Is an Armless Computer Chair Worth it? Top 3 Picks
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Is an Armless Computer Chair Worth it? Top 3 Picks

|Jan 22, 2024

When it comes to creating a modern and functional workspace, the choice of office chairs is crucial. Armless computer chairs have become increasingly popular due to their ability to combine versatility, space efficiency, and contemporary design. In this article, we will explore the world of office chairs without arms and highlight three exceptional options. 

Top 3 Armless Computer Chairs Review

1. Trio Supply House Deluxe Modern Office Armless Task Chair 

The Trio Supply House Deluxe Modern Office Armless Task Chair is a stylish and budget friendly option for office seating. It features a sleek design with a black faux leather backing and quilted grey padded seat, providing modernity and comfort. The sturdy steel frame ensures durability, while the armless design allows for freedom of movement. With pneumatic adjustable seat height and 360-degree swivel, users can easily find their preferred level of comfort without strain. Non marking casters glide smoothly on different floor surfaces, protecting them from scratches. This comfy armless chair comes with a 1-month warranty for added assurance, with a maximum weight capacity of 160 lbs.

2. Skyline Decor Armless Swivel Task Office Chair: Adjustable Chrome Base 

The Armless Swivel Task Office Chair by Skyline Decor is a versatile and elegant addition to any workspace. It features a sleek design with taupe LeatherSoft upholstery, combining durability and sophistication. The plush foam padding on the backrest and seat ensures optimal comfort for extended work hours. This chair has a 360 degree swivel seat with pneumatically adjustable height for effortless customization. It uses top quality solid wood construction providing stability and supporting a maximum weight of 250 pounds. With double wheel casters and chromed 5 star base, this chair delivers enhanced mobility without leaving marks on office surfaces. Cleaning is made easy with solvent based cleaners, no water required. Assembling the chair is quick and convenient, taking less than 10 minutes due to its user-friendly design. Additionally, it comes with a 1-month warranty against any defects or issues within this period.

3. Trio Supply House Juvenile Chair: Armless 

The Juvenile Chair by Trio Supply House is a specially designed small armless office chair for younger users. With its modern design and tailored features, it is perfect for educational and creative environments. This good posture chair provides optimal support with its ergonomic backrest. The extra wide curvature ensures superior comfort during extended use, while the padded seat enhances the overall seating experience. Designed for mobility, this ergonomic armless chair has a seat with 360 swivel, covered casters and a 5 star base in black. This allows children to move freely within their workspace. Height adjustability and locked tilting functionality ensure ergonomic positioning based on the child's size. Assembly is easy with illustrated instructions provided, making it suitable even for limited spaces found in classrooms or home offices. Dimensions are compact at 20"L x 21"W x 31.25"H. There's a 1-month warranty covering any potential defects or issues.

Pros and Cons of Armless Computer Chairs


  • Space Efficiency: Armless computer chairs or office chairs with flip-up arms are highly space efficient, making them an excellent choice for smaller workspaces that require optimal room utilization. 
  • Versatility: These chairs offer great versatility as they can be easily moved and fit under various desk types. This provides flexibility in arranging and rearranging your workspace according to your needs.
  • Freedom of Movement: With no armrests to restrict movement, armless chairs provide freedom of movement, making them particularly suitable for tasks that involve reaching, such as typing, writing, or using a mouse. They allow for the right typing posture
  • Cost Effective: Choosing an armless chair can also be cost-effective as they tend to be more affordable than their armed counterparts. This makes them a budget friendly option for individuals looking for comfort without extra features or added expenses.

Pros of Armless Computer Chairs


  • Lack of Arm Support: The absence of armrests is the most obvious drawback of armless chairs, which can be a disadvantage for individuals who prefer or require arm support during extended periods of sitting. 
  • Not Ideal for Certain Tasks: For tasks that involve prolonged periods of sitting in one position, such as gaming or intensive computer work, the lack of armrests in armless chairs might result in reduced comfort without additional support. 
  • Design Limitations: Design limitations can restrict the available style options when it comes to armless chairs, making them potentially unsuitable for people with specific design preferences and aesthetics. 
  • Less Executive Appeal: The absence of arms can result in armless chairs having less executive appeal, potentially affecting the overall impression they make on clients or colleagues. Armless chairs may be regarded as less traditional or luxurious compared to high backed chairs with arms.

Cons of Armless Computer Chairs


How to add arms to an armless chair?

You will need pre-made or custom arms, a saw, wood glue, screws, a screwdriver, and upholstery fabric. Measure the desired width and height for symmetrical and proportionate arms. Use the saw to cut the arms to these measurements and sand the edges for smoothness. Apply wood glue where the attachment will be made and position the arms accordingly. Secure them with screws. Consider reinforcing with corner brackets or additional support underneath for added strength. If upholstered, remove existing fabric carefully and cut new fabric to fit securely on the arms before attaching it in place. 

Are armless chairs comfortable?

While they provide freedom of movement and versatility, the absence of arm support may affect comfort. Factors such as padding, design, and individual preferences play a role in determining the overall comfort level. You may also consider adding a posture corrector chair kit to enhance comfort. 

How to reupholster an armless chair?

Start by removing the current fabric. Repair the frame if necessary and cut new fabric to fit securely. Ensure a smooth and snug fit when attaching the new fabric. For added elegance, consider adding embellishments or trims as a final touch for a polished appearance. 

Are armless desk chairs ergonomic?

If armless desk chairs incorporate adjustable features, lumbar support, high quality materials and smooth casters as opposed to armless desk chairs without wheels, they can offer ergonomic benefits.

Are armless desk chairs ergonomic?


When aiming for an ergonomic and visually appealing office setup, the armless computer chair emerges as a compelling option. In our exploration of the three standout choices of armless chairs, we have witnessed the diverse array of features these chairs offer. With adjustable functionality and designs tailored to specific demographics, each chair presents a unique solution for improving your workspace. As you embark on refining your office environment opt for the armless computer chair that seamlessly integrates with your work style and aesthetic preferences.

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