Get Indoor Views of a Galaxy with a Star Projector
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Get Indoor Views of a Galaxy with a Star Projector

|Aug 10, 2022

You have many ways to decorate your room or living room, and investing in creative decorations can make your guests enjoy the time they spend there. However, if you don’t want to go for the standard paintings or lamps everyone has, we recommend you buy a star projector. 

Getting a star projector allows you to have the looks of a beautiful night in your room whenever you want. Do you like stars? This is the product for you, so read this page to know what the best star projectors are in 2022.  

Get ready to have the views of a galaxy closer than ever!   

What Is a Star Projector?

What Is a Star Projector?

As its name suggests, a star projector is a product that allows you to display stars in the room where you turn it on. The thing about star projectors is they all offer you something different, and some of them have unique special designs that go beyond the standard galaxy or stars design.  

When star projectors started to become popular, they were mainly used for planetariums, and they offered anyone who visited planetariums an immersive and magical experience.  

Regardless of that, people became interested in enjoying that experience without going out of their houses, so nowadays, you can get small projectors for your house.  

Benefits of Using a Star Projector

Benefits of Using a Star Projector

You can use a galaxy projector for many things if you want to take the most advantage you can from it. Almost every sky bright star projector is an excellent decoration piece, but you can use some of them as an educational tool for toddlers.  

Using them allows you to teach them about the stars and planets in a more interactive and fun way that makes you understand everything better. If your kids like it, you can also use your smart star projector as a night light for their room. 

Nevertheless, getting a galaxy star projector is not only good for kids, and you can also benefit from using it in your room. Do you want to have a romantic date with your partner? Use your galaxy projector to set the mood and take your partner to a lovely night full of stars!  

Although that’s their main purpose, using a star projector doesn’t only allow you to display a night full of stars or a galaxy since most of them have different light modes and designs available for you, so check them out and see which one fits you better.   

Are There Different Types of Star Projectors?

You have many options to choose from when looking for a star projector, but rather than saying there are different types of projectors, you can classify them for what they can show you and how much you can do with them. Standard galaxy projectors, for example, only show you one thing and can’t display anything more than that.


Getting a smart star projector, on the other hand, lets you adjust the star display you are going to show your guests and even change it for another one. Some of them even allow you to display your own pictures or designs. Smart star projectors often come with a mobile app that allows you to control them.  

Planetarium projectors are made for big spaces, so it’s not that common to see someone getting one for their house. These projectors often come with many image disks and can make mesmerizing displays.  

Smaller, or mini star projectors, are the ones you use for your bedroom or living room. They still allow you to show excellent displays in your house, but are not that big and don’t have as many image discs.  

Aside from that, some star projectors focus on showing you the stars while others prefer going for galaxies and other views.  

What Are the 20 Best Star Projectors in 2022?

Are you interested in getting a star projector for your house? We are here to help you! Here, you can find the 20 best star projectors for you in 2022. All items on this list are of excellent quality, so pick the one that best fits you. 

1. Sega Homestar Original Black

Sega Homestar Original Black star projector

The first smart star projector on this list is the Sega Homestar Original Black, and it shows us how good the Sega Homestar lineup can be. Sega is a market-leading brand, and this product allows you to display 60,000 stars in your room.

This advanced star light projector lets you change its projection angle and focus whenever you feel like it, and its settings are highly intuitive, so don’t think you are going to get lost throughout the process. Additionally, this Sega Homestar release also features a timer for it to turn off automatically. 

2. Sega Homestar Night Dome

As we mentioned before, Sega is one of the top companies worldwide regarding star projectors, so it’s not surprising to see three of its projectors taking the first three spots on this list. The Sega Homestar Night Dome, rather than being a sky-bright star projector itself, it’s an accessory to boost your current projector. 

Using this accessory allows you to broaden the use of the projector you are using at the time since the projector’s lens will display its image disc onto the dome hemisphere. Naturally, this product is compatible with both the Sega Homestar Original Black and the Sega Homestar Flux.  

3. Sega Homestar Flux

Sega Homestar Flux star projector

Getting to the last Sega Homestar product on this list, we have the Sega Homestar Flux, which is also a top choice for people looking forward to getting a galaxy star projector for their house. Flux is one of the most advanced projectors you can find out there, but it’s also more expensive than the Original Black release.

The reason this product makes such an advanced and brilliant projection is its multilevel glass lenses. Additionally, this galaxy projector works with a USB cable and offers more than 30 optional star discs for you to display different designs all the time.   

4. BlissLights Sky Lite 2.0

BlissLights is also an excellent company when it comes to developing high-quality star projectors, and the Sky Lite 2.0 proves that. Enjoy the world this star light projector has to show you with its drifting green stars and RGB nebula cloud. This is the perfect gaming light for your gaming station.  

