace. However, it is also true that a hybrid office design isn't easy to achieve and that being said, one should counter the challenges smartly.


Make sure before you set up a hybrid office, you are aware of all the challenges of transitioning to remote hybrid work and its consequences. Starting by creating awareness amongst the employee is one of the most crucial steps. This article will serve as your guide to hybrid office planning and help you set up a hybrid workplace that works for your organization.

What Do You Need To Know to Setup a Hybrid Office?

The benefit of working remotely is that many organizations and employees realized that the majority of the tasks they do every day can be easily executed from the space of their homes. This means no more commuting for long hours to reach a workstation or any extra spending on setting up workstations each time a new hire is available.

What Do You Need To Know to Setup a Hybrid Office?

Working from home has advantages for both employers and employees, and most people are not ready to give up this flexible mode of working. But to set up a modern workplace that sticks to the hybrid office concept, it is important to be smart with the planning.

It is not wise nor easy to suddenly abandon the offices for something as confusing as remote work, which is why reaching a balance between the two is the answer. Hybrid remote work allows employees to work both in-house and remotely on their set days.

Different Needs

All the employees and their needs are not limited to a similar practice. However, the organization has to be smart enough to support everyone’s unique working situation. Practically it’s impossible to cater to everyone’s needs but communicating and listening to employees is a way to start. There are different types of hybrid working, and a business can adapt any of those depending on what they need.

Different Needs

If your employees are not ready to leave the office entirely, it is wise to set up turns working from the office, or if some employees find it hard to come to the office and their work can be managed from home, there is no point in putting them on the schedule. Employees, when felt attended to and heard, are more productive.

Creating Space

When you shift to a hybrid work plan, even though you don't need as much space as a full physical office, investing in spaces is a good idea. There are a few layout changes that your organization might need to make.

Changing the workstations or introducing desk booking systems is a good way. However, if more employees wish to visit the office for work purposes, you must be prepared beforehand. Rather than renting a space daily and letting space go wasted, hoteling office space is a good option.

Investing In Video Conferencing Tool

You should encourage distant workers to use video conferencing tools. Companies must invest in a simple and effective video conferencing solution that in-office personnel may use to interact with remote workers since it is the most efficient and natural way to engage with others.

Investing In Video Conferencing Tool

Deciding on a common video conferencing tool will help employees connect better and easily. This will also make sure the gap while working in teams in any hybrid office concept is reduced.

Room Booking Systems

Room booking systems are an essential part of an organization. Your workers may arrange their hybrid meeting schedule ahead of time with the help of a meeting room booking system. The information provided by a meeting room booking system will show you if you have enough meeting rooms in your office and whether they are the correct size and specs for the individuals utilizing them.

The advantage of adopting a room booking system or desk booking software for remote employees is that co-located workers may start meetings fast and, allowing remote workers to avoid wasting time waiting for a meeting set up.


Experiencing a work environment physically teaches a lot about our job and how things occur in a professional environment. Sadly enough, this is limited with a hybrid remote working. Remote workers not only feel a sense of isolation but also are compromised on their growth. So make sure you don't let the learning stop even if you have a hybrid office concept.


Though technology and transparency can facilitate learning this way, it is not the only way to promote learning. Make sure you hold physical meetings where teams collaborate and connect.


It is important to encourage employee connectivity in any hybrid office concept if your organization wishes to grow as a team. Managers, for their part, must guarantee that when employees arrive at work, they feel free to interact and engage with their coworkers.

Leaders should state this clearly and demonstrate it by spending time in the common areas and engaging in social events. Also, a big issue in the hybrid workplace is the employees working remotely often feel left out and not invited to office discussions and meetings. In such cases, make sure you make the remote workers feel equally valued and an integral part of the organization.

Sample Hybrid Work Models

A hybrid model may appear to be a simple answer to the present challenges that businesses confront since it allows them to maintain their office space while also supporting in-person and remote workers. However, some obstacles must be overcome.

Sample Hybrid Work Models

Sample hybrid work models help organizations make tough decisions without having to go through tough times. Since hybrid work has been a common practice and is being adapted for a while now by organizations worldwide, there are various models and helpful hybrid solutions to get new organizations on board.

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