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Important Components of a Computer Standing Desk
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Important Components of a Computer Standing Desk

|Jun 24, 2021

A standing desk itself is a great piece of furniture for a workplace, but a computer standing desk can become a lot more beneficial for the user when combined with the right accessories. Along with better heart health, improve calorie-burn rate, strong posture, and other benefits offered by a standing desk, the sit-stand desk components make the user feel comfortable and have better energy levels.

According to a study, 87% of standing desk users have claimed to experience increased productivity with standing desks. Even though the market is saturated with ergonomic furniture and suitable options, but to build a simple office desk at home offers many perks such as customization and the use of affordable raw materials.

If you are looking for ways to make your standing desk at home, here are some of the important standing desk parts essential in the building process.

Stand Up Desk Components for DIY Standing Desk

The fancy standing desks in the market may give an impression that you need a full pocket to enjoy the benefits of a standing desk, but the truth couldn't be farther from that. A standing desk is a platform that allows you to work while standing. While other features add to the comfort and make standing desks even more versatile, there are only a few essential components that will help you reap the benefits of this wondrous piece of furniture.

Spacious Surface

Stand Up Desk Components for DIY Standing Desk

A spacious surface is a must-have for any work desk, let alone a standing desk. A standing desk should be wide enough to allow you multiple options. It should have enough space to hold your monitor, keyboard, accessories, mouse pad, mouse, and documents. There is also an L-shaped standing desk for people who require more space that resides gracefully in the corner and provides more surface area for work.


Shelves are an integral part of a work desk, whether you are opting for standing desks or conventional work desks. Multiple shelves provide more workspace and storage. Ensure the standup desk you're thinking about has two shelves at the desktop level and one at the base.

Spacious Surface

A monitor or laptop may be used on the taller of the two desktop shelves, while a keyboard and mouse may be placed on the lower of the two desktop shelves. They are important computer standing desk components. A computer tower, printer, paper, books, and any other goods you require easy access to may be stored on the base shelf.

Standing Desk Frame

Many standing desk frames can be bought for people who want to remain open with the choice of platform or the work surface. Standing desk frames are usually made of wood, metal, or aluminum, depending on the type of strength you are looking for. Here are very crucial computer standing desk components that every desk must have.

Since choosing a standing desk frame for your work desk depends on many factors such as weight capacity, size, construction, and choice of material, it is important to search your options before making the right purchase.

Adjustable Desk

Standing Desk Frame

If you need a height-adjustable desk but don't want to spend a whole lot on a new desk, then buying motorized standing desk legs is a good idea. Since motorized standing desk legs are electrically controlled and do not offer much hassle while altering the height, you can use them in both sit and stand positions.


The whole point of standing desks is to have mobility in the workplace. If your standing desk cannot move and accommodate you comfortably, then the whole point of a standing desk is negated.

You must be able to carry your important stuff to engage with colleagues or retreat on your own for jobs that demand more attention when you have more mobility. Your standup desk will require casters; however, ensure that the wheels on the desk you select have locking brakes to ensure that the desk remains safe.

Weight Capacity

Desktops are must-have computer standing desk components and it’s essential for it to carry many things. If your standing desk frame, platform, or combination isn't ready to bear the load you are putting on it; then the whole idea will collapse in a matter of minutes. Make sure to be smart with calculations before purchasing a standing desk frame or making one of your own.

Weight Capacity

Calculate the weight of the tabletop you want to use, and then deduct that weight from the lifting capability of the standing desk frame to see how much desktop equipment it can lift. This is a phase you don't want to omit if you're trying to construct an extremely thick tabletop or one out of stone or heavy oak.

What to Consider When Getting a Standing Desk?

Your search for the right standing desk doesn't just end when you find a product within your budget. Rather the search has to be detailed, clear and focused on bringing you the standing desk benefits. Besides computer standing desk components, here are a few factors to keep in mind while using a standing desk.

Right Posture

Right Posture

Keep your head, neck, torso, and legs in line and upright when utilizing a standing desk. To shift your weight from one foot to the other, use a footrest. Wear shoes that offer adequate support.

Desk Specifications

Choose a deep enough desk to fit your monitor in front of you and at least 20 inches away. Your wrists should be straight, and your hands should be at or slightly below the level of your elbows. Wrist pressure can be avoided by using a desk with a rounded front. To modify the height of your desk, you must have an adjustable height system or even a properly measured height to start with in the first place.

To Make Your Standing Desk at Home or Not?

The computer standing desk components allow the user to make their standing desk at home. But before diving into the process of creating your standing desk, it is important to know whether the effort is worth it or not?

To Make Your Standing Desk at Home or Not?

Since people who involve themselves in DIY projects and work with raw materials to make their workspace are always looking for cheaper options, a DIY standing desk can be cheaper than buying a readymade one only if you choose the right tools, raw materials, and equipment for your standing desk.

However, building an adjustable standing desk with motorized components, whether manual or electric, will be expensive for you in many ways.

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