Best Industrial Retro Floor Lamps Under $300
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Best Industrial Retro Floor Lamps Under $300

|Jan 7, 2022

The characteristics and aesthetics of old industries and manufacturing structures are incorporated into the industrial design and style. This concept includes raw brickwork, concrete, wood, open areas, metallic materials, uncovered tubes and ductwork, antique furnishings, recycled materials, and ambient lighting.

Retro industrial floor lamps are available in a range of designs and sizes. These options enable you to locate the ideal match for your room's requirements. The lighting can serve as a platform and unique extension to the room or mix in with its environment as a more nuanced component.

List of the Best Industrial Retro Floor Lamps under $300

Floor lamps are a statement piece for any space. They will add a spark of brightness in any space you desire. Here is our list of some of the best industrial style retro floor lamps for living room:

1. Benzara Floor Lamp

Benzara retro floor lamp

The Benzara Floor Lamp device has an industrial floor lamp appearance, making it an excellent choice for home office settings. There are 2 things to observe when it comes to style. First, there's the traditional design, and then the product's outstanding finish. Horizontal metallic rods are sleek, sturdy, and fashionable. Thanks to its clean and straightforward design, you do not have to worry about just the product taking up a lot of space. The foundation is a substantial circle, ensuring that the lamp does not tumble over and that the object is as stable as possible.

2. Brightech Swoop Floor Lamp

Brightech Swoop retro floor lamp

Whenever it comes to the design of the Brightech Swoop floor lamp, there seems to be a lot to discuss. This primitive and contemporary floor lamp, rated as an industrial-styled retro floor lamp for retro office decor, reflects the latest trend and has an antique appearance. The lamp's style radiates luxury, and when you place it in your space, it will give off a strong retro vibe. It's perfect for some evening reading in the room as your retro floor reading lamp, a kid's study area, and your remote office setup. The Swoop floor lamp is also popular due to its retro design, which you can use to complement any living area and make it stand out in the long term. The lamp is considered a timeless design because of its attractive and unusual appearance. Also, from the price point, it is very affordable. Another option other than this is the Brightech Logan floor lamp.

3. Oslo 60 Inch Adesso Floor Lamp

This remarkably durable console lamp provides pleasant ambient lighting. The tulip-style pedestal may cater to admirers of mid-century style, and it seems like lighting that cost 10 times as much. If you want a floor lamp principally for the atmosphere or to study under sometimes, and you want a classical lampshade style with modern hints, this one is a good choice if your favorite type of lighting is a floor lamp. It's more substantial and less prone to tipping than the other platform lamps we tested, which are also known as "shaded" or "conventional" lamps. The lamp's tulip-shaped body rarely moves when touched, and the smooth white, spun-fabric shade looks gorgeous on its own or adjacent to other industrial office furniture items.

4. Lepower Wooden Tripod Floor Lamp

Lepower Wooden Tripod retro floor lamp

A three-legged lamp made from durable hardwood can withstand a nudge but won't move. It is adaptable to a wide range of design styles, and its huge footprint makes it ideal for huge rooms. It is an excellent value, with the build and quality of floor lamps thrice its price and the ability to light up a huge space. Because the legs are angled outwards, it occupies more room than almost all of our other options, but it has a nice wood aesthetic that goes with various decor designs.

5. C-B-2 Triad Floor Lamp

Elegant and tall, this 3 light branch style lamp doesn't take up much space but provides both ambiance and job lighting, and its bronze hardware finish adds a touch of glam. Thanks to the heavy-weighted base, any fears of inadvertent tip-overs are put to rest. It is a retro-modern floor lamp. The retro-inspired floor lamp is a versatile multi-tasker with a small but substantial base. We think its three adjustable lights perform excellent individually or in tandem for reading, resting, or brightening a whole room if you ever need a multifunctional lamp for a smaller area. It's perfectly finished brushed bronze is also among the prettiest we've shown at this price point, providing a classy shine without appearing showy.

6. Basque Arc Floor Lamp

Basque Arc retro floor lamp

If you're lucky enough to live in a place with a high ceiling, we offer this lamp, which is our largest selection. This office floor lamp has a sturdier and broader base than the inexpensive arc lamps we looked at, which must help protect it from toppling over. It's simple enough for one individual to put together as long as they have adequate space to lay out the parts. With its roughly six and a half foot height and almost four-foot arm's reach, you'll need a lot of space. The Basque not only serves as a style statement, but it also serves to accent a favored area of a space or gives brilliant light for studying without it being excessive.

7. IKEA Ranarp

IKEA Ranarp

It is a great retro floor lamp gold for studying or any other activity that requires direct, overhead lighting. It is also one of the cheapest floor lamps we looked at. With a graphite paint finish in either of the monochrome and a customizable swinging arm that encapsulates upwards or downwards with an easy turn of a rivet dial, it's a smartly made light that's lacking from other retro floor lamps for living rooms of comparable price. We found the lamp to be more robust than other overhanging designs. It is the most adaptable and cost-effective lamp we discovered. The matte finish avoids brightness, and the overhanging customizable arm directs the light precisely where you need it.

Sum Up

Industrial retro floor lamps are edgy but warm. Not only can floor lamps give superb lighting, but they also enhance your design appeal. They can assist in tying the entire room collectively. The usage of Edison bulbs is amongst the most distinguishing characteristics of an industrial-style floor lamp. Uncompleted wood and metals are typically used to make these lights. Light bars, winches, sculpted glass, and bare cables are also featured. These 7 retro floor lamps are among the best ones on the market you should consider.

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