How to Implement Office Hoteling Best Practices in Your Business
Hybrid Working

How to Implement Office Hoteling Best Practices in Your Business

|Jul 10, 2021

Hybrid workplaces have become quite popular in recent years, including specific ways of working, such as office hoteling and hot-desking. However, the office hoteling best practices seem to be discussed more than any other subtype of hybrid working.

There are many reasons for this. Although companies consider the office hoteling pros and cons before implementing the working model at its fullest, it is also worth noting that the drawbacks do not overshadow the benefits. For this reason, many offices have become prosperous with this working model.

Office hoteling or hotel desks are often seen as a solution for companies that have limited space. This way, it is possible to arrange schedules to serve the employees and the company. It is a great solution for those with fewer desks than people. Hot desking is another good option, but office hoteling seems to bring more "organization" into your business than the other option.

Benefit of Office Hoteling

These are some of the few benefits that come with the incorporation of an office hoteling space within a business:

  • More flexibility – Employees will be able to choose where they would like to work from and the best schedule for them. Some companies also offer the option of remote working for certain positions, making it possible to increase employee satisfaction.
  • Reduced costs – As less space will be used, employers will reduce costs related to utilities, rent, and office equipment.
  • Maximization of space – Last but not least, let’s not forget that office hoteling workstations offer companies an opportunity to use all the available space while reducing the costs simultaneously.

Benefit of Office Hoteling

IBM has been using this hybrid working model for several years, but EY’s Chicago Offices introduced this concept to the industry.

Hoteling office space: the best practices

A healthy hybrid working environment is hard to achieve without taking advantage of the best practices. That’s why, for today’s article, we’ll be explaining the office hoteling best practices that all companies should take into account before implementing it within their business.

1. Centralize booking and management.

The first thing you'll need to do is to do some research about office hoteling software. It is quite complicated to keep track of what's happening within your business without one – plus, it will also be helpful for employees as they'll have everything they need in the palm of their hands.

Centralize booking and management.

For instance, one of the best hybrid working solutions that work excellent for office hoteling and hot-desking is Autonomous Hybrid Work.  This program contains all the solutions that any person would like for a space management app, including the following:

  • An interactive floor plan – You’ll be able to map out the entire office after uploading the blueprints of your headquarters. It will be easy to keep track of who’s using a certain desk and for how long they have been there.
  • Integration – This same program should be compatible with other platforms and apps that allow you to communicate and keep up with your employees. For instance, Autonomous Hybrid Work also includes Autonomous JAM, a virtual meeting app compatible with both computer and mobile devices.
  • Mobile accessibility – Like what has been explained above, it is crucial for most programs nowadays to be compatible with mobile devices. Otherwise, it'll be hard to keep track of what's happening at the office while you're on the go.

But these are not the only factors that need to be taken into account in the hybrid workplace for the office hoteling best practices. The program you choose should be simple, easy to use, and cloud-based. It is also crucial for it to include data in real-time, plus customization features based on what you want to achieve with the working model.

2. Have a booking process planned.

 Once you're done selecting the best software solution for your company, it is time to figure out the best booking process. It shouldn't be complicated, but you'll need to accommodate it based on how many employees will be attending the workplace at certain times and the arrangement of your office.

Have a booking process planned.

Plus, you’ll also have to consider whether your employees will have direct access to the booking process (hence, they will be able to book a desk by themselves) or if they need to attend the workplace to arrange their hybrid remote work schedules. Once they’re done with their workday, employees should check out with their manager – or within the app, if it allows self-management.

Both of the examples given above are great ideas, and for all of them, a particular program is needed. Thus, space management software is a must for companies that want to keep up with the office hoteling best practices.

3. Incorporate wayfinding and make sure everyone can find their desks easily


Wayfinding is one of the most important aspects of any hot desk setup. This concept means that all areas, desks, and other essential furniture should be labeled so that your employees can find what they need as soon as possible. Although it is great to do it physically, you should also consider implanting a digital solution.

Here are some examples you can use for this.

  • You may opt for labeling each desk with a number, from one to one-hundred, for instance. You can also assign alpha-numeric labels or any other unique identifier you may find useful.
  • All employees should have access to a directory where they can see each desk’s availability. This searchable directory should also have information in real-time.

4. Remember to set your goals and expectations to make the adaptation process easier.

Remember to set your goals and expectations to make the adaptation process easier.

What do you want to achieve, and where do you think your company will go after implementing office hoteling?

  • For starters, your employees should get familiarized with office hoteling etiquette as the office hoteling best practices. Your policy should specify that all desks must be appropriately sanitized and freshened up for the next user.

  • Next up, you want everyone to solve their problems as soon as possible. Thus, they should know the teammate to contact whenever a problem prevents them from completing a certain task.

  • It's also a good idea to include a "manual" that helps your employees get familiarized with the concept. It should also answer all the questions they may have, making this experience a lot easier.

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