5. LaView Star Projector HD

LaView Star Projector HD

Buying the LaView Star Projector HD means buying a star projector that uses eight sets of high light transmission and adjustable green laser light. LaView Star Projector’s projection area is large, so it’s ideal for big living rooms.  

This projector’s HD optimal film disc makes sure you get an immersive experience while looking at the stars.  

6. Star Light Galaxy Projector

People designing a neon gaming room can’t miss the opportunity to get the Star Light Galaxy Projector to boost the aesthetics of their gaming stations. Apart from being one of the most affordable products on the list, it allows you to display a star-filled galaxy in your room with a smart sleep shutdown timer.  

7. ORYOHA Star Projector

ORYOHA Star Projector

Whether you want a galaxy, water wave, or starry sky, the ORYOHA Galaxy Projector is the smart star projector for you. The best thing about this product is that it comes with a Bluetooth music speaker that lets you listen to relaxing sounds to fall asleep while looking at what this galaxy projector displays.   

8. RTjoy Star Projector Battery Version

If you are looking for gaming room accessories, the RTjoy Star Projector Battery Version is an excellent pick for you. As its name suggests, it works with a rechargeable battery, so you can take this star light projector anywhere you want with no problem.  

9. LitEnergy LED Sky Projector

LitEnergy LED Sky Projector

Following up with another portable galaxy projector for your gaming room setup, we have the LitEnergy LED Sky Projector. Not only is this product budget-friendly, but it also has nine different lighting modes and easy-to-use remote control for you to adjust your galaxy light projector in a matter of seconds. 

10. UNIFUN Galaxy Projector

While some projectors focus on helping toddlers fall asleep or making your basement gaming room shine, the UNIFUN Galaxy projector is perfect for parties. This product’s Bluetooth speakers also allow you to listen to music while displaying a unique sky full of stars.  

11. LEDMall Aurora Star Green Decorative Projector

LEDMall Aurora Star Green Decorative Projector

The LEDMall doesn’t look as modern as others on the list regarding design but instead offers you an elegant design that displays pristine aurora green lights in your bedroom. You can set this star projector to work with voice control, so you don’t even need to get out of your bed to use it.   

12. SOAIY Aurora Borealis Light Projector

Having different light projection modes allows you to enjoy a different experience that adapts to your mood each time you want to use your sky bright star projector, and that’s what the SOAIY Aurora Borealis Light projector offers you.  

This galaxy projector turns itself off after one hour, so you can leave it on and try to sleep.  

13. Projectables Space Nebula LED Night Light Projector

Projectables Space Nebula LED Night Light Projector

LED lights are a top-tier choice for star projectors, so you can trust a product using it to have high display quality. The Projectables Space Nebula LED Night Light Projector is kid-safe, and you don’t need to worry about it breaking or using a lot of energy to stay on. 

14. SCOPOW Star Projector

Do you want to get the cutest star light projector you can find on the market? The SCOPOW Star Projector is an option you should consider taking. Some use this projector as a toy or gift for their 5-11-year-old children, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy it for yourself, too.  

15. AIRIVO Aurora Projector

AIRIVO Aurora Projector

The problem with many star projectors is they don’t have a dynamic display since they only show you the same stars all the time. The AIRIVO Aurora Projector addresses that thanks to its dynamic star blinking mode with 14 variations.  

16. MOKOQI Night Light Projector

Here is another home furniture you should invest in for your ultimate experience. Using the MOKOQI Night Light Projector is not difficult at all, and that makes it perfect for people who haven’t used a star projector in the past. This projector doesn’t make any noise while you use it, so you don’t have to worry about it waking you up in the middle of the night.  

17. Elmchee Star Night Light for Kids

Elmchee Star Night Light for Kids

Although many of the products on this list are good for kids, that doesn’t mean they focus on kids’ use, and that is what the Elmchee Star Night Light for Kids does. You can use it as either a projector or a night light depending on what you need at the moment.  

18. DCAUT Star Projector

Innovative and creative designs are also something to pay attention to when looking for a galaxy projector. The DCAUT Star Projector has the shape of dinosaur eggs, so you may like it if you are into those things.  

19. Bodaker Star Projector

It’s not difficult to notice the Bodaker Star Projector has everything someone would need in a galaxy light projector. Enjoy eight different colors and a dynamic projection, a Bluetooth speaker with a USB socket, a remote-control night light, and an automatic timed shutdown when you buy this product.

20. Projectables LED Space Night Light Projector

Projectables has amazing projectors in its stock, and the Projectables LED Space Night Light Projector is the last product on this list. You can make several adjustments to this product to make sure it displays stars and planets in the exact way you want them to.  


There are many different star projectors on the market, and each of them offers you a different thing. The price range of galaxy projectors is also wide, so you have several options available if you are working on a budget.  

Get one for your bedroom, and see how its whole vibe changes!

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