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Massage Office Chair with Footrest: Is It Worth to Invest?
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Massage Office Chair with Footrest: Is It Worth to Invest?

|Jan 22, 2022

A massage office chair with footrest?  Isn't that a bit odd to hear or even think of it in an office?  Would you rather be working or enjoying a massage?

Aha!  That's surely possible.  Now, get hold of a massage office chair that not only gives you good back support but also massages your back muscles.  Why?  As you work for long hours, your body adapts to stiff postures.  These postures make the lower back and upper shoulder muscles inactive.  As a result, they don't consume energy (glucose) from the blood).  This leads to the accumulation of blood glucose, leading to various diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular concerns and more.  Additionally, your spine, lower and upper back muscles start aching due to incorrect postures. 

What you need is an ergonomic chair. Such chairs are adjustable, offering you great flexibility in height, recline and more. 

How about an office chair with footrest and massage?  The best choice!  Why?  Research suggests that with a footrest, your feet and legs are off the ground, providing them the much-needed relief. 

Pros and Cons of Massage Office Chair with Footrest

Pros and Cons of Massage Office Chair with Footrest

It is established that a heated massage office chair with footrest has several benefits.  Firstly, they help you establish a correct posture between your spine, back and neck as you work.  The stress on your back is lower when these three are aligned.  This also helps uphold the upper torso.  Any massage relaxes your muscles.  The office massage chair has rollers aligned with your lumbar, upper and lower back that help them relax.  As the muscles relax, blood circulation improves.  This gives you instant mental and physical relaxation.

On the other hand, a massage office chair may not be adjustable.  And hence, your back may not be aligned correctly to the massage rollers of the chair, leading to inconvenience.  Such chairs could have limitations on the user weight they take.  Don't forget the price, which may be beyond your budget.  A massage provided by a chair cannot replace that by a therapist.

Yet, the pros outweigh the cons to get the best solution for a tired back!

Which are the Best Massage Office Chairs?

Which are the Best Massage Office Chairs?

While you may have explored many reclining office chair with footrest, most of them are stationary!  What does that mean?  If you are going to a meeting room for a long duration, your chair cannot travel with you.  You are bound to use it only when you return to your chair.

What is the best solution?

The best solution is one that offers you mobility.  Are we discussing carrying your chair around for meetings?  Haha!  No.  Not at all.  All you need is an upgrade to a reclining ergonomic chair.  Work and recline as you please with this ergonomic chair.  It offers you a lot of flexibility in adjusting the chair height, lumbar support, armrests, and recline for your comfort.  You will love the adjustable headrest and leg rest features that tie a knot on the gift of comfort.  Enjoy working long hours in this chair that reclines up to eighteen degrees.  The reclinable mesh back is sure to keep you cool.

And for the massage?

And for the massage?

All you need to do is strap on the ThermalComfort: Personal Climate Control!  It offers you three different levels of massage, starting from gentle, medium and going up to strong.  If you desire, you can even heat the thermal cushion between 104°F - 122°F (40 - 50°C) and choose between one of the six different heating levels.  Isn't that great? 

This heated lumbar support is made from memory foam and covered with a cotton cloth.  It is easy to affix this to any chair with the nylon straps (provided).  Care and maintenance are easy as the fabric can be removed and washed.  The ergonomically designed and curved lumbar support is a perfect match for your back.  Stay relaxed with this great product for up to six hours of battery life.  Recharge it and move on to the next meeting.  As simple as that!

This fulfills your need for a massage desk chair with footrest.  Want to explore more?  Don't miss reading our review of the best office chair with leg rest.


1. Are office chairs with massages worth it?

1. Are office chairs with massages worth it?

Anyone would love an ergonomic chair that relaxes you and takes care of your health.  A massage executive office chair with footrest is the best to help you relax at work and drop the stress at the office.  The moot point is if you can carry the chair from one meeting to another when in office?

2. What makes a desk chair comfortable?

The higher flexibility of adjusting any desk chair to a user's needs makes it more comfortable.  Add features like lumbar support, and you get rid of aches and pains. But if you get a ThermalComfort: Personal Climate Control, you are sure to be relaxed physically.  As you chase tall orders through the day, solving complex scenarios, your back muscles are massaged with this heated lumbar support.

3. Why is sitting in a chair so uncomfortable?

Sitting in a chair could be uncomfortable for various reasons. The primary one is where the chair is not adjustable or not designed ergonomically, unlike a computer ergonomic chair. They offer the user greater adjustability in sitting as users manage the chair settings to their needs.

4. How to sit comfortably in a desk chair?

4. How to sit comfortably in a desk chair?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, USA, has several recommendations on correct sitting postures. Whenever using a chair, it's best to sit upright. If you are working on a computer workstation, don't forget to rest your elbows and shoulders using the armrests. Most ergonomically designed chairs have adjustable armrests, giving the user better comfort.


As you complete your market search, you will discover that you have various options for office massage chairs.  Being bulky, they are not available for your comfort when traveling or shifting between meeting rooms.  Hence, opt for one that gives a heated lumbar pad and greater flexibility in massaging different areas of your back.  Cheers to your good health!

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