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Importance of Office chairs with Adjustable Height and their Impact on the Worker in the Office

Autonomous Autonomous | Dec 25, 2018

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When looking for the best office chair, it is best for the user to pick an adjustable height office chair that can complement his/her height while sitting. Choosing the wrong chair with an adjustable height that doesn’t meet the user’s preferences can be harmful to his/her health and comfort. And as those two are removed the user will lack the ability to be productive in the office.

On this post, the importance of an adjustable height office chair will be discussed and stressed as a focal point. Also, there will be some assistance in helping to understand certain crucial topics. Such as how high should an office chair be? And how do height adjustable chairs work? 

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What is the importance of having an adjustable height office chair?

One of the best office chair features is its adjustability. And the height of the user has everything to do with choosing a chair when adjustability is the focus. The importance of having an office chair with an adjustable height is due to the problems in which the user can escape.

An office chair without a proper adjustable height will affect the user’s sitting posture. Also, there is the likeliness that it will mess up with his/her health. And it’s all due to certain actions in which an office chair with improper adjustable height will cause.

An office chair such as that will cause the user to not place his/her feet flat on the ground. Thus, prevents the user’s thighs from being at a good angle with the floor. If this were to happen then it is the case in which people of shorter heights will face. For them to solve this issue there will be a need for an adjustable footrest that can work hand-in-hand with the adjustable height office chair.

There is also another case where the office chair with the wrong adjustable height range will cause the user's knees to be above the seat pan’s height. This places a lot of stress on the user’s knees and thighs altogether. The user will for sure be left uncomfortable.

Tall people are more likely to experience such a problem. For them to able to solve such an issue, there needs to be an adjustable height office chair that can allow the user to set the sit’s height to a level far above the floor. This should be done such a way the user’s knees will be at the same level or below the level of the chairs seat edge.

An office chair with wrong adjustable height range doesn’t just Cause problems for the user’s lower body, it can also cause problems for his or are back.

For an adjustable height office chair to be ideal, it should be able to meet the user’s preferences due to his/her height. As the feet must be flat on the ground so must he backrest height be able to accommodate the tall user’s back. If a chair fails to do this it will cause strains in the upper body parts such as the neck, shoulders and upper spine. To solve this issue it is best to get a chair that can offer a good backrest height range.

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How high should an office chair be?

This is very valid questions and the answer will provide the best way a user of adjustable height office chair can ensure comfort and productivity. Should it be lower or higher? The answer has everything to do with the height of the desk that goes with it and the right posture it is supposed to give the user.

With the right height of the office chair, the user should be able to have his/her knees and elbows at right angles or good angles with the chair that is in line with the body’s comfort.

The desk height also plays a major role in choosing the best height for the office chair. The reason is that the chair’s height has the possibility of being too tall or too short for the desk. The obvious solution will be to find the perfect office chair that can adjust its height to the appropriate level with respect to the desk height.

The best way to tackle the issue of choosing an office chair with respect to the desk height is to get an adjustable height desk. Such a desk allow the user to get that perfect chair with a good adjustable height without worrying about the desk’s height. Although, the height range of the adjustable desk should also be reasonable with the user’s preferable height of the office chair.

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How do height adjustable office chairs work?

There is another term in which office chairs with an adjustable height are called and it is a pneumatic office chair. The word pneumatic refers to the lever below the office chair. This lever allows activates a mechanism causes the chair to change in height. Thus, making the chair’s height adjustable, it qualifies the chair to be ergonomic in nature.

It is quite perplexing how just a simple lever such as the pneumatic causes a chair to move fluidly up and down. Well, don’t worry it’s not magic, it is just several components working together as the level is pulled. The components that give an adjustable height office chair or a pneumatic office chair its ability include:

The base, gas cylinder (this contains compressed air which is fitted into a telescoping cover), a seat that is fitted with a plate that holds the lever. And finally the padded back support.

The main engine that drives allows adjustability of the office chair height is the gas cylinder. The air chamber located in the cylinder is connected to the piston. When it is activated with a push of the lever in such a way the piston goes into the chamber, the compressed air will result in a rise in the chair’s height.

If a pulling force was exacted on the lever, the piston will begin to come out of the chamber. This then reduces the pressure of air in the chamber. As this happens the air inside expands and causes the seat to get lower in height.

