Introducing Streamer & Gamer Purchase Program from Autonomous
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Introducing Streamer & Gamer Purchase Program from Autonomous

|May 18, 2022

Autonomous is a renowned store that is lauded for selling top-notch furniture online. We have clients from the tech world, gaming world, and well-known educational institutes like MIT, Stanford University, Harvard, etc. Although our furniture was the major source of crowd attraction, our all-new gamer purchase program and streamer purchase program are something you must be interested to learn about.

We at Autonomous have released multiple purchasing programs, including the Autonomous employee purchase program and the programmer discount program. The reason behind introducing such purchase programs is to provide you with the best of the best at the most discounted rates. We know that managing a corporation's expenses and keeping the record of your office or gaming furniture's renovations and expenditures is a hectic task. The Autonomous purchase programs provide a simple interface for everyone to help them order and buy the best ergonomic furniture online. 

Autonomous Gamer and Streamer Purchase Program

Autonomous Gamer and Streamer Purchase Program

You must be aware of the fact that earning by playing games is something that every gamer loves to do, and planning successful streaming sessions is a dream of any streamer. Such an interest makes it vital for gamers and streamers to have a dedicated corner for gaming and streaming and have a much-uninterrupted gaming and streaming session.

Have you ever wondered how much it will cost you if you go out in the market to fetch some ergonomic gaming furniture to create a healthy and productive game zone? It will easily cost you thousands of dollars. But every gamer or streamer can’t afford that, especially if you are a newbie who has recently joined the gaming world.

The good news for such gamers is that we have our gamer purchase program designed for gamers and streamers who are looking forward to saving some dollars while ensuring that they get the best gaming and streaming experience. The biggest plus point of having our gamer discount program is that the discount value increases with every purchase that you make using it. So, it’s like, the more you buy, the more you save! 

Ergonomic Furniture for the Gamers/Streamers Purchase Program

We have certain furniture specifically discounted for all the gamers and streamers out there. As a streamer, you must be interested in having a streamer desk or a steamer chair to optimize your streaming hours. Similarly, as a gamer, you’d wish to have the best gamer chair and desk. 

Gamer/Streamer Desk

Gamer/Streamer Desk in streamer purchase program

The Autonomous gamer purchase program offers you the most ergonomic and flexibly adjustable gamer desks at the most discounted rates. The gamer desk is usually an L-shaped standing desk which is different from the normal traditional desks. They have an electrically adjustable height feature, a spacious tabletop for placing your streaming mic, headphone, etc., and several other advancements that make them suitable for gamers and streamers. 

Gamer/Streamer Chair

Gamer/Streamer Chair in gamer purchase program

Like the gamer desk, a gamer chair is unique in its operations. We have the most ergonomic chair in the market in this category to ensure you can easily optimize your gaming and streaming experience. From height adjustment lever to angular and recline adjustments, and from adjustable armrests to comfortable lumbar support, our gamer chair has everything that you would demand at the most affordable rates. 

Importance of Ergonomic Furniture Like Gamer Desk and Gamer Chair

It is significant to understand how vital ergonomic furniture is for your gaming and streaming sessions. Since you are mostly playing games and streaming while staying at home, you need a reliable corner for this work. It is the benefits of our gamer and streamer desk and chair that make them integral for your gaming stations and streaming rooms. 

Enhanced Productivity

Enhanced Productivity

The ergonomic furniture helps you have a better focus on your tasks, i.e., streaming and gaming; thus, it improves your productivity significantly. The ergonomic furniture provides you with all sorts of comfort to ensure you do not experience muscle strain while you are gaming or streaming, and hence, you focus better on your work. Eventually, you notice that your performance improves. 

Smoother Operations

Since the ergonomic furniture allows you to have a smooth gaming and streaming experience, it makes it easier for you to have streamlined operation. Having everything working smoothly, you can better focus on your games and streaming sessions and have quality gaming and streaming time. 

Better Health

Better Health

The ergonomic gaming and streaming furniture are known to promote better health and well-being. The major thing that is compromised in your life when you are playing games and streaming excessively is your health. This mishap is usually due to a bad posture. Since an ergonomic desk chair focuses on improving your posture, it positively impacts your health and makes you more content. 

How Does the Gamer Purchase Program Work?

How Does the Gamer Purchase Program Work?

Upon knowing the details about the Autonomous streamer purchase program and the benefits of the ergonomic furniture like gamer and streamer desk and chair, you must be interested in learning more about our purchase program's functionality.

The good news is that we have designed our gamer/streamer purchase program’s portal to have the simplest interface. The interface is easy to operate for the gamers and the streamers.

As a gamer, you are only required to visit and log in with your official email id. You will soon receive a link on your email clicking on who will make you a member of our gamer discount program. The moment you become a member, a portal will open that will have a product list with up to a 25% discount.

However, an interesting fact about this streamer discount program is that the discount offers grow with the number of purchases that you make.

As a team lead, you can even buy gamer desks and chairs in larger volumes and avail greater discounts.

As a streamer, you can request your team leader to pay for your streaming furniture remotely by clicking on the ‘pay for me’ option. Simultaneously, as a project lead, you can better manage your gamers’ purchases and expenditures with the help of the Autonomous streamer purchase program portal. 

Call to Action – Join the Streamer & Gamer Purchase Program Today!

Are you excited to join the Autonomous Streamer and Gamer Purchase Program? Make your move today and join our pool of discount programs today. For your information, you can share this with your friends and fellow gamers to save bigger. So, correct your gaming and streaming ergonomics with the best ergonomic furniture for gaming and streaming at the most discounted and reasonable rates today!

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