When getting an adjustable height office chair, it is best to study the way it rises up and lowers in terms of height. The chair could be struggling to lift up or lower down. The best solution is to get another office chair with a smoother transition. Or if the chair is too perfect to turn down then it is best to oil it back to its proper functionality.

How to adjust your office chair for your height?  

The aim is to make the office chair suitable for your height. To find the best posture you can get according to your height, follow the steps below:

Step one

Stand in front of the office chair and adjust the chair in such a way the heist point of the seat is below the knees. This allows the user to get a good angle between the user’s thighs and knees while he/she sits. Getting this perfect angle will ensure the user experiences comfort for long hours while sitting.

Step two

Sit on the chair in a way that the feet are flat on the ground. If this is not done there will pressure on the user's chair. To solve this issue it is best for the user to adjust the seat height until the feet are flat. In order to adjust the chair seat like this, the user must make sure the front edge of the seat and the lower part of his her legs are able to fit a clenched fist.

Step three

Adjust the backrest of the office chair in a forward or backward position and also in an upward or downward direction so that the perfect posture will be found. If done well, the backrest of the office chair should be able to fit the hollow in the user’s lower back to ensure comfort for long hours.

Step four

The user should seat upright in such a way his/her arms are resting loosely on the sides. The user should bend his/her elbows at right angles and the armrests height. It must be done in a way were the armrest barely touches the underside of the elbow.

Step five

 If the armrest cannot allow the user to achieve the desired results then the best action to take is to remove the armrest.  

Step six

Tilt the office chair forward or backward if it helps your height.

Why an adjustable height desk is advisable?

The adjustable desk chairs are very friendly to the height of users and it helps to tackle the problem of using an office chair with no adjustable height or a poorly adjustable height office chair. With the adjustable height of the desk, the user can use chairs with adjustable height and chair without the adjustable height.

Besides just the ability to use an adjustable chair of any kind, it also has some great benefits in which the user can enjoy. Such as improving the worker's posture, help in burning calories and it also helps to improve the worker’s productivity in the office. All these are backed with studies done on them.

On the part of improved productivity, a study was done and it was discovered that workers in the office place tend to be efficient while standing than seating. The reason is that there is the allowance of movement and user’s height is not strained.  

Best office chairs

Here are commended office chairs that will provide great support and comfort thought out working hours. They are all made by our company The products that will be reviewed showcase the quality in which our company manufactures. 

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

Autonomous ErgoChair 2

This chair is one of Autonomous first flagship chairs. It has all the standard requirements a good adjustable height office chair would have.  There is a pneumatic lever located at the bottom which allows the user to have full control of the height of the chair. With just a pull or push of the lever, the cylinder mechanism will occur and it will cause the chair to lift or lower in a smoother way.

The chair also has an adjustable lumbar support which is perfect to ensure users with various height get their perfect support and comfort. The chair can fit perfectly with the right work desk and even better if it is an adjustable height desk like our smart adjustable desks.    

MyoChair Autonomous

Autonomous MyoChair

The MyoChair is a great chair to consider when looking for that extra comfort in the workplace. Sometimes after long hours of work the next action to take is just laid back, put your feet up and rest your head. The chair is able to allow such with its extra two detachable and adjustable parts. They include the footrest and a headrest.

The design of this chair clear ensures the perfect care for your spine for posture and a boost in circulation for productivity. The chair comes with a pneumatic lever, which allows the user to have full control of the chair’s height.

OsmoChair Autonomous

Autonomous Osmo chair

If you are looking for total comfort in the workplace look no further than the Osmo chair. By just assessing of the chair visually one can tell that it is the perfect chair for complete comfort. The reason is behind the backrest there is some kind of frame contraction that supports a frame which provides lumbar support. As the user simply rests on the Osmo chair, he/she will enjoy great comfort and support that gives productivity and a good posture. 

Like the Myo Chair, it possesses leg rest and headrest for extra comfort. One would be more than happy to reward his/herself with these components after a long working day or during a break. The Osmo chair design finds it easy to adapt in several situations and configurations, thus making it easy to get that perfect sitting posture.

Like the other two chairs mentioned, there is a pneumatic lever which will the user to adjust its height according to his/her preferences.


The aim of an adjustable height office chair is to provide the best comfort of the user. This is what makes the office chair very important. The impact of the adjustable height office chair is a lot because, without adjustability of the height, the users that have certain heights may not be comfortable. 